4 Tricks to a Festive Front Porch

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If your stoop, porch, or front door is lacking in the jolly department, take heart. It doesn’t take a lot to spruce it up with some front porch Christmas decorations. Sometimes a simple wreath will do, but perhaps you want a little more. Today I am showing you our festive front porch and breaking it down into 4 ideas for you.

front porch Christmas decorations with a dog

Zion waiting patiently for you to come in! He also would like a treat and a quick snuggle. 🙂

4 Tricks For Festive Front Porch Christmas Decorations

1. The Doormat

It all starts with your doormat, and I am here to tell you forget the old welcome mat for a bit! Bless your porch with a layered doormat. Here is what I have going on this year:


a christmas doormat front porch Christmas decorations

What I Used:

Yes, yes, you will only use it at Christmas time. Get a good one, and you still use if for the next 10 Christmas seasons. It’s an investment in your holiday season. 😉

I love to layer doormats all year long. It’s just is that little bit of extra punch to stand out! Here are my favorite Christmas mats to lay under your doormat.

Favorite Mats:

front porch Christmas decorations

My Favorite Holiday Doormats I’ve Seen This Season:

2. The Wreath

Be extra on the wreath. Do something just slightly different and think outside the regular wreath box. Here is a few ideas:

  • How about going with an extra big and oversized wreath this year? Try a simple but jumbo lush wreath! I tied navy velvet ribbon on mine, and added the bells from Amazon. But it would be equally beautiful without the bells, because of the sheer size. This wreath is such a show stopper it doesn’t need ornaments! Bigger is better here!
  • Try something else in place of a wreath. Use a door basket, and tuck winter greenery inside.
  • Or gather a large amount of greenery, tie together with ribbon, and hang upside down. This could actually be a free option, using extra greenery leftover, from your Christmas tree, or greens in your yard.white porch Christmas decorations

Source: Studio Mcgee

My jumbo wreath, bells, and ribbon I used:

3. Holiday Twinkle

Front porch Christmas decorations go next level with holiday twinkle! Figure out one thing on your porch that can light up for some holiday magic. This could be a lantern. Although a candle will work. get creative and fill your lantern with twinkle lights or even a string of Christmas lights. Twinkle lights can wrap around just about everything! Try wrapping some string lights around greenery, your wreath, a column, a basket full of logs, etc.

front porch Christmas decorations with two big wreaths

4. Mini Christmas Trees

Let your holiday porch feel extra welcoming by plunking down a mini Christmas tree. Faux or real, these are affordable and  bring so much cheer and coziness to your front porch Christmas decorations! I love putting trees in buckets.  It’s just so EASY how can you not go this route? A collection of a few trees of various small sizes would look great too. Make sure they are prelim or string some lights on those guys!

My Tree I Used:

Other Favorite Mini Trees:

Buckets To Plunk Your Tree In:

Amazon Option:

front porch Christmas decorations

Get My Front Porch Look:

 Here are three other photos I found of the cutest little trees on front porch!

Christmas front porch with mini tree

Source Unknown… let me know if you know where this pretty porch is from!

front porch Christmas decorations

Source: McGee & Co

front porch Christmas decorations

Beautiful porch set up via On Sutton Place


I hope you found some ideas for your own front porch Christmas decorations!

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