Two Tone Walls In A Kid’s Bedroom

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a boys bedroom with two tone walls

Two tone walls are the new accent walls and we now have them in Leo’s room! A little modern, totally easy to paint, and still neutral if you want. Move over accent walls– I am loving the way these two tone grey walls add subtle interest. 

Why The Switch: From Accent Wallpaper to Two Tone Walls

Previously, Leo had a single accent wall of cactus wallpaper. The bright green cactuses delivered a wild and fun note to the room, without committing to anything long term.

Truthfully, I loved the vibrant print the wallpaper gave. But despite being fun, sometimes the bold color on the wall made the room feel jarring.

Our home isn’t eclectic and I wanted to keep his room flowing with the style we have everywhere else. This means a lot of wood, whites, blues and grays. A nod to coastal colors seemed just right. 

The Before:

cactus wallpaper on walls

Read what happened to our walls when I took the removable wallpaper down ! Or go take a peek at his fun, vibrant room when it had the cactus removable wallpaper freshly installed.

Two Tone Walls In A Child’s Bedroom 

pinterest image that says two toned walls

3 mirror above the bed with walls painted two tone, half gray half white

Two toned walls are the new accent wall! And of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a color loving person to take part in this trend! I am all about neutrals, and I just looked for two colors that played well with each other and were similar on the paint card. Painting two tone gray walls worked for us. The paint is half Sherwin Williams Extra White up top, and Sherwin Williams Ice Cube on the bottom.

(See Sherwin Williams Extra White and Ice Cube elsewhere in my home!)

How To Paint Walls Two Different Colors

All you need for this effect is a level and painters tape- and if you don’t have a level, honestly, you can still just eyeball the painters tape. It’s not tricky and doesn’t have to be exact- trust me.

Don’t limit yourself to splitting the room in halves. Vary the height on the top third (like I did in the girl’s shared room here) or the bottom third! 

art and two tone walls in a bedroom - gray and white paint

Do you want the top or bottom darker? Do you want to go bold with a deep, moody color or create a subtle difference like I did?

Putting two different paint colors add interest to the walls, not to mention the colors we chose brought the coastal fun vibe to this bedroom.

two tone walls in bedroom with children's art up

chair and child's guitar in bedroom with walls two tone

kids coastal bedroom art with walls half gray half white two tone

Get The Look:

All the blues and the grays with the wood… I love these colors. This room has such a calm, relaxing vibe.

a closeup of artwork

Other Elements In His Room:

The Artwork

Leo’s wanted “space stuff” in this room, and even suggested painting the walls black. We compromised when we found this piece. I mean, could it be any prettier? It also happens to have his name LEO on it, so that was a lucky coincidence. 

Pay Attention to Pattern

This rug is one of the more affordable rugs Crate and Barrel sells actually- it is an indoor/outdoor rug but not scatchy what so ever. It brings a fun element of pattern.

bed with rug

I am glad that I did a solid upholstered bed; the navy will blend with however his room changes as he grows! He has had this bed for almost 2 years now and we plan to have him in it for life. It is low to the ground, so this would also work well for a child transitioning out of a crib.

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pinterest image that says two toned walls