3 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Slacker Moms

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I am sharing 3 fun and easy DIY Halloween decorations today! I’m not big on DIYs anymore. At this point in my life when I see an adorable DIY that will take me all afternoon, I pretty much either

A) buy it or B) pin it and never do it

3 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Busy Moms

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These DIY Halloween projects are for the slacker moms like me who only want to do projects if they take 5 minutes or less. And all you Martha Moms out there, feel free to do it better!

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1. Colorblock Jar DIY

I wanted some pretty twinkly candles for my Halloween mantel, and came up with this. It is so pretty, it can stay right there for the holidays too! In the Spring and Summer this would make a beautiful vase.

I was inspired by this jar here! Isn’t that beautiful and so simple?  
color block jar

felt bats on a wall for halloween next to fireplace

Materials Needed:

I used this narrow but large mason jar, and aI repurposed a drink dispenser. The spout was leaking so this was great way to repurpose it!

jar with a bag on top of itjar with painters tape all the way around

Clean the jar before painting. I did not measure where I put the painters tape. I adjusted a bit to make sure it was straight- but I was just winging it! Make sure you flatten down the painters tape tightly so the paint can’t seep underneath.

painted jar in a garage on a box

Spray lightly in stages. I didn’t use primer. So, if you want to wash your vase heavily than perhaps use primer.

2 color blocked jars with lit candles inside

Pour the sugar in the bottom and set the candles in. Magical.

a corner with a lamp and 2 glass colorblock jars

Or, buy this already made:

2. Skeleton Buried In A Jar DIY

This was my favorite of all the Easy DIY Halloween Decorations! Only because my 11 year old wanted to help me, who rarely wants to do anything crafty. But asking him to take apart a skeleton sounded cool to him.

Easy Halloween DIY of a jar with skeleton bones inside

I added flour in the bottom to make it look like he was in the ground.. You could also use sand, moss etc. Isn’t that a cute centerpiece?

a pretend skeleton taken apart

Materials Needed (All Amazon Links!):

Take the skeleton apart, place in the jar!

Do It Better: Tie some black and white twine, ribbon or a strip of black cheesecloth around the top of the jar to finish it off!

a jar with skeleton bones inside

Get The Look:

3. Ghost Cake Stand

cake stand Halloween DIY turned into a ghost

Can I even include this in my Easy DIY Halloween Decorations? I almost feel silly calling it a DIY because it’s so basic, but the kids love it.

Materials Needed:

Instead of going to the craft store for cotton batting, I found an old cheap bed pillow that was no longer being used. Inside was clean, white cotton batting!

Cut the black felt into large ovals, making sure they will fit. Stick on the dome with painters tape. Fill the cake dome with your cotton batting. Done!

cake stand in a kitchen turned into a ghost

Do It Better: If you have a few cake stands, group 3 together. Give each mouth a different shape for a spooky look.

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front door decorated with Hello Pumpkin doormat for halloween

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