25 Lovely White Table Lamps

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I have been searching for a few solid weeks for a beautiful white table lamp – two to be exact, for our bedside. I think I saw every one! Scale and shape of the lamp were most important to me in weeding through all the lighting.

Our previous bedroom was smaller, and the delicate gold bedside lamps felt right at home there. But here in our new bedroom, the space is twice the size, making the current petite lamps look totally lost. I hardly even notice them on the tables.

bedroom with white box wall paneling

It doesn’t help that we are furnishing this room almost from scratch, so it’s feeling extra bare. But nevertheless, time for new lamps! Since I think I’ve now seen every white table lamp in existence, I’m sharing the lamps I love the most. My vision is something feminine, of medium scale and leaning just a touch traditional. This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

25 Lovely White Table Lamps, Organized By Price

14 affordable white table lamps

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11 luxury white table lamps

one | two | three | four | five (larger version here) | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven

14 White Table Lamps From $40 – $300

1. Montreal Wren Table Lamp

white table lamp next to the stairs

Starting with the most affordable white lamp on this list, coming with well over one hundred raving reviews, this is the best bang for your buck! Shop this $45 lamp here:

2. Ceramic Table Lamp

simple white lamp on a table

A lovely shaped shade and well priced, this lamp checks all the boxes. See this light here:

3. Studio McGee Lamp

an entry way

This Studio McGee lamp looks similar to Serena & Lily lamps for a fraction of the price. See it here:

4. Rattan + White

rattan shade white lamp

Stylish and sweet, this rattan and white lamp has been a best seller. See it here:

5. The Amazon Lamp

a table with a light and a mirror

At 26″ tall, this white table lamp is ideal for spaces where you need something substantial. See it here:

6. Glazed White Table Lamp

glazed white lamp

With a silky shade, this white table lamp is feminine and pretty. See it here:

7. Modern + Brass

white lamp on a desk

This modern lamp also has a USB outlet, making it a great light for a study or office space. See it here:

8. Margo 24″ White Lamp

bedside white lamp

Reviewers brag this lamp is solid weight and substantial size. Sere it here:

9. Emilie Small Table Lamp

small white table lamp

At 22″, the small Emilie is delicate but still substantial enough to get noticed. See it here:

10. Emilie Large Table Lamp

large white lamp on table

The big sister to the small Emilie, this more substantial and wildly popular lamp makes a great bedside table or a pretty light for a larger console. See it here:

11. Eggshell Crackle Lamp

eggshell crackle lamp

This lamp features an eggshell crackle finish and a warm linen shade. See more here:

12. Oval Gourd White Lamp

oval white table lamp

This lamp is made of porcelain with a great shape and a metallic base. See more here:

13. Miller Ceramic White Table Lamp

large white table lamp

This beautiful white is glazed except along the bottom, leaving a little rustic feel to this lamp. This pretty lamp is offered in three sizes!

14. McGee Petite Lamp

mini white lamp

A mini lamp, ideal for the kitchen counter or a bookshelf. This petite lamp comes in under five inches tall, with a luminous design.

11 High End White Table Lamps, Starting From $300 On Up

11 luxury white table lamps

1. Tinsley Table Lamp

the tinselly lamp

A nice medium scale ceramic lamp with a unique bubble finish. See more here:

2. Danali Table Lamp

two Hudson valley white table lamps in a living room

Hudson Valley has great lighting and this is one example! See more here:

3. Rejuvenation Ball Lamp

a nightstand with a white table lamp on top

This lamp has a modern design and is carved out of clay. See more here:

4. Brighton Table Lamp

white table lamp on an entry

This lamp looks like plaster and has the option of a white or rattan shade. See this white table lamp here:

5. Lakmos Lamp

a modern office

This is the most fun lamp! In two sizes, with the large coming in at 30″, this lamp offers a conical shade and unique sculptural shape. See more here:

6. Gallaway White Table Lamp

Gallaway Table Lamp

Textured, with a soft wood grain like pattern. This would work lovely on nightstands. See it here:

7. The Morris Lamp

two white table lamps in a living room
Serena & Lily

I always admire these lamps when I see them used in design. There is a slight warm cast to them, underneath the glaze. See this white lamp here:

8. Fang Gourd Lamp by Visual Comfort

fang gourd table lamp used in a room

This warm light has a crackle finish and a beautiful brass glaze. The shape is timeless. See it here:

9. Maya White Lamp

the Maya table lamp

This sculptural lamp with a paper mache like finish is as unique as it is beautiful. See it here:

10. The Famous Visual Comfort Bubble Lamp

large bubble lamp

Truth time. If I didn’t decorate with my blog in mind, I would grab these gorgeous lamps up in a heart beat! They are so fun and such statement pieces. The only reason I hesitate is because I know a lot of designers use them and I try to put my own slant on my personal things. But I still drool over these lights! See it here:

11. Hans Table Lamp

Hans white table lamp

The glaze, gold detailing, and a classic shape make this my dream lamp. See more here:

Good lighting is an investment and takes time to find just the right one. I hope this roundup of lamps I loved was helpful in your search!

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