10 Black and White Kitchens That Won’t Age

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Some of the most classic kitchens of all time use a monochromatic palette of simply black and white! Pinned and saved over and over again, a black and white kitchen just doesn’t date themselves like some other color palates used in kitchens.

When we looked at homes as potential buyers, I noticed the homes with black and white kitchens needed less updating overall. Many of them were a decade old or more – and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! The color palate of black and white has a personality that stands the test of time.

If you still equate black with farmhouse, think again. There’s a whole world out there of kitchens that use black and white in a way to have lasting power – and I’ve rounded up my ten favorites.

Try a Black and White Kitchen in 2022

The black paint colors are named when known.

1. The 2015 (Or Older?) Kitchen That Looks Current

a black and white kitchen with black windows
Better Homes & Gardens

This black and white kitchen was first published in 2015 and it is still perfect in 2022. It walks the line between industrial chic with home in the country vibes. The 2″ thick marble is a timeless choice; combined with the square edge it keeps the overall look from leaning too traditional, even with the hutch. Which, as we know, is a current kitchen trend right now.

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2. Combining Elegance With Rustic

white marble backsplash with black cabinets
Janis Nicolay

Farrow and Ball Down Pipe, a bluish inky gray that reads black, is seen here.

A black and white kitchen with heavy emphasis on white stone is for your white kitchen lovers looking to branch out. Brass and stainless are the metals here that look lovely. I appreciate the deep white farmhouse sink with a clean, modern cut against the cabinets. This makes such a better pop than a stainless sink against the dark.

3. Black, But Make It Open And Airy

a black cabinet with open space above in a kitchen
reDesign Home

The black kitchen cabinet color is Benjamin Moore’s Onyx

Although light wood floors are trending right now (read about white oak floors here), dark floors will always look chic against the black. If you have a ceiling with a vault, consider a heavy color on the bottom cabinets. That open airy feel keeps it feeling light and open.

4. Light Wood + Black Cabinetry Used In Two Different Spaces

a black and white kitchen with wood island
Laura Design Company

Light wood gives this kitchen a more modern, very current on trend feel. Combined with the shaker cabinets and the brass for warmth, this kitchen inviting.

modern black and white kitchen

Possibly the most pinned black and white kitchen on Pinterest – this kitchen from the House of Silver Lining is large enough to make those dark cabinets still feel open and light. The cabinets are painted a finish from the company who makes them. She used quartz on the countertop and backsplash here.

5. Combining NY Bistro + Glamor in This Black and White Kitchen

black and white checkered floor
Better Homes & Gardens

This is an all white kitchen – but the black and white marble floors make it sing! (Like these black and white floors? See: Picking Checkered Floor here.)

These floors are modern but old fashioned. The black range keeps the black a consistent color in the kitchen, and flows with the New York bistro look that subway tile also brings. What’s more timeless than a NY bistro? This look will stay current!

6. Black Windows

black windows over a sink
Jen Langston
a black range with black countertops
Jen Langston

If you’re doing a black and white kitchen, black windows are something to lean into. They command attention! The brass lighting and hardware, including the faucet, add warmth to the cooler, dark tones in the kitchen.

7. Black Tile

black tile inside a range hood
source unknown

Another way to use black in a kitchen is tile. How fun and different is this black square tile with a modern clean layout and curving around the sides? Even if this might be too different for your taste, I think everyone can agree this is a very cool and unique feature. I wonder if the black shows or hides more splashes off the oven?

8. Parisian Black and White Kitchen

a timeless classic black and white kitchen
Miguel Flores-Vianna

This kitchen could have been created in 2022 or in 2002, that’s how timeless and classic the black and white choices are. My only guess might be that it is a. project from a decade because of the star shaped lighting. They are far from “out of date”, but knock offs of these beautiful lights were at the height of popularity around that time.

9. Modern Accents In A Black and White Kitchen

a black and white kitchen
SBK Living

The island is painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

Tricorn black is a great accent color if you are looking to use black throughout your home. Against cream or a crisp white, it’s a beautiful, deep black. The island countertop is made of quartzite, and this kitchen feels new and fresh!

10. Soapstone Countertops

soapstone countertops
W Design Collective

A timeless material that’s found in kitchens of all dates is soapstone. A natural, quarried stone, you can skip the dark countertops if you like and use this!No two slabs are alike, so choose a solid black or a dramatic veining on your island slab. Combined with black accents like appliances or hardware, and you can create a black and white kitchen without the dark cabinets.

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