Valentines Jar With Sweet Treats

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Everything mini is cuter, and so are these Valentines in a jar! Everyone loves a good homemade (or half way home made!) treat, but I prioritize cute packaging just as much as the taste! You know what else is priority? An easy gift that’s big on impact. 

This craft is a sweet twist on my photo / message in a bottle craft!

Create A Valentines Jar

4 valentines in a jar

These equally adorable and effortless mini Valentine jars of candy are small on time and size, and big on cuteness. When making our photo / message in a bottle Valentines gifts, I knew these little jars were also screaming for some colorful treats! Add some fun labels and you’ve got a knock out, totally unique Valentines treat for minimal effort!

Once you have the supplies, you can complete this craft start to finish in no time at all.

hands holding up a small valentine jar of candy

Supplies For Valentines Jars of Sweet Treats:

  • tiny bottles 
  • candy (tic tacs, nerds, rock candy if you want to print out a “you’re my rock” label, etc.)
  • hot glue
  • pink or red string
  • stickers or labels from a label maker 


I happened to find these 3″ glass bottles in the Target dollar spot – you could try your local craft store, and there is always these on Amazon

empty mini jar with pink string around it

Candy Jar With Banner Flag

2 mini valentine jars filled with candy

To create the fun banner on top that says “forever”, I recreated the exact same method I used with my message in a bottle craft. I cut the banner out of card stock freehand, and hot glued it to a safety pin that I had cut in half – an actual pin would work just as easily. The “forever” sticker was printed from my label maker. 

I stuck the pin (with the banner attached) half way into the cork.

I filled this bottle up with two colors of Tic Tacs. Use your favorite, colorful candy!

Candy Jar With Quote

looking down on 3 jars from above

For the “We Are So Good Together” sign, I created that quote using Canva, then printed my quote and cut it out.

I used double sided tape to attach the string to the back of the paper with the quote on it.

Next, I covered the back of the tape with another small piece of paper cut out the same size, so that the string and tape were sandwiched between the papers and hidden nicely.

a cork with string glued to it

Lastly,  I hot glued the other end of the string to the top of the cork.  I let the quote dangle down the front of the jar.

You can grab the “We Are So Good Together” mini version to print out here, and just for fun I made the larger version available to print here.

Valentines Candy Jars With Stickers

Fill your small jar with colorful, small candy. 

2 mini bottles of candy with ribbon around it

I used my label maker to print out the heart shape sticker for one Valentines jar, and a cute pun (“you’re my rock”) on the other. (This is the label maker I use for all my crafts. I love this guy! He has been my trustworthy side kick for a while.) Don’t be afraid to be corny with your puns – that’s what Valentines is about. Express yourself!

Tie a colorful string around the neck of the bottle to make it extra cute.

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