Photo and Message In A Bottle Valentines Gift

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Who doesn’t love something that’s extra, extra mini, like a message in a bottle as a Valentines gift? Or stick a tiny photo in a miniature jar! Isn’t everything miniature just extra cute? 

Pinterest image that says diy tiny message in a bottle

This is a tutorial for both of these adorable crafts.

(Want to see more mini Valentine Ideas? I went on to fill these little jars with candy. See that gift idea here!)

Message In A Bottle Valentines Gift

Message In A Bottle Valentines Gifts

Supplies For a Message In A Bottle Valentines Gift:

  • tiny bottles 
  • quote to print out (grab my quote and print it out here)
  • hot glue
  • thread
  • glitter, confetti, or something fun to sit in the bottom of the bottle

As far as the tiny bottles, Michaels listed online they had tiny bottles in stock in my store. Sadly, when I popped in there were none. I randomly came across these 3″ guys in the Target dollar spot – but there is always these on Amazon

The Message In A Bottle

You can print your favorite quote or message out on a Word document, or design one with fun fonts for free in Canva. You’ll want to experiment with sizing to make it small enough. The dimensions of mine are .75″ x .75″.

If you like mine you can print out my tiny quote I made here. (And just for fun, if you would like the larger, full size version of this quote you can grab it here!)

Once you have printed out your tiny quote, cut it out.

little bottle with a message next to it

Attaching The Message

Put a small dab of hot glue on the underside of the cork and run the top of the string through it.

Cut out another small piece of paper the same size as your tiny quote, to hide where you will attach the string to the back of the quote. Sandwich double sided tape with the bottom of the string in between the 2 small papers. 

tiny bottle cork with string glued ontiny bottle cork with string attached to a message









Extra Credit

Put your confetti, glitter, buttons, or anything small, colorful and fun into the bottom of the bottle and gently slide your quote in. 

hands holding a valentines message in a bottle

How cute! This craft would make a great anniversary, birthday, just for fun…. or even I’m sorry gift!

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DIY Tiny Photo In A Tiny Bottle  

Look how itty bitty and cute this photo is once its miniature sized and put into a glass bottle! I mean, come on. It’s like a kitten.

a photo in a tiny bottle

Supplies For Tiny Photo In A Tiny Bottle

  • tiny bottles 
  • your tiny photo printed out 
  • Colorful card stock 
  • hot glue
  • small safety pin
  • glitter, confetti, or something fun to sit in the bottom of the bottle
  • optional: label maker for phrase on top

The Photo

First resize the photo down to around 1 or 1.5 cm square. Change the resolution a make it a lot higher to keep the detail. You can print out the photo onto regular printer paper- nothing fancy needed!

I used double sided tape to attach my photo to some pretty sparkly card stock. I cut the card stock out to be just a smidge bigger.

Attaching The Photo

Take your safety pin and cut it off at the bottom, the opposite side of the clip. You will need sharp scissors! Take the piece that loops in a circle and slide your photo right onto it. Slide the other sharp pointed side of the pin into the cork half way. It should look like this:

a pin through a photo

The Banner On Top

Now you will make the banner for the top. Take what is left of the safety pin and cut off the clip so you are just left with a sharp pin. (You could also use an actual pin instead!) Stick it into the top of the cork and dig it about halfway down.

Cut out a tiny banner shape from the card stock. If you have a label maker, print out a cute little word or a short phrase. (This is my label maker I use and love!) It’s just as cute with no words though! Dab some hot glue on the banner to attach to the top of the pin. 

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