Tween Gift Guide – 27 Screen Free Ideas

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A tween gift guide for the boy who is not yet a man (but sure thinks he is), or the girl who might be 10 or 11 going on 18. It can be a hard age to shop for because they have grown out of many of their toys – but still so young and playful at heart!

I have one (almost two) of those kids! And my goal here is to give age-appropriate stuff to do, but that also uses imagination and makes them feel good.

Tween Gift Guide

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Tween Gift Guide

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1. Mini Basketball Hoop 

We bought this after seeing 5 stars on over 4k reviews. It hangs over the back of my son’s closet door for indoor play, and I bought it in hopes of giving my son’s friends something to do in our house other than video games. It worked. Shop Here.

2. 3D Printer

This was a huge hit with our 11 year old last Christmas. He still uses it weekly – now the gifts he gives us are all 3D printed. 😉 He creates all kinds of things, and little trinkets. He even started selling baby Yoda characters on Etsy for a little while. If you’re looking for something fun that’s (secretly) educational, this is it.

All you will need to print is the filament. It is fairly easy to figure out. My son uses the Flash Print program to print from a PC or a Mac computer. Shop 3D Printer Here.

3. Favorite Jersey

Every sports fan would love a favorite jersey on Christmas. This is an easy hit!

Shop Your Team Here (link leads to a list of all team’s jerseys.)

4. Basketball Socks

I think these are so cute and useful too! The trend of kids pulling their socks way up is actually adorable. Shop Here.

5. Nerf Gun

How does Nerf manage to keep producing plastic guns that look cooler each time? Secretly, I’m so over the Nerf gun phase but I know he doesn’t have much longer so I’ll support it. 🙂 Shop Here.

6. Monopoly Fort Nite

This will make for some happy kids. Now when they ask to play Fort Nite, you can say YES. Monopoly Fort Nite

7. Beats Headphones

I think every kid has used headphones after a full semester of e-learning… but do they have the BEATS headphones? 😉 My husband loves his. Shop Here.

8. Ping Pong Table

We gave the Ping Pong table as a birthday gift! It folds up so it does not take up a terrible amount of space in the garage when not in use. In the spring and summer it pretty much stays down because the kids are always picking up the paddle. Sometimes I’ll roll it out in the driveway to encourage more playing. It’s been great for our family! Shop Here.

9. Pocket Knife With All The Things

My 12 year old loves to carry around a pocket knife. Don’t tell him it is adorable. Shop Here.

10. Guinness Book of World Records 2021

When does this book ever fail you? A guaranteed win. My kids love these! Shop Here.

11. Tween Lego Building Kit

This Star Wars building set has great reviews! A few hours of solid concentration wouldn’t hurt today’s tweens. This has quite a few pieces but doesn’t look frustrating- a great gift to open up. Shop Here.

12. A RipStick

If you have an athletic kids, she or he will love these! My son’s friends all have them so of course… you know how it goes… It’s fun but it’s also a great way for them to get some exercise! Shop Here.

13. Cell Phone Tripod

My son loves to make tutorials on YouTube on how to solve Rubik’s cubes, etc. This will make his big break as a YouTube star even easier. 😉 Shop Here.

14. Animal Charger

These iPhone protectors are awfully cute! Covering the weakest point where the charging cable meets the plug. Shop Here.

15. Light Box With Letters

Your tween can mix and match letters, numbers and symbols until she finds the phrase to match her #currentmood or Instagram aesthetic. Plug it in for a glow! Shop Here.

16. Caboodle

Heck yeah!! My almost tweeny daughter is 1000% getting this. I don’t know who will be more excited. Shop Here.

17. Mask Chain

Because it’s Christmas, but make it 2020. These are actually adorable. Etsy sellers have some great ones, (I like the acrylic clear chains!) as do Amazon. Eyeglass chains often can work for either. Shop Amazon Mask Chain Here, Shop Etsy By Clicking Image Above.

18. Tie Dye Kit

Preteens might say they are done playing with toys, but they still want to play in different ways. This is a tween’s version of a good time! Shop Here.

19. iPhone Printer

Such a fun idea for a gift, and good price for a quality little printer! Shop Here.

20. Pop Grip for Phone / Tablet

Cute accessory, and protects that expensive other gift. Shop Here.

21. Personalized Starbucks Coffee Cup

So she can practice being her mom. The above is from Amazon but these are also made on Etsy. Shop Amazon Here, Shop Etsy Above.

22. Perplexus

This game really is perplexing. Great mind and brain game. Have you ever tried it? It’s addictive – and you always think you are on the brink of solving it! Shop here!

23. Journaling Set

Sweet idea that my girl is getting! Shop Here.

24. Conair Hair Curler

This is a very popular curler (almost 7k reviews!) and is pretty too. Don’t forget to use a good heat protectant – this is what my stylist recommended for my daughter. Shop Here.

25. Kendra Scott Birthstone Necklace

This is such a sweet gift from mother to daughter and Kendra Scott is very “in” right now! Shop Here.

26. Pura Vida Braclets

From what I am told Pura Vida is the coolest thing right now with teens and tweens right now. Our babysitter has gotten my daughter into these now! Shop Here.

27. Hair Accessories

Easy stocking stuffers – or stick inside her new Caboodle! Shop Hair Accessories Here.

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