How To Put GIANT Halloween Spiders On The House

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When I agreed to attach giant Halloween spiders as a decoration ON our house I don’t know what I was thinking, considering I have arachnophobia. I was grossed out every time I pulled up to our house after this project. But (like all moms), I love watching my kids get excited about the holidays!


So I suppose if that means standing on my roof waving a glue gun while attaching giant spider decorations on the house, well at least it put a temporary smile on my middle schooler’s face, right??!white brick home with giant Halloween spiders attached to the outside

This was actually super simple and we did put the giant spider decorations on together after school in one day!

I am sure you can DIY the spiders. Once I started adding up all the materials and time it would take to make my own giant Halloween spiders, that idea went out the window. I also was imagining random pieces of the spiders blowing off the house in a strong gust of wind. I know my limits! 

Giant Halloween Spiders

I wanted the absolute biggest spiders for the cheapest amount of money. The bigger, the more impact. The giant spiders off Amazon seem to sell out pretty quickly! I found these as the largest spiders available, with the spiders measuring 7.5 ft from end to end!

The body isn’t huge, and I contemplated making that bigger with black faux fur and something attached underneath. Again, too much work (see a theme here?).

a white brick house with giant halloween spiders on the house

giant halloween spider on house

Last year we did it again, because when do Giant halloween spiders get old? Hmmm I’m going with never! I liked it even better.

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Materials Needed To Put Giant Halloween Spider Decorations On Your House:

The giant Halloween spiders arrive in a small box. Inside they all folded up, but look at how big this guy is right after I took him out of the box!

giant fake halloween spider on floor of house

Yuck. I can just imagine it coming alive.

The spider arms are furry with bendable metal inside, which is great for attaching to your house!

If you have shutters on actual hinges, those are ideal! I was able to hang one up outside my garage windows by simply bending his legs over my shutter hinges.

a white brick house with big halloween spiders hanging on shutters

That worked out well, but I needed something sturdy for the other spiders that would cling to the brick and siding of our house.

This is what I grabbed from Lowes (Amazon links: zipties  / mounting pads):

the zip ties and mounting pad for zip ties

How To Attach Big Halloween Spiders To House and Roof 

Of course this goes without saying, but it’s not worth risking your life standing unsafely on your roof to put a silly Halloween spider up! Please don’t be dumb.

The mounting pad is a little flat square with adhesive on the back. You’re not going to use the adhesive- that is too weak for the big Halloween spiders.  

(Make sure you take the adhesive backing sticker off when you attach the spiders. Hot glue won’t stick well to the plastic sticker backing!)

  1. Slide a zip tie through the mounting pad.
  2. Put just the end of a spider’s leg inside the zip tie, pull the zip tie tight, and bend the end of the leg a bit as extra precaution so it won’t slide out.
  3. You only need to do this for most of the spider’s legs.  I decided to leave 2 alone to hang and “wave” (unless you live somewhere windy. The legs that aren’t tied down move around with wind!
  4. Take off the adhesive backing sticker from the mounting pad first. Using my hot glue gun, I put a dot of glue on the bricks, and put the mounting pad (with the spider attached) onto the glue dot. Once you get it stuck on, press firmly on the mounting pad for 30 seconds as the hot glue dries. Remember to bend the spiders leg so he can’t slide out.

close up picture of zip ties on the outside of a brick house, holding a giant halloween spider

That’s really it! Try to spread the spider’s legs out. Remember, the legs that aren’t glued down will move around a bit in the wind, waving at passer-bys.

Since the mounting pad is clear, I might even just leave the mounting pad up and cut off the zip ties when Halloween is over! My brick is painted white and I am not about to pull the paint off. Also, without the zip tie you can’t see the little mounting pad from down below.

Of course, I will want to do this again next year and now it will be easy!

This entire project cost me about $110. I bought 5 giant spiders, so if you need less that would decrease the cost. Not too bad, given the big effect it has and now I can do this for future Halloweens!

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