12 of the Prettiest Outdoor Hanging Chairs

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The outdoor hanging chair is the new hammock, the new rocking chair, and a hanging porch chair all wrapped into one! I’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite hanging chairs, (including hanging chairs with a stand) so you can step your summer time game up to a whole new level.

Towards the bottom of the post I shared which hanging chair our family ended up choosing – along with photos. It is officially the most fought over seat- although my kids fight over anything so I suppose that doesn’t say much.

This post is about finding an outdoor swing chair – for indoor hanging chairs you can take a peek at our hanging chairs in our playroom!

outdoor hanging chair on a front porch

 Outdoor Hanging Chairs I Fell In Love With

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Everyone needs to experience the cocoon like structure that will gently swing you all summer long. I rounded up 12 of the prettiest, most well reviewed outdoor hanging chairs for you here.

Tip: If you are hanging your chair yourself, see my tutorial for how to install a hanging chair here.

12 options of a outdoor hanging chair

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  1. Iconic Serena and Lily Outdoor Hanging Chair

    white hanging outdoor chair on a porch

Offered in white or tan. This is the chair we have on our covered porch! (More pictures at the bottom of this post.) Weather friendly materials, durable and a pretty rope included – this checks all the boxes. The material has held up really well in our North Carolina weather. What more could you need, besides a cold beverage!

Shop it here.

2. Bayou Breeze Berkshire Swing Chairwhite hanging chair with a green cushion

The most affordable swinging chair! Under $300, this is the lowest priced hanging chair I found with good reviews. Such a cute shape on this one, with a pop of color for the cushion! Typically this one has a few different colors to choose from, although richt now they are out of stock of a few choices. What a bargain!

Shop it here.

3. Two Person Outdoor Hanging Chair

double wide outdoor hanging chair

This is an iconic design made for outdoor, and widened to fit two! How sweet!  This big hanging chair would look amazing on a porch, and  extra roomy. If you love this, see number 6 below.

Shop it here.

4. Pod Hanging Chairoutdoor hanging chair

Take a peek at all those happy reviews! If I didn’t purchase the one I did, this was my next choice. Made of faux wicker so that it can look beautiful but be durable for the elements– this outdoor hanging chair combines beautiful form and function. This one looks extra sturdy to me because of the thicker material.

Shop it here.

5. Capistrano Outdoor Hanging Chair with Stand 
outdoor hanging chair on a stand in a backyard

A splurge, but for a reason. The most beautiful outdoor swing chair on a stand alone stand made to endure the outdoor elements. No installation needed for this beauty!

Shop it here.

6. Modway Hide Swing Hammock Chair a white outdoor hanging chair with stand

The “save” version of the above, expensive Serena & Lily chair. The frame is steel and the cushion is washable to make life stress free — this one looks like a winner!

Shop it here.

7. Richards Faux Rattan Chair

outdoor hanging chair

What a score! Major bang for your buck with this Target hanging chair! It is made of faux rattan and iron, in a lovely dark grey.  

Shop it here.

8. Patio Hanging Egg Chairoutdoor hanging chair with stand

Chic and modern on the patio, with a cushion for comfort that is approved for outdoor use! I could totally curl up in this chair with a glass of wine.

Shop it here.

9. Weynouth Stand Along Swing Chair

black outdoor swing chair on a stand

This one looks comfortable! Would look great on a deck. Bonus that it doesn’t need mounting. Right out of the box you’re good to go!

Shop it here.

10. Luxury 2 Person Swing Chair

This looks amazing! Big enough for a nap, and it comes with the cushion in several different colors. I would love this out on our patio!

Shop it here.

11. Well Reviewed Outdoor Swing Chairan outdoor swing chair from Wayfair

Lots of 5 star reviews for this cute swing chair that comes with a thick cushion made out of Sunbrella fabric! The cushion is detachable for care. I can see this out on a covered porch for sure.

Shop it here.

12. Faux Rattan Hanging Chair

faux rattan outdoor hanging chair

This beautiful hanging porch chair looks like Serena & Lily without the price. Good reviews and beautifully wrapped faux rattan means it can last outside!

Shop it here.

Our Outdoor Hanging Chair On Our Porch

Want to see which one we picked??

a pretty white hanging outdoor chair on a front porch

We went with the white version of number one on my list, the iconic rattan hanging chair. It’s the perfect spot to hide out from the kids. Yes you can come over; you’ll have to wait your turn though.

We have two feet on either side of the chair, and while I would always recommend at least three, I am okay with it because the chair gets used SO much. If I were hanging it again though, I wouldn’t center the rope but instead would have it put the S hook closer to the front edge of the of the porch ceiling so the kids don’t push off our walls.

Don’t you think this porch would have looked great with 2 hanging porch chairs lined up in a row? Basically, I want to replace all our regular chairs with hanging swing chairs now. Tragically, I couldn’t get my husband to go for that.

outdoor hanging chair next to a pot of flowers

Scroll to Get The Look:

How To Install Your Hanging Porch Chair?

Our porch ceiling has this pretty tongue and groove ceiling treatment. I was nervous to drill into it for fear I would miss the joist and have to drill multiple holes, or split the pretty wood. For that reason I hired the hanging portion of the job out.

I watched our handyman put it up– he simply found the ceiling joist and drilled into it, hanging the chair on an S hook up to 350lbs.  Looks like all 4 of my kids can climb in together now, even with a friend!

Our chair came with the rope but no hardware, however. We tied the rope to the S hook with a double bowline knot.

For more detailed instructions, see How to Install a Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair here.

Is Your Hanging Porch Chair Comfortable?

This is the most commonly asked question I get. YES. It is indeed, with a pillow!

When I am in the hanging chair I prefer a small pillow next to me to rest my elbow on so I feel more tucked up in a nook. It’s also nice with a pillow behind your back, just like in a rocking chair.  It’s comfortable for your seat, so I don’t like a pillow under me. But if you like you could try a pillow pad (made of Sunbrella) to sit on.

 9 Happy Outdoor Pillows:

Can I Use A Rattan Chair As An Outdoor Hanging Chair?

If this is for the outside or a porch, make sure you buy a specified outdoor hanging chair. Hanging chairs for indoors are often made from a different materials. (All of the chairs I recommended are specified for outdoor.)

Some swings may look like outdoor swings, but they are made of rattan. Rattan is tricky, and not an outdoor material. However, some people do use rattan outside, depending on their geographical location.

Rattan isn’t actually an outdoor material. If the swing were under a covered porch protected from the elements in a location without humidity, it would do all right. If you really wanted to keep a rattan swing outdoors, your best bet would be to keep it on an S hook, so that you can take off the chair easily and store away part of the year.

a patio and porch with 2 outdoor hanging chairs

source: Serena & Lily (but similar hanging chairs here)

I hope you find this post helpful! I certainly think the hanging chair trend is here to stay.

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