Hearts In Windows Brings Happiness!

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We are creating a rainbow of hearts in the windows this weekend! Why? To spread positivity, solidarity and hope to your neighborhood right now!

Have you heard about this world of hearts trend? Today I am sharing how we made a rainbow of hearts in our windows that look out our front doors!

hearts in windows of a door

This trend of displaying colorful paper hearts in windows reminds families out getting fresh air that everyone is in this together.

The idea behind the movement is to spread hope during harder days, and it has caught on quickly. Have you seen it? On social media people are sharing colorful hearts in their windows and calling it  “A World Of Hearts”.

And of course on a simpler level- this activity is something fun to do with your kids that they will enjoy – with a great message behind it!

a rainbow of hearts in windows of a blue door with a girl and a dog

How To Make A Rainbow Of Hearts In Windows

There are so many ways to do this project. Since my kids were looking for something to do one afternoon, this felt more like a family project to do together! I wasn’t looking for perfection. 

However, if you are looking for something more polished, you could use a your Circuit machine or card stock for perfect looking hearts!

We cut our hearts right out of construction paper, into about 5 different sizes. Depending on the sizes of your windows, you might need a lot. To make this go faster, we didn’t cut one by one.

For most of the hearts, we folded the paper lengthwise three times, and cut half of a heart out on the fold. This way, each time you cut half of a heart you will be left with four hearts. 

instructions for placing hearts in windows

I liked dropping the smallest hearts along the bottom of the window, and gradually getting bigger as they go up. To give the the hearts in the windows a rainbow effect, I used the paper that was the color of a rainbow and gave it a bridge along the inside of the door. We just used regular scotch tape to attach.

front porch with a hearts in the windows of a door, and a girl in front

Planter Box | Plaid Outdoor Mat

The kids loved this project. Even my middle schooler wanted to help out – which was useful, because it took us about an hour.

These windows on our front door run alongside a busy sidewalk in our neighborhood, so it is a great spot to spread happiness. But inside they make us surprisingly happy also! Keeping little fun reminders of happiness is what we all need right now, while we wait for normalcy to come back to the world.

a door open in a foyer with a world of hearts on the windows

Rug | Foyer light

A World Of Hearts Trending on Social Media

On social media, people are using the hashtag #aworldofhearts and sharing their photos of hearts in windows. Here are some favorite photos of mine below, from Instagram.

I hope you feel inspired to create your own world of hearts like this too! Even just a few larger hearts in windows can look so happy and cheerful right now!

girl in front of wood doors decorating the windows with hearts

Via @the.old.barn

2 little girls in front of a window talking

via @louwhatwear

rainbow hearts on a window with a girl in front

Via @michellemoehle

a house with hearts all over the windows

via @brandyj

If you liked this rainbow of hearts project, you might want to check out my page of DIYS. I generally only tackle easy projects! 😉 Or go right ahead and take a home tour of my house. I also have a curated idea list on my Amazon storefront if you are looking for good quality games and toys to keep kids busy during this season of life. 

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