Teen Gift Guide – 32 Screen Free Ideas

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Here it is… the teen gift guide! Below are 32 ideas for teenagers, even the hard to please kind. I also included fun $20 and under stocking stuffers to make them smile!

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teen gift guide

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  1. Face Sheets (Masks)

A set of 12 face sheet masks. Sheets are the newest thing when it comes to masks. Your teen probably already knows what’s up with these. Shop Here.

2. Fine Color Pen Set

These Huhuhero pens – perfect for journals or doodling – have a following of people who love them! If you have a creative teen, this is a great gift. Shop Here.

3.Wreck This Journal

A popular journal in 2020- these are something I would have loved as a teen. Shop Here.

4. Dyson Hair Wrap System

Yes, the Dyson Hair Wrap System is as expensive as they come. But it’s also a phenomenal product that will change your hair. The thing is – if you give it to your daughter – you get to use it too! 😉 Shop Here.

5.Kodak Disposable Camera

What used to be cool is now cool again! Makes a fun stocking stuffer. Shop Here.

6.Poloroid Camera

Cute and fun gift! Great activity for a teen. Shop Here.

7.Mini Fridge For Their Room

My daughter would flip out! Small and affordable, but big impact on Christmas morning. Shop Here.

8. Twinkle Lights with Photo Clips

Now that they have all these cameras, they will want somewhere to display their pictures of their cute friends. Shop Here.

9. Cozy Slippers

A Save slipper and a Splurge slipper, because both are pretty darn cute!

10. Perplexus

This game really is perplexing. Have you ever tried it? It’s addictive – and you always think you are on the brink of solving it! Shop here!

11. Furry Sherpa Pullover

I’ve got two cute options here- a save option that looks so soft and cute, and a splurge option that I own myself (and love!).

12. Mask Chain

The gift of 2020. These are adorable! Etsy sellers have some great ones, (I like the acrylic clear chains!) as do Amazon. Eyeglass chains often can work for either. Shop Amazon Mask Chain Here, Shop Etsy By Clicking Image Above.

13. Cell Phone Tripod

Holds their phone so they can make videos or make it easier to have their big break on YouTube. 😉 Comes with a light. Shop Here.

14. Gold and Acrylic MakeUp Organizer From Anthro

Gorgeous but also so functional, she will love this. Get her brushes off the counter!Shop Here.

15. Ping Pong Table

Our ping pong table was a birthday gift and one of the best! It folds up so it does not take up a terrible amount of space in the garage when not in use. Great for casual fun and something “to do” with your teen. Shop Here.

16. Bath Bomb Set

Such a cute set and comes in a sweet little container! Bath bombs are the gift that’s an easy win. Shop here.

17. Slammo Set

This is a huge hit! Such a fun game – in the lawn or by a body of water. Careful, it’s addicting. Their are other budget minded sets on Amazon but this set had really nice reviews for being long lasting and high quality! Shop here.

18. Block Letter Monogram Necklace

Honestly, what teen doesn’t love jewelry form Anthro? The monogram necklace is one of their classics. Shop Here.

19. Beach Wave Wand

Who wouldn’t want to try to give themselves these beach waves? These look like so much fun, I would need to borrow the wand and give it a try too! Great teen gift. Shop Here.

20. Chuck Taylors

The iconic shoes on both adults, kids and teens. Make sure you are ordering from either women’s or mens on the right link!

21. Beanies

You could go with this Adidas beanie or the Ugg beanie, It doesn’t matter because you can’t go wrong! Shop links above.

22. Beef Jerky

Easy stocking stuffer win! Santa knows what’s up.

23. Tile Mate

I was given this for Christmas one year and it must have saved me 50 times throughout the year! I can only image how great this would have been having this as a forgetful teen. Shop here.

24. Leather Toiletry Bag

My husband still has the toiletry bag he used as a teen – he just gifted it to our son this year – so I would say this is a pretty solid gift. Potential to last a lifetime! Shop here.

25. Gumball Machine

Make your own teenage dreams come true with this fun gift! Shop here.

26. Beanboozled

Literally my least favorite game but my older kids are crazy about this game… and I suspect they’re not growing out of it anytime soon. Great stocking stuffer! Shop Here.

27. Adidas Hoodie

You can NOT even go wrong ever giving a teenage boy a black hoodie. It’s pretty much a guarantee. Shop Here.

28. Moonlight Pajamas

Give the gift you want for yourself. These Moonlight pajamas are as ridiculously soft as they claim. My favorite winter pajamas! The leopard will likely sell out, but there are a variety of colors. Shop here.

29. The How To Cook Book For Teens

Let’s be honest, a lot of us here could use this book, not just teens! Let them have a little practice before they head to college! Shop Here.

30. Ear Muffs

Why are ear muffs absolutely adorable on everyone? Cute and useful gifts are always the favorites. Not just pink – a variety of colors. Shop here.

31. Starbucks Tumbler

Great stocking stuffer for teens! Choose the set of two and keep one for yourself. Or go one step further and get it personalized here. Shop Here.

32. Key Ring Bracelet

For the new driver. This is the one I have and I love mine! Putting my keys down in a store and having to retrace my stepsis something that used to happen to me. I wear the keys on my arm as a habit when I run in a store now. It’s also useful when carrying bags, or when you have a very small purse. Shop here.

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