20 Halloween Books For Kids in 2020

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Sharing 20 Halloween books for kids in 2020, from toddler through middleschool age. Kids of all ages enjoy a good Halloween story (although some like to keep it on the friendly side). Don’t discount older kids during Halloween- I included some for them too!
halloween books for kids

Hiiii friends! October is one of my favorite times to get out our old books from the Halloween bin & find a few new ones…. so many funny, interesting ones. This post has been updated with Halloween books for kids in 2020!

Halloween Books For Kids

I have spooky book recs for you from baby all the way up to middle schoolers, since those are my children’s ages. Hopefully something for everyone- and I give you my very favorites too! We included scary books and silly books, as not every child wants to feel scared. Some children love a little fight- and others (like me) never really enjoy feeling scared.

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halloween books for kids

I sorted our Halloween books for kids by ages as I thought might work best. There is some crossover with books that are good for multiple age groups so I included those twice.

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Halloween Baby Books 2 and under:

1. Ten Little Pumpkins 6. Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? 8. Don’t Push The Button! 9. Five Little Pumpkins 12. Little Blue Truck’s Halloween 14. Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins

So at this point I think we own every kind of 5 or 10 Little Pumpkins book there is. I wouldn’t recommend that. ? It is a must read- but just one of them will do. The classic of course is great, or Pete the Cat’s version is my kid’s favorite.Halloween Preschooler Books 3 to 5:

3. They All Saw A Cat (NYT Bestseller and SO good!) 4. Happy Halloween Little Critter 7. Stellaluna (a classic!) 8. Don’t Push The Button! 14. Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins 16. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat 17. Ten Timid Ghosts 19. Leo A Ghost Story 20. Stumpkin

Halloween Elementary Books 6 to 9:

2. In A Dark, Dark Room (my kids’ favorite! Good for new readers too. They reenact these short stories and scare each other.) 3. They All Saw A Cat (YES) 7. Stellaluna (a classic!) 11. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 15. Ghosts 16. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat 18. Bone Soup 20. Stumpkin

Halloween Middle Schoolers 10+:

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events Books 1-3 (a classic! Not necessarily Halloween books, but they are written by Lemony Snickett so you know they are dark. Not sick and depressing dark. Creative and imaginative. These are the first 3 books. My son was obsessed and talked about them incessantly. His grandma ended up buying him the whole set.) 10. A Series of Unfortunate Events Entire Set 11. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

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