23 Stunning Coffered Ceiling Ideas

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Adding a coffered ceiling to your home can take an okay room to a stunning space! Ceilings do not have to be an afterthought. Regardless of the style of your home, you can go bold by adding a coffered ceiling to your home!

A coffered ceiling is a series of sunken three-dimensional panels that cover the ceiling of a room to form a grid pattern. It instantly becomes the focal point of an otherwise plain room.

Now that open floor plans are the new normal, we all want to find ways to define the separate spaces, while still allowing open rooms. Instead of walls, ceiling treatments are used over just one area of the floor plan.

Why You Might Need A Coffered Ceiling And Who Doesn’t Need One

Don’t assume a coffered ceiling is only for the mansions and the fancy people! These images will prove that all kinds of homes can benefit from some detailing.

One caveat: Coffered ceilings just aren’t the ideal treatment for low ceilings. Generally speaking, ceilings 8ft or less should not be considered, because it could run the risk of closing in the room too much. But don’t be too disappointed. There are some great ceiling treatments you can try that are more ideal for low ceilings, such as beadboard, decorative low ceiling tiles, or even ceiling panels that come in a kit.

Our Coffered Ceiling In Our Living Room

First, let me share some details about our own coffered ceiling.

In our home, we have just 9ft ceilings! I was told by a few people to rethink the coffered idea, or keep it but take the downstairs ceiling height up to 10ft. I hesitated on my decision.

We have an open floorplan, and I wanted to use a coffered ceiling to define and separate the kitchen from our living space.

white home with coffered ceiling

Instead of putting in taller ceilings which would have cost quite a bit (although I would have loved that!), we widened the room by 2 feet on each side, and put in an extra window to keep the room from feeling cramped. Both of those additions were still much cheaper than adding extra height to the entire first floor.

I am so happy with how it looks! Because I think an open floor plan itself helps the coffered ceilings from making the room feel small or cramped.

We angled the back of the trim in the back over the breakfast nook. For reference, our ceilings are just 9ft, and we brought the height of our coffered ceiling to 8 inches.

coffered ceiling in a living room

Tour our living room here!

But How Much Does A Coffered Ceiling Cost?

The cost to install coffered ceilings to an already built home will depend on what type of wood you want to use (obviously, MDF and fiberboard is cheaper than real solid wood), how simple of a grid, and the size of the room. Just on average though, you can expect to pay about $25 per square foot of the ceiling size.

Don’t have the cash? What about faux wood beams instead? Consider other options for ceiling treatments besides coffered if budget is stretched.

a coffered ceiling in Chrissy Marie Blog living room

> Tour my living room here!<<

Will My Coffered Ceiling Add Value To My Home?

My husband is a Realtor so I checked with him! His answer? Yes, it is significant – but you can’t exactly quantify a specific range that a coffered ceiling would add to your home’s value. However, beautiful ceiling detail in the main areas of the home certainly makes a home more attractive to buyers.

23 Gorgeous Coffered Ceilings To Obsess Over

I gathered 23 gorgeous coffered ceiling ideas to inspire and guide you. From living rooms, kitchens, to the tried and true dining room coffered ceiling, these images should offer you plenty of motivation to add a little ceiling treatment to your own home. Enjoy!

Coffered Ceiling In A Living Room

coffered ceiling done in a modern way in a living room

They left out the extra trim to create a modern, clean look here.

Photo Via: Redstart Construction, Inc

large two story living room

Soaring ceilings are just screaming for detail and attention!

Photo via: Mary Cook Designs

white living room with a woman walking across it

This ceiling elevates an already very nice living area.

Image via: Christine Kimberlee Designs

white living room walls with white coffered ceilings

Mixed with the paneling on the wall, this room is drop-dead gorgeous! I love all the details of the wall and the ceiling together.

Image via: JS Life & Style

traditional living room coffered ceiling

Very traditional here, in all the right ways.

Photo via: Paul Moon Design

amber interiors living room coffered ceiling

If Amber Interiors is doing it, so am I!

Photo via: Amber Interiors

living room with black shiplap walls

I love the wall detail combined with the ceiling. Very on-trend!

Photo via: Surrey Painting Group

modern green den with green walls and green ceiling paint

There is no real that they need to be white. Paint them the same colors as your walls for a stunning effect!

Photo via: Coats Home

coffered ceiling painted inside the boxes

You could paint the beams- or paint the boxes like this!

Photo via: Houzz

coffered ceiling with chandelier in a living room

These boxes are very deep- I like the twist they put on this with deeper beams running across. It makes the boxes seem twice as deep. 

Image via: Serena and Lily

octagon coffered ceiling

No need to be square- get some personality if you like. This ceiling is the most interesting ceiling I’ve seen.

Photo via: Home Edit

cozy living room

Lighting placement for recessed lighting is also important in a room! You want to make sure you are not creating shadows or uneven lighting.

Photo via: Dresser Homes

Coffered Ceiling In A Kitchen

coffered ceiling in a kitchen with a blue island

A stunning coffered ceiling over a navy island!

Image via: AGK Design Studio

kitchen with painted wood coffered ceiling

Photo via: Home Edit

a white kitchen with a white oak wood kitchen island

This photo shows how coffered ceilings separate and define the space nicely.

Photo via: Home Bunch

rustic wood coffered ceiling

Somewhat rustic, somewhat old world, I like the look and the mix of styles.

Photo via: unknown, please drop the source so I can credit them!

kitchen with coffered ceilings

Classic in a white kitchen. This ceiling is never going out of style!

Photo Via: Designstorms LLC

coffered ceiling from the living room into the kitchen

From the living room, into the kitchen with no stopping! This Florida beach house has the ceiling height and the space to pull this off!

Photo via: Home Bunch Blog

causal beach living room

Coffer detailing is not just for the grandiose and the mansions. This photo proves it looks great in all types of homes. I would guess this ceiling height to be 9ft.

Photo source: Home Bunch Blog

Coffered Ceilings in a Dining Room

empty dining room with coffered ceiling

How fun is this cozy bungalow with a coffered ceiling.

Photo Via: Redfin

large dining room with coffered ceiling

I love a coffered ceiling in a dining room. It adds a bit of formality.

Photo is from Lindye Galloway Interiors

grasscloth on ceiling

I just realized I put the grasscloth in my dining room on all wrong! I should have put it on the ceilings, not the wall!

Photo via Leedy Interiors

Coffered Ceiling In The Bedroom

coffered tray ceiling in bedroom

It appears the ceiling is not that tall here and the owners used the tray ceiling height to create the opportunity for a narrow coffered ceiling. I love this idea!

Via: Home Bunch Blog

 Using a coffered ceiling is the best way to separate two spaces without using walls, or just to simply beef up your home in visual ways. Ceilings are often overlooked in design, so spending some time adding well thought out details to your ceiling will add interest, character, and drama.

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