A Fall + Halloween House Tour: Decorate Affordably!

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cover image for cheap Halloween decorations

Looking for ways to decorate while being thrifty and without unloading a bunch of cash? I am showing off my cheap Halloween decorations today! My kids have been begging to decorate the entire house for Halloween since I accidentally roamed the Target aisle in September and had to decorate our mantel early! I did hold off on pulling the Halloween bin down from the attic until last week, and the kids got SO into it. This post is picture heavy with a tour of all our decor- I hope it gives you ideas on how to decorate for Halloween without spending a lot of money- you can be thrifty! I linked all the sources as well.

Cost Saving Ideas For Cheap Halloween Decorations

The Mantel

our halloween mantle we decorated affordably

The paper garland was leftover from another project. I love the price on this Martha Stewart bunting off Amazon – and this felt ball garland is especially cute!

Don’t just dress the kids up- dress the pumpkins up too!

One of my favorite ways I decorated cheaply this year is sticking googly eyes on pumpkins. We found these sticky eyes on Amazon- I bought these giant goggley eyes, and these just slightly smaller ones. They come in a pack and have adhesive on the back! We went around slapping them on a few real and fake pumpkins. These would look great on your porch pumpkins too!

kids outside with eyes on pumpkins- another idea on how to decorate without spending a lot of money

DIY felt bats

Feeling Batty

You can buy these felt bats from various places including this Etsy shop. But you could save money by cutting bat shapes out of felt! Make sure you get the stiff felt so the bat isn’t floppy. If you use this felt here, it already has an adhesive back to make it easy to stick on! If not, use painter’s tape to adhere to wall (so it doesn’t pull your paint off!) or I used these command strips that are made for posters.

a table top covered with our cheap halloween decorations

Click to shop: black geometric pillow

The Hyde and Eek line from target is great quality and makes up most of my newer Halloween decorations. The popular ones are always sold out in store – search “Hyde and Eek” on the Target website instead. That’s where I found the happy ghost my kids love!

sofa with halloween pillow

our sofa and kitchen with cheap decorations for halloween

branches from outside are cheap halloween decorations

try branches from outside for free way to bring in Fall and the Halloween season

flowers in a vase for free

Fall & Halloween Go Hand & Hand

How about grabbing some branches from outside? If you’re looking for cheap Halloween decorations -it doesn’t get better than free! I had these and they are fuax- but this time of year it’s easy to bring in the change of season without any cost to you.

cheap halloween decorations in the kitchen

flowers in a vase

Orange flowers from the supermarket. Mini pumpkins in a bowl. I like the white ones too!

halloween decorations in the kitchen

Reuse What You Already Own & Love

Look through your kitchen supplies and see if you have any orange or black kitchen ware to display. I love these orange bowls.  Switch out photos to some winter/ fall photos or even better- display some photos from past Halloweens!

Mr. Bones is everyone’s favorite old Halloween decoration to get out of the bin. He was smaller – 36″ but still posable. (Somebody added the glasses).

cheap wreath in the window with a pumpkin

Mini boxwood wreaths just say festive to me! Leave them up through the Holidays because they look great at Christmas. These are ours– they are actual real boxwoods and they are a great price point – but sadly not sold in the actual store year round.

cheap wreaths in window

spiderwebs on the stairs are cheap

spiderwebs on bookshelves

spider webs on bookcase

We like this Spiderweb because it’s large- it made it easier to tear apart to use in multiple places in our home. I just stuck little spider rings inside.



We love our hey there pumpkin doormat– I have seen people make these but I am not convinced about cost savings. Most of my DIY days are over unless it’s really going to be cheap and easy!

Sources For Affordable & Cheap Halloween Decorations:

buffalo mat / Hey There Pumpkin doormat /  birds / Mr Bones / Happy Ghost wreath / giant googly eyes / mini pumpkins  / fabric happy ghost / white pumpkin / lantern / mini boxwood wreaths / geometric pillow

Pinterest image for cheap Halloween decorations

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