Serena & Lily Tucker Chair vs. Target Windsor Chair

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Somehow I found myself with the Serena & Lily Tucker chair, our beloved Amazon Windsor Chairs, and Target’s Threshold Windsor Chair. Of course I don’t use all of these chairs at the same table… it just sort of happened over time!

Comparing 3 Popular Windsor Chairs: Amazon, Target, and the Serena & Lily Tucker Chair

I am not a woman who collects designer bags, or shoes (although I’ll happily take them!). For me, it’s all about the furniture. So, I’ll let that be my excuse.

The Windsor chair can read farmhouse or modern, with clean straight lines and a pretty silhouette. Great for a beach house, or families (no upholstery!) these are the perfect dining chair for lots of reasons.

The Windsor Chair Cost Comparison: Worth The Splurge?? Or Save Hundreds!

Let’s start with a full break down of price. Although I have the prices listed on the image below for a single chair, it should be noted that both Target and Amazon chairs must be bought as a set of 2 chairs. The price I listed on the image is for 1 chair so that they can be compared fairly to the Tucker chair, which is sold individually.

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Pinterest Image of Serena & lily tucker chair next to 2 more chairs

  • Serena & Lily’s Tucker chair comes in at the most expensive, at $198 per chair. Unless you have a sale code (or live near a brick & mortar!) you are also paying a shipping charge of $25.
  • Target’s Threshold Windsor chair is just under half the price of Serena & Lily’s Tucker chair. Sold together, a set of 2 Windsor dining chairs on the Target website is listed at $180. The price does tend to hover around the $170 mark (a perpetual sale, it seems). These chairs will ship free or you can pick up in store, of course.  
  • The Safavieh Windsor chair from Amazon is sold as a set of 2 for $121.48, with free shipping for prime members. Theoretically, the cost of 3 of these Amazon chairs is equal to the cost of 1 Serena & Lily Tucker chair.

Durability + Craftsmanship: Target Windsor Chair

We’ve owned Target’s Windsor Chairs for about 3.5 years in total (shop these chairs here). These were used as dining chairs for our family of 6 for about a year before we moved them to our playroom‘s craft table. So these have taken all kinds of abuse from our 4 kids!

a playroom kids table with 3 target Windsor chair

(See our playroom!)

I would rate these as perhaps IKEA quality chairs. We have to tighten the screws now and then, and after 3.5 years they have a few obvious nicks and scapes. I first noticed this after about a year.

navy target dining chair close up with scrapes 

These chairs have done well for us- but especially in the playroom. A solid choice if you have young kids! Decent price, and the seat has a little dip to make them more comfortable. They are painted shiny colors and no wood grain shows though.

You do have to build them yourself, of course, but it only takes a matter of minutes. The top part with the spindles is already put together. You will be attaching the legs to the seat.

A nice part about this chair is that the screw holes are all located on the bottom so you don’t see them when they are in use.

Serena & lily tucker chair next to target Windsor chair

As far as size, the seat and legs are a bit wider than the Tucker Chair, but the height is similar.

I would not expect these to last forever- especially if we were still eating on them daily I’m sure they would look worse for wear. But this chair still remains a fair price for a classic looking chair.

My Conclusion: Pick a light color so the scratches aren’t as obvious. Best knock-off Serena & Lily Tucker Chair! If you need quite a few chairs, you could save hundreds buying these instead.

Durability + Craftsmanship: Amazon Safavieh Chair

Our family of 6 has been eating off of our Amazon Windsor chairs (sold here) for over 2 years now. We love these chairs!

These chairs are slightly wider and with a bigger seat than the other two- so if you are a taller person you will likely feel more comfortable in this one. The same goes with children- these chairs are NOT tippy. My little ones stand on them and they stay grounded.

You can’t beat that price! For two of them you will pay $123.82 (free shipping for prime members), making these chairs a bargain.

a white chair from amazon

The Amazon Chair

One arrived with a cracked leg, but Amazon picked up the box off my porch the next day and sent us a replacement. These chairs are about the same quality as Target’s Windsor chairs. The only con is you will be tightening screws every so often.

They certainly don’t look like a $60 chair. They have hardly scratched much at all, just a few nicks. I think the white paint makes scratches less noticeable than a darker color.

a black, blue and white Windsor chair

This Windsor chair take up a much larger footprint than the other two chairs. The back is several inches higher than the Serena & Lily Tucker chair, and the seat much wider. The legs are spread wider apart too. Something to think about if you are trying to fit a few chairs around a small table! Some people might like a larger chair; design wise I preferred a more compact dining chair.

Like the Target chairs, these are easy to put together. The placements of screws is unfortunate. They are on the sides of the legs and easily seen. Of course, the white pegs that came to cover the screws up fell out immediately. Wood glue would likely work well there- I haven’t tried.

Shop The Amazon Windsor Chair here.

My Conclusion: Best value! Great for larger people. Use a dot of wood glue to glue the white pegs over the screw holes. No buyer’s remorse after 2 years.

Durability + Craftsmanship: Serena & Lily Tucker Chair

The Serena & Lily Tucker chair  (sold here!) is a stunner. In my opinion, this is the prettiest of the 3 because of its’ compact size and just slightly more modern shape.

When I pulled this chair out of the box (no building this guy) I was surprised at how little and light it is! It is crafted out of solid wood and is just plain gorgeous.

a black, blue and white Windsor chair including serena & lily tucker chair

We haven’t owned this chair long enough for me to speak on how this chair will hold up over the years, so I don’t want to tell you with certainty. However, it clearly feels and looks well made and I can say I own a lot of other Serena & Lily products (I wrote about them here!) and I love the brand.

You can’t see any screw holes. The Tucker chair also has a little dip in the seat, which makes it comfortable for sitting.

If you are especially tall, I can see how some people might prefer a wider seat. I like the smaller size, personally. My youngest is 4 and this chair is not tippy for her- but for small toddlers, I wouldn’t recommend.

Shop The Tucker Chair Here

My Conclusion: Best Windsor Chair overall. I love this sleek look the best. A treat if budget allows!

3 Windsor chairs lined up

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Whether you decide to splurge on the Tucker Chair or buy a different more budget-friendly chair, you can’t really go wrong with any of these 3 modern Windsor chairs! Happy shopping!

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