Spring Amazon Favorites

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This post is full of the Amazon finds I referenced this spring. I gathered them all in one post – you will find so many gems here!

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Amazon Home Finds

Scroll down for fashion at the bottom of this post – home finds all below.

Leather Lumbar Pillow Cover

From the Woven Nook store on Amazon – this leather lumbar is great quality and so nice for a guy’s room.

leather lumbar pillow here

Jute Mat

Darling little jute scalloped edge mat! It believe the cotton just refers to the blue strip around the mat. Looks so cute in our mudroom.

jute mat in Chrissy Marie Blog mudroom

Shark Handheld Vacuum (Dustbuster)

It’s light and convenient for quick jobs, like crumbs in the kitchen, dirt on the stairs, dusting, or back seat of a car. Not ideal for large jobs, like a whole car vacuuming etc.

amazon Dustbuster

Pretty Pillows

I have these in the sage and they are great! Cute, coastal and a nice price. Fill with a down pillow insert a size bigger if available. (My preferred insert off Amazon here.)

pillows from amazon

Zippered Storage Bag For Winter Blankets

Our largest fur king size winter blanket fits alone, and the other bag fits 3 winter quilts nicely.

Pool + Beach Towels: 2 Kinds

I was put off by the material that looks like plastic – but I was told I would love it. I took a chance and it really is like magic. It really dries you off easily, and then folds up to next to nothing inside the pool bag.

These cabana towels look a lot like the Serena & Lily striped towels. Lots of fluff, very soft and absorbent! Over 6,000 reviews!

cabana towels

Insulated Snack + Cooler Bag

I shared this pink cooler bag a lot last summer (comes in other colors) after seeing it at Anthro for more money. It fits the perfect amount for snacks for our family for a day at the pool. If I remember I throw it in the fridge an hour before we leave.

insulated cooler bag

Brass Decorative Object

Just like Anthro’s brass object.

gold brass object on a shelf
cane boxes (currently sold out)

Rug Tape

This is how we keep our rugs from curling up on our hardwoods. (You can use it on carpet as well). Doesn’t damage my floors. It’s extremely sticky.

Pillow Top Quilted Mattress Cover

Our son was complaining about his mattress (it’s not great) but we aren’t ready to invest in an expensive mattress. We tried this pillow top mattress cover – and he says he loves his bed again. It has great reviews and I see why – it’s thick and plush.

mattress pad on a bed

Light Summer Weather Duvet

This is a long time favorite duvet of mine – perfect amount of weight for the cooler months, and still fluffy. We pull it out as the weather warms up!

My Down Sleeping Pillows

If you love a good down pillow – this is hands down my favorite! I used to love sleeping in nicer hotels because they had the BEST fluffiest pillows – this is my dream pillow.

You can see them behind and in front of the blue Euro pillows on my bed.

down pillows
duvet cover | lumbar | blue Euro pillows

Or – Down Alternative Pillows (Our Guest Pillows)

Almost 12,000 5 star reviews! We have these in our linen closet and pull them out for guests.

Wool Dryer Balls

I just learned to make your sheets/duvet covers wrinkle less, take them out of the washer and shake them alllll out completely. Then put them in the dryer with 3 wool dryer balls.

The Coop Pillow (Jose’s “Must Have” Pillow)

This is Jose’s forever pillow. It’s the only one he can comfortably rest on. He is not a fan of down pillows – he prefers firmer. He can add more shredded memory foam (or take some out) to customize the firmness of the pillow.

Expandable Hose (Fathers Day Idea)

This expandable hose is called the Magic Hose! It goes from a small and slim 33 ft., to 100 ft. when you turn on the water, and then right back to 33 ft. It’s lightweight and not cumbersome to drag around the yard. You can see this hose in action saved on a highlight bubble on Instagram called “Magic Hose”.

amazon finds retractable hose

Simply Southern “Bogg Bag”

So many of you told me you love this bag when I said I mentioned it as an alternative to the true Bogg Bag.

Little Organizer Bags (I use for sunscreen at the pool)

Multi purpose set of bags in the size of your choice. Below is the size small – just the right size for my sunscreen to be kept separate in the pool bag.

organizer bags


We put this on while we are in bed watching our shows. It has a 4 hour timer button so I just hit that when we are heading upstairs. Still trying to figure out the perfect oil blend.

Amazon Fashion

I’m 5.4″, and typically wear a small unless specified otherwise.

Summer Straw Bag + Pick Your Own Tassel

Cute Summer Dresses

Bohemian maxi dress – all sorts of prints! Lightweight.

woman in a dress

This one would be appropriate work wear! I wore it to Sofie’s recital.

woman in a summer dress
Leather hobo purse | sandals

Blue + White Date Night Top

This will take you a minute to put on (I had it on backwards at first) but its so unique and cute! The big bow can also be tied in the back. I did a small, but if you are bustier than a C cup I would size up because the upper portion doesn’t have a lot of extra room.

a woman in a blue and white shirt
similar shorts | summer sandals

Summer Ruffle Top

Staple Tank

A work out tank – nice and thick, I wear the white and the black one as a basic top. I sized up and bought this in a medium because I didn’t want it to feel too tight. You can see it’s pretty fitted!

woman taking a selfie

Ruffle Deep V Swim Suit

This swimsuit shows more up top, and hides more on the lower half. Hides the cheeks and the deep V is flattering. Not sure it would be enough support for large chests.

Panama Beach Hat

This is new for me – it has UPF 50! I tie a low bun in my hair when I wear this out. Smaller and a tad more stylish than a beach hat.

Chambray Top

Wow! I love this shirt. So crisp – feels like Gap quality and goes with everything – a staple in my wardrobe.

Summer Nightgown

I was so excited to find this pretty blue and white cotton nightgown. Surpassed expectations.

2 Summer Dresses

I wasn’t sure I loved the first one on me – I think in a darker color perhaps. It did remind me of Anthropologie a little bit.

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