20 Halloween Books For Kids in 2020

Hiiii friends! October is one of my favorite times to get out our old books from the Halloween bin & find a few new ones…. so many gems. I have Halloween book recs for you from baby all the way up to middle schoolers, since those are my children’s ages. Hopefully something for everyone- and I tell you my very favorites too!

mantle with halloween decorations

A Fall + Halloween House Tour: Decorate Affordably!

My kids have been begging to decorate for Halloween since I accidentally roamed the Target aisle in September and had to decorate our mantel early! I did hold off on pulling the Halloween bin down from the attic until last week, and the kids got SO into it. This post is picture heavy with a tour of all our decor- I hope it gives you inspiration as you decorate for fall in your home! And if nothing else, slap down a pumpkin and a few plastic spiders and call it a day! ?

My Favorite Halloween Decor From Target Right Now

In my mind Halloween decor goes one of two ways: impressively over-the-top and perhaps a bit grotesque, or toned down and adorable. Since my kids are still small, I like to use Halloween decorations that are cute and adorable, instead of spooky or grotesque. I am also fairly minimal.

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