Upgrade Boring Windows With Pinch Pleat Curtains

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I have a history with pinch pleat curtains! While stuck at home during 2020, I found pinch pleat drapes that were (somewhat) affordable… from Amazon! Once I saw how much better they looked, I slowly replaced all my curtains in the home with this more tailored style of drapes with a pinch pleat header. Now three years later in a different house, we’re busy renovating – I am filling all the rooms with these drapes again!

pinterest image of girl holding pinch pleat curtains
pinch pleat curtains in a bedroom

My daughters bedroom, above.

a large living room with a large faux tree

Tailored, pinch pleat drapes in our current home, seen above. Take a tour of our living room here!

a woman standing by pinch pleat curtains in a living room

Our living room in our previous home we just sold.

pinch pleat drapes in a office

Our current home office, above

pinch pleat curtains  in a black and white bedroom

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Why Pinch Pleat Drapes Are The Most Attractive Style

Let’s start with a fun fact! The drapes in all of these photos are from the same brand, bought from both Amazon and the brand’s website. The pinch pleat is perfect, the fabric is spot on, and the cost is better than others of its’ caliber.

When hung correctly, they look custom!

Pinch pleat curtains in general are loved by interior professionals for their structured look. The pleats are made with tightly gathered and stitched folds at the top. These tailored folds hang all the way down the curtains. Your curtains will hang straight and stay in place.

This style looks more expensive and typically are pricier, because they use more material!

Even when messy (below!), they still look fairly structured!

white pinch pleat drapes in a black and white bedroom

Pinch Pleat Curtains In My Home

All my drapes are made by the Two Pages brand. You can order them off their website or Amazon, and I’ll share the differences below (one is more expensive!). I’ll also provide expert tips on sizes, colors, and pinch pleat curtains installation tips so they look custom.

The cost is somewhat affordable; and it’s much lower compared to any other pinch pleat style drapery. Additionally, you can customize the size to fit your specific windows.

How Much Do They Cost? What’s The Difference Between Ordering on Amazon or the Two Pages Website?

You can buy the drapes in two places:

To save the most money, curtains bought from Amazon cost less, but shipping may take longer. For the most affordable option, choose their drapes off amazon in pre-picked sizes with no liner. Customized sizing and adding lining cost more.

Curtains bought off the Two Pages website currently arrive in 7-10 days. And although the price is higher, promo codes do work for sales on the website!

Our current living room, seen above. Drapes here are beige white, darkening liner, 160″ width x 110″ length, Amazon or their website here.

What Size Should I Order?

  • Width: Two Pages says to order each panel in double the width of your window. If I have room I add 20″ more on to that number. For instance, on the 36″ window in my daughter’s room, I ordered 72″ because that was all the room I had. Double the window is the minimum I prefer!
  • Length: Measure so they are long enough to reach from your rod to the floor. For puddle drapes, make them intentionally extra long so that it doesn’t look like they need to be hemmed an inch. Puddled drapes are for formal rooms.

Color, Liner and Fabric Options

fabric samples

I’ve used both the Liz Drapes and Kyla Drapes from Two Pages. Both are made of a linen and polyester washable fabric; a textured fabric with no shine. The difference between the Kyla and Liz Drapes are hard to notice; the Liz is made with more linen.

I don’t use 100% linen because the wrinkles are about impossible to get out! Linen mixed with another material is a good combination.

Details About the Fabric:

  • The unlined drapes are not sheer; but a very lightweight fabric that still filters some light and has a little weight to it.
  • The privacy liner is a bit thicker, and filters a nice amount of light.
  • Be aware the blackout liner makes the drapery heavy, but darkened my bedroom mid day.
  • If the drapes aren’t going to close, choose unlined or privacy

Color options are different with each kind of drapery!

  • When buying a sample book of fabrics, its cheapest off their website here (instead of buying on amazon)
  • Both the Kyla and Liz offer a clean, true white.
  • The Kyla Light Gray is warmer and lighter than the Liz Fog

How To Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains

Installing curtains is a straightforward process, but it’s easiest if the rod can be installed after you have the drapes with you.

Curtain Rod Installation Guide

Tips to ensure the rod is at the correct height:

  • Install the curtain rod at a height so that the drapes just “kiss” the floor. They should not hang above the floor ever, and if you’re going for a clean look don’t allow then to puddle on the floor.
  • The general rule is to install the rod as high as you can above the window frame, within reason.
  • If you have two to three feet in between window and ceiling, install the rod just under the ceiling / crown.

Tips to ensure the rod is at the correct width:

  • Install the bracket of the curtain rod at least 15-20″ out from each side of the window frame if you have the room.
  • Drapes should hang against the trim and wall to make the window appear wider.

bench and curtains around window

Our living room, above. Liz drapes  in beige white found on Amazon, and the Shore bench

Hanging The Drapes On The Rod

The drapes come with the plastic hooks for the pleats! Start by inserting the hook into the back of the pleats, spacing them evenly across the top of the curtains.

the back of the curtain

Each hook attaches to an o-ring (buy this separately). Next, slide the rings onto the curtain rod. To make the pleats straight, start at the top and gather the pleats straight, one between each finger. Pull your hand with the pleats in it from the top straight all the way down to the floor! I do this for each pleat until the whole panel looks uniform. (If you purchase memory trained option on the custom drapes, they come perfect out of the bag.)

a hook behind a curtain
a woman closing pinch pleat curtains in a living room

Drapery Hardware

Install your rod securely into the studs or with heavy duty drywall anchors. Below is hardware I’ve used:

The reviews on Amazon and the Two Pages website here are a great read if you want more opinions.

You can grab a sample of fabrics off their website here.

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