Printable Valentine Cards for Your Kids

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Adorable (And Free!) Printable Valentine Cards For Your Kids to Hand Out

Looking for some printable Valentine cards for your kids? We have a treat for you.

Printable Valentine Cards To Hand Out With Candy

(Did you catch my mini message in a bottle craft? Or the tiny photo in a tiny bottle? These also make great Valentines gifts for older ones!)

There was one crazy year I started crafting Valentine cards for my kids soon after the New Year. We were sewing 26 little cards with felt and string throughout January. What was I thinking?? I invested way too much time but ended up with some sweet little cards (that I was more proud of than I care to admit!).

The next year, I was paralyzed by the idea of going through all that again, and ended up grabbing a pack of cards from the CVS at the last minute.

There has to be some middle ground!! This year I vowed to come up with something cute myself, that was still creative but less stressful. I drew up some adorable DIY printable Valentine cards that you can print out yourself. 

You will love how easy these cards are to make. You can still feel like you did something different, but it won’t take long at all. The only thing you will need is some candy and a happy kid or two!

You can print these out on regular paper, but I recommend printing out on white card stock or thicker paper if you have it on hand, just for a nicer feel. Just click through your printer options and often there is a setting for alternative kinds of papers. (I adjusted my printer settings on the printer itself). You can use printer paper as well, of course. 

I have everything I used linked here below, and the direct link to each printable Valentine card as well.

printable valentines with candy printable valentines with candy tic tac toemint valentines card diypink rock candy with a printable valentine card

My kids will be passing these Valentines cards out at school this year. But, I think I’m going to save the Tic Tac Toe cards to surprise my own kids with. I always like to have a little sweet something to start their Valentines Day out with. Just in case they don’t get enough candy that day in school. 🙂

For ways to attach the candy to the Valentines card, I like using pink washi tape, or use a hole puncher and colorful string!

Download your printable Valentines cards below:

Tic Tac Toe Valentine

Mint To Be

Mint To Be (big)

Totally Rock (small, muted)

Totally Rock (bright, big)

Sweets were found:  pink butter mints / rock candy (individually wrapped) 

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I hope these printable Valentines cards worked out for you! Let me know in the comments if you tried them out!

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