The Hanging Rattan Chair: 9 Options To Love!

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Our family loves a good hanging rattan chair! In fact, we now own three of them.  I’ve previously shared a round up of 12 of the prettiest outdoor hanging chairs – and so naturally I was excited to find cute hanging chairs for inside!

Below I’ve included 9 favorites with good reviews. The hanging rattan chair gives a room a feeling of playfulness and fun – great for bedroom, playroom or even living room. These chairs will have your family fighting over it – and making you want to lounge forever!

9 Hanging Rattan Chair Favorites

I have 9 hanging rattan chairs to share with great reviews below. Here are ours! We hung up two of the Serena & Lily hanging rattan chairs in our playroom. These chairs are so lovely, and since we had the space, why not double them up for duel impact.

a playroom with colorful books on the walll

Sources: Hanging chairs | Coffee Table | Stripe Pillow | White Pillow | Blue Solid Pillow | Dip Dye Stool

9 different hanging rattan chairs

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Update: Take a tour of our whole updated playroom here!

  1. Miriam Hanging Chair

a small swing in a room
The Miriam Chair features real rattan hand bent and looks like a cocoon, making this chair a striking addition to the room! Its’ size is truly petite – so if this chair is for an adult, make sure the size matches up. Priced at $399, shop it here.

2. Passport Hanging Chair

woven swing

This cute chair is simple with a small footprint. Crafted of real rattan, this is indoor only and just the right size to causally drape a blanket and a faux fur onto the seat. Price at $525, you can shop it here.

3. Serena & Lily Rattan Chair

white hanging chair
This is the chair we own – offered in natural rattan or a pretty white. These chair are indeed comfortable, thanks to the shape of the back and the scoop of the seat. I do like to throw a pillow or a fur in to sit on! a Serena and lily hanging rattan chair in a playroom Serena & lily hanging rattan chair with a stuffed animal in it This real rattan chair costs $498. Shop this cute chair here.

4. Berkshire Porch Swing

hanging chair on a porch
With 85 great reviews and a fantastic price, this is a solid recommendation. This cozy swing chair is constructed with wicker weave and a sturdy metal frame, allowing this piece to be used both indoors and outdoors. This a fun addition to your porch or lounge space! This chair is a nice price at $288. Shop it here.

5. Amazon Kouboo Chair

hanging rattan chair

This suspended hanging rattan chair is beautiful and crafted from real rattan.  The rope is included which is always helpful! Priced on Amazon currently at $595, shop it here.

6. Comfortable Hanging Chair With Stand

hanging chair on stand with blue cushions

This chair has a stand for easy install – and it has amazing reviews! Many reviewers mentioning how comfortable it is. This can be used inside or on a patio. Available on Amazon at $219, this is the most affordable chair out of the bunch. Shop it here.

7. Indoor Outdoor Wicker Hanging Chair

This hanging chair has a sturdy powder-coated frame which ensures long-lasting support. It comes with a cushion and would look adorable in a living or bedroom! Shop this chair on Amazon here.

8. The 2 Seater: Double Hanging Rattan Chair

a double hanging rattan chair

Handcrafted of real rattan, this is an indoor chair that everyone can pile on – at one time. This beautiful double hanging rattan chair holds up to 800lbs. Plenty of room to stack pretty pillows, or just yourself and the kids. This large chair will fill an awkward space – and make any room memorable! At $1298, this is the most expensive (but largest) chair of the bunch. Shop it here.

9.  Richards Wicker Hanging Chair

a living room

Offered in a pretty rattan brown or a light gray, this charming hanging chair comes with a water resistant cushion. This chair has a wrapped wicker weave over a metal frame. It doesn’t come a hanging stand or mounting hardware,  but at $327.99 its one of the more affordable hanging chairs. Shop it here.

Read here for a tutorial on how we quickly installed our Serena & Lily hanging chair from the ceiling

Is A Hanging Chair Comfortable?

It depends on the shape of the chair – but our rattan chair certainly is. We put down this sheepskin fur from Amazon on the bottom (you’ll want something similar – a beautiful cushion would also work). But the answer is yes! These are fun to sit in! They don’t hurt or make me ache.

Where Should I Put A Hanging Chair?

Hanging egg chairs add style to a room – and make the room memorable to others because it stands out! They are a great piece to put in an empty corner of a room to make the space feel finished. They will work well in the living room, bedroom, and of course outside on the patio or front porch. 

Consider who will be using the hanging chair. Will young children be left unsupervised with it? If so make sure to install it with plenty of room away from walls.

As with any piece of furniture, you should consider how the hanging chair will fit with your own unique style! Luckily, rattan goes well with most kinds of decor. You can match the colors you already use in the accessories through a throw blanket or pillow on the chair.

An often made mistake is not stopping to consider the size of your space where you want your chair. Be sure to take measurements of the room before purchasing your chair. This will help you determine which size chair will work best for your space – and provide the best value! 

Can I Use A Rattan Chair Outside?

white hanging outdoor chair on a porch

Source: The hanging chair on my porch has an aluminum frame wrapped in rope

If your hanging rattan chair is going outside on a patio, remember rattan is a plant that is really for indoor use only. Outside in the sun and humidity rattan will begin to break down and weaken; it doesn’t hold up well to the elements.

Many of these chairs are made of aluminum or a metal frame, and those work for both indoor and outdoor. If you are dead set on using rattan on a patio, you can alternatively install a hook on a covered patio ceiling, and bring the chair in for inclement conditions.

Are Hanging Chairs Safe?

Hanging chairs should be as safe and as sturdy as they were installed. Just be sure to follow the weight capacity guidelines (they are there for a reason!). My easy tutorial for installing a hanging chair is here. If you’re hanging a chair from the ceiling and just not feeling confident, leave it to the professionals. It’s not an expensive job generally speaking.

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