Review of Our Outer Sofa After 1 Year Outside

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The Outer sofa was the outdoor furniture on my dream list all last spring. It’s been a full year since we plopped this pretty sofa down on our patio- and this is our 1 year review.

The Outer sat on our uncovered patio, exposed (except for its own shell) to all the outdoor elements for 4 full NC seasons.

For premium outdoor furniture with a high price tag, is it worth it?

outer sectional on a big patio

What makes this couch different is the shell that is attached behind the cushions. You pull it over when it’s not in use just like this:

pulling the shell over the outer sofa

The shell protects it from normal rain and debris. I discuss below what we do when we have several days of heavy rain.

Review Of Our Live Outer Sectional After Using It For a Year

This particular post is not sponsored or written on behalf of Outer. They don’t even know I’m writing this! I am simply reviewing the Outer as a consumer / a mom of 4 kids and a dog, who was annoyed at how quickly outdoor furniture deteriorated. I have partnered with Outer in the past, and my discount code (CMSBLOG200) still works for a discount!

The wicker is still just as STRONG. No peeling or fading or coming apart. The frame is impressive! The cushions are touted as waterproof and stain – and I can confirm after leaving them out in the rain, sun, and spilling more than one glass of wine, that they all that indeed. 

There is one place that changed over the past year. The color of the underside of the shells – the part that touches your cushion when covered. We should have tucked them behind the actual cushion, but instead we just let them fall over the back of the sofa. I’m fairly certain the sun discolored it. So I recommend taking the time to tuck the shell behind the cushion!

a patio with a live outer sectional sofa on it

We have the 5 piece in pacific fog gray on a patio that has no roof or protection. If I were putting it up for sale (never!) I would describe the sofa today as “like brand new”. 

How Often Do I Pull The Shell Over?

When we first got our Liver Outer couch we left the cushions exposed at all times for a good month, only pulling the shell over when it rained! But the shell will protect it from dew and dirt build up too.

patio makeover with outer sectional

Now that we have a better grasp of how the shell works, we typically unroll the shell to cover the Outer sofa most evenings, and uncover it in the mornings if we’re going to be home. This takes a minute and a half, start to finish. 

Do we forget to unroll the shell? Yes, plenty, especially if we’re entertaining out back late into the night or multiple days in a row. If the shell wasn’t pulled but it’s a dry night, the cushions are damp with dew in the morning. They dry out after some sunlight and are quickly ready to be used again!

As a habit though, if your patio is uncovered, it’s best to pull the shell over your Outer sofa, even on nights it doesn’t rain.

live outer sofa on a patio

Sources: Our Outer Sectional | coffee table | blue and white pot

We’re pretty good at throwing the shell on before it rains, but there have been a few times we’ve left it in the rain and the entire Outer is soaked. Although I don’t recommend this as a habit – it’s no biggie if it gets rained on now and then!

The cushions are waterproof, so after a big soak with no shell they are dried out after a day of direct sunshine.

Doesn’t Water Come In The Sides of the Outer Sofa Shell?

During particularly large or heavy rain storms after you roll off the shell, the sides can be slightly damp. The cushions are made of waterproof material. This is not a big deal.

Outer recommends during bigger rain storms (here on the east coast we get hurricanes!) to take your cushions in or put their big cover they sell separately on top. (Thin:, tropical storms, sideways rain, and long, off season times). I don’t own a large cover so I didn’t do it last winter, but I probably should buy one!

The Outer sofa has no mildew after a full year! Thats the beauty of buying premium furniture like this!

a bluestone patio makeover with flowers and a sofa

The Outer Sofa Cushions

We eat on our Outer sofa sometimes – our kids roast S’mores here a lot. We love a good summer night with friends and drinks flowing- so naturally red wine has spilled on it more than once. We haven’t left any spills sit though, and they have wiped right off.  ALL OFF! No stains.

But, amazingly enough, you can actually zip the cushions off and wash them in the washing machine! They wash with their shell attached I haven’t done this yet, but it’s comforting to know when I’m watching my 7 year old bit into a chocolate s’more!

You can pick up the cushions together in their shell like this:

woman picking up an outer sofa cushion

Is The Outer Sofa Comfortable Though?

The cushions are thick and very comfortable to sit on, from the memory foam inside.

The actual texture of the cushion is rougher than an indoor cushion – but it feels durable and thick to the touch. The sections clip together securely so they don’t come apart.

a total patio makeover with a large stone and furniture

Outer Pros:

  • Longer lasting than average outdoor pieces
  • No worries about the weather if your patio doesn’t have a roof 
  • Shell takes 1 minute to put on/off
  • Stain resistant. Spills wipe right up
  • When we forget to roll on the shell it’s ok – even if it rains – bc cushions are waterproof
  • Cushions can be zipped off and washed in washing machine (with the shell) if they get stained
  • Memory foam is under the wrapped waterproof material, making it very comfortable
  • If you live in a rainy/snow climate you have the option to buy a large cover for particularly bad weather or offseason!
  • You can mix and match pieces if we wanted to in the future
  • Wicker is thick and strong, with 5 year warranty
  • Frame has 10 year warranty
  • Outer makes chairs with arms now!
  • Easy to assemble. Each box came with its own tool. Took us about an hour for 5 pieces.
  • Can quickly pick up the cushions to transport them in the off season if you want. (There is a handle on top of the shell, which uses velcro to attach the top and bottom cushions together)

Outer Cons:

  • The price of the Live Outer is high, especially compared to “fast furniture” (this is premium outdoor furniture)
  • You must be okay with the way the cushions look with the shell on
  • The underside of the shell will change color if you let it fall over the back of your sofa, instead of tucking it behind the cushion properly. (Learned that lesson the hard way, don’t do it!)

When we had a partnership together Outer gave me a discount code that still works, CMSBLOG200. This is our 5 piece sectional we have, and these are the chairs that have arms.

I hope this helps!

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