21 Boutique Inspired Amazon Home Finds

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Forget Home Goods! Forget getting dressed (God forbid) – or leaving your family behind all weekend to go hunt down little trinkets! If you know where to look – Amazon has a shockingly good amount of trendy home decor finds.

Boutique Inspired Amazon Home Finds

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Most of these finds I collected look like something you might stumble upon at a little mom and pop store on a vacation somewhere. I love supporting local shops and I think it’s really important. But truthfully, as a busy Mom it’s not always possible. So you will love this collection of my favorite – the very best – Amazon home finds I am gathering all together in one place. 

If you love to browse or having something in mind, go directly to this Amazon Home Decor Page and shop by room, style, item type, and narrow things down by your price range. My personal favorite shop I check in with from time to time is the Creative Co-Op Shop. They always have some cute items for sale!

Of course, Amazon has a TON of inventory, and styles to sort through that might not be your taste. Don’t get overwhelmed – here are some of the best Amazon home finds that look straight out of a boutique!

When you are done, click over to my Amazon store front– all the cute Amazon home decor items I buy and regularly recommend to my readers are all collected on one spot!

amazon home finds pinterest image

Funny thing is – some of these actually are sold at boutiques. I know, because I’ve seen them. (Ahem – looking at you #10, 16 and 12!).

Trays : 1 / 23

Lighting: 4 / 5 / 6

Pretty Rugs: 7 / 8 / 9

Salt and Pepper / Sugar Bowls: 10 / 11 / 12

Home Decor Beads: 13 / 14 / 15

Vase / Greenery: 16 / 17 / 18

Desk & Table Top Styling: 19 / 20 / 21

I basically live out in the boonies here in NC, so any trips I can save around town is a win in my book. Tell your partner you are actually saving money by staying out of the aisles of Target. Instead, you are just getting exactly what you came for… with Prime. 😉 Amazon is really where it’s at for boutique inspired home decor pieces. You just need to know where to LOOK!

Coastal Trays for Styling Tables

1. Pretty Matching Traysamazon home find matching tray


2. Affordable Whitewashed Serving Tray

amazon home find whitewashed tray

3. Upscale Rattan Whitewashed Serving Tray

amazon home find tray

Coastal Lighting

4. Double Brass Vintage Sconce

amazon home finds brass sconce

5. Pretty Coastal Sconce

white coastal sconce off amazon

6. Did you know the IKEA Hektar Pendant Light can be found on Amazon? I was so happy to find this because I live 3 hours from the nearest IKEA. I put this up myself in our mudroom. (Bragging because I am not at all handy!)

mudroom with, an amazon home find, an Ikea hector pendant lamp

Rugs on Amazon? Yes!

7. Grey Rug

amazon home find rug

8. Fur Rug

fur rug off amazon home find

9. Cotton Diamond Rug

cotton rug

Pretty Little Bowls

2 marble salt and pepper shakers on a counter

10. These delightful marble square salt / pepper marble bowls with gold spoons were actually purchased from a little shop for double the price. What a lucky find for someone on Amazon, and with free shipping! We keep ours next to the stove to use when cooking. More sanitary than dipping in fingers into a salt bowl.

11. Cutest Sugar Bowl blue and white sugar bowl from amazon home


12. Mint Stoneware Bowl set of 33 green bowls


Home Decor Beads

13. Home Decor Beads

home decor beads from amazon

14. White Chippy Wood Bead Garland

15. Green Glass Recycled Big Beads

Vases & Greenery

16. I love our White With Raised Dot Vase! Such a good find and yes I ALSO did not buy this on Amazon and I paid more for it, too! (This is from my favorite Creative Co-Op Shop I mentioned above!) Made out of terra-cotta, this is a beautiful vase that would look lovely on a desk or coffee table.

white raised dot vase from amazon home find

We keep ours in a sunny spot in our bathroom!

bathroom with patterned tile and amazon home fines

>>(See this bathroom here!)<<

17. Magnolia Stem

We have lots of Magnolias in our area and a few in our yard. They make great stems indoors, as they are hardy and you can leave them out with no water for a few days. No Magnolias? That’s okay, Amazon has a realistic one for you that never goes dry!

My real Magnolia leaves:

coffee table with magnolia stem

>>(See our whole living room here!)<<

Amazon’s faux Stems:

faux magnolia stem from amazon home find

18. Plant Bowl with Feet

two bowls with feet on them

For Your Desk / Nightstand 

19. Vintage Mint Clock

vintage mint clock from amazon home

20. Small Wood Pedestal

small wooden amazon pedestal


21. Sands Timer

sands time from amazon home finds


Be sure and let me know which ones you end up with – snag them with free prime shipping! Happy shopping!

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Take a peek at my Amazon Storefront with all my regular favorites listed!

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blue living room rug with built ins cabinet next to a fireplace

Coastal Kitchen

kitchen with Sherwin Williams white trim paint


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