A Relaxing Master Bedroom

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Bench at the end of canopy bed


Nothing is worse than a cluttered, dreary, disorganized bedroom. It will do nothing for your anxiety! 😀 I’ve been there though- when we built this house I was all about creating a truly relaxing master bedroom. I wasn’t seeking perfection- thats unobtainable (at least for a mom of 4!). I just wanted a room that would make me feel great walking into, and be easy to maintain.

Relaxing Master Bedroom Ideas

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My bedroom is now my favorite room to be in in our home. After a full day of parenting, I’m usually in this bed with Netflix on, my laptop next to me and large drink on the nightstand!

Natural Light

Don’t confuse dark to mean relaxing. Obviously darkness is conducive to a good night’s rest- but what about all the other times when you are just relaxing in your bedroom? Sunshine is so good for the soul!

Our master bedroom in our last home had two windows overlooking giant trees. While this made for a pretty view in the summer, the trees blocked all the sunlight. On rainy days, you couldn’t walk in the room without needing to turn on lights.

Natural light was my biggest priority when we built- I measured our bed and put two windows on either side. The windows face south- if you live in the northern hemisphere, this is where the bulk of the sunshine is! If you are building, put extra windows on your souther side wherever it makes sense.

Relaxing Master Bedroom with Bench Canopy Bed

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Most of the time of course you can’t do anything about window placement- but did you know window screens darken a room? If you can, take them off! We only use our screens for a week or two in the Fall/Spring – so now we live without them all year long. We’ve got a lot more light, and the view is prettier too.

Lastly, make sure nothing is blocking the windows. Don’t place furniture in front of a window unless absolutely necessary. Keep drapes and shades up when not being used.

Lamps / Overhead Lighting

If you can’t get any more natural light in the room, check the wattage in your lamps and see if you can bump them up with an ultra bright bulb.

Our bedside lamps are delicate and feminine- but they burn bright (150 watt). I went with these becuase they are best of both worlds- extra bright when you want the light, but they also have the dim option – better at bedtime or when your partner is sleeping.

We also installed 4 recessed lights in addition to the overhead fan’s light. No more dark days!

Relaxing Master Bedroom with Chair and Bench Seating Area

Calming Colors

Notice anything different about the room in this photo below?

Relaxing Master Bedroom with White Roman Shades

This is from a few months ago. We switched out our white romans! They were getting caught and going up crooked constantly. We would be leaning over the nightstand lamps, trying to untangle the back of the shades every morning. This daily headache really added to my goal of obtaining a relaxing master bedroom. 😉

We reached out to the manufacturer (a local company) and they were nice enough to replace these two for motorized roman shades. I choose the blue/gray romans to bring in a touch more color.

Canopy Bed in a Relaxing Master Bedroom

Both colors on the shades worked to make the bedroom feel calm. Choose calming colors that make you feel relaxed – this can be a personal choice – but keep in mind colors will effect your mood, and blue tones are proven to make you feel relaxed.

Relaxing Master Bedroom with Blue Gray Roman Shades

Pick two colors and work them in with white is always my tactic in a room. Some people can do dark and moody REALLY well- I think a dark gray blue would be pretty on the walls and still allow the room to feel zen. If you do a dark wall color just be sure to inject lots of white in other areas to keep it from feeling too far in one direction.

Furniture, trim work, bedding, pillows and rugs could all bring in white! The is the rug we have in here – I love the texture so much I put the same one in Robbie’s room.

The drywall is painted SW Ice Cube and the trim is SW Extra White.

See all the paint colors used in our home here.

The Best Bedding For a Relaxing Master Bedroom

My number one suggestion is always, always keep the bedding white. White says clean to me.

bedding close up in a relaxing master bedroom

Bedding doesn’t HAVE to be expensive! This duvet cover looks identical to Serena and Lily but it’s this white duvet cover from Target! This white duvet cover has a linen look alike texture. It really looks high end with a budget price tag.

I prefer natural materials like cotton, or mostly cotton. It tends to look better and more upscale. Sateen and extra shiny bedding sometimes cheapen the overall look, and polyester will just make you sweat.

Fill your duvet cover with the fluffiest, thickest insert your climate will allow. No thin blankets if you can help it.

White doesn’t mean you can’t live your life. Our two littlest ones jump in bed in the mornings with us – sometimes even with the dog – so I throw the duvet cover in the wash fairly often with a little Shout Out.

To keep it simple, I have just one little lumbar pillow (sold out, I linked a similar pillow).

The gray blanket is my one upscale piece that brings in texture. It is so pretty in person!


Bedding in a relaxing master bedroom

Flowers Create Good Vibes

I love having real flowers in the bedroom- like most people, I just wish I could have them in here all the time! When I’m out at  Trader Joes I’ll pick them up- its not close to my house though so not often enough!

I used these little square vases that are ideal for holding my hydrangeas. Another favorite is these rippled glass vases but couldn’t find them in stock at the time I was buying.


picture of nightstand

A Relaxing Master Bedroom Needs a Place To Sit

If you have the space, create a little nook out of a corner with a chair, or just use the spot in front of the bed for a bench. After all- you are trying to create a relaxing master bedroom, right? You want somewhere to sit and… you know… relax. I didn’t know if I would actually use our pretty wood chair we have back in the corner, but I sit in it all the time. When (if!) my bed is made, or I have shoes on, or I’m talking on the phone- this is the spot!

Since we had the space, I convinced Jose we should put this stunning bench in front of the bed. Its the highlight of the room if you ask me.

Other Sources Used:

Our bed is Pottery Barn from a few years ago and they discontinued it right after we bought it!

Drapes Basekts Under Nightstand / Nightstand no longer sold – similar here / basket fig tree is in / faux tree stump

Other sources mentioned:

wood chair / bench / gray blanket white duvet cover lumbar pillow   /rugbedside lamps


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