4 Interior Design Trends About To Be Everywhere

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Exploring 4 Big Interior Design Trends of the New Year

This past year has been like no other – so the big interior design trends might not be at all what you think! The way we lived has flip flopped. Our lifestyles did a 180 that translated into how we live in our homes.

I am sharing the interior design trend predictions, answers to your questions (is shiplap out of style?) and what I am seeing in the design world amongst bloggers and interior designers.

Interior Design Trends Taking Over The New Year

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1. Grandmillennial Style

Before you wave this away as a Southern thing that’s not your style… remember when mid century came back in a big way? Those modern tapered legs found their way into lots of different designs in one way or another… trends have a sneaky reputation of popping up everywhere!

So while granny chic is definitely its’ own niche, there will be a lot of smaller elements of grandmillennial making their way into mainstream decor.

And if you’ve always appreciated a very traditional aesthetic, well – get excited, because you’ve been preparing your whole life for this!

grandmillennial green dining room is an interior design trend 2021

Source: Veranda

grandmillennial living room

Source: Sarah Tucker

If there was a starter kit for the Grandmillennial, it would contain floral wallpaper, rattan coffee tables, scalloped edges, bamboo flatware, chintz and toile prints, skirts on all the furniture, floral patterned pillow on floral patterned pillow!

wallpaper in a bathroom, a  2021 trend
grandmillennial living room interior design trend

Via: @clarybosbyshell

For those of us that feel like this is just looking way too much like Grandma’s house (but in a very uncool way) – at its’ core, this style encourages you to think outside the Target-a-holic low cost straight from China cookie cutter box. And we can all get behind that movement a little more!

Dip your toes in – a little goes a long way, and I promise an ounce of grandmillennial will look cool contrasting with other modern features in your room.

Use one piece of furniture with history in a room. Or style your shelves with a few pieces you are emotionally connected to from your past.

black canopy bed blue wallpaper
blue and black interior design trends 2021 in a bedroom

Source: Bria Hammel Interiors

grandmillennial interior design trend 2021
Source: Bee’s Knees Design

Ok, still not for you? Then just mix a little blue and white pattern in with your modern accessories.

Try a topiary, or an antelope pillow thrown into your mix.

Personally, I like the contrast of a fresh clean space combined with a grandmillenial print or two. Borderline preppy, colorful and unexpected – that’s my version.

Grandmillennial Picks Under $100:


Grandmillennial Pillows:

Grandmillennial Favorites:


2. Less Shiplap, More Millwork and/or Trimwork For Newest Design Trends

Shiplap has been around for years – much longer than the farmhouse trend – and it has historical context, so what’s going on?

Is Shiplap Out of Style?

Everyone is asking this, and the answer is both yes and no. Shiplap has its’ own place in history and context. But the days of slapping up shiplap walls all over just to be on trend have slowed.

The long answer: Like all good things that start to catch popularity, we took shiplap out of context and put it everywhere. It didn’t matter the style of the home or the location. After all, shiplap is fun, cute, and makes a boring room with plain walls interesting! After a full decade of shiplap, many are wondering how much longer are we going to keep throwing it up. Most homeowners of course want to be on trend, but also want to be stand out just a bit. Now, people are looking at other kinds of millwork in place of shiplap. 

black shiplap a trend for 2021

Via: @heartandhaven

Shiplap all by itself isn’t out of date, however. It’s appropriate in context (coastal homes, farmhouse), and adds craftsmanship and interest to otherwise plain walls. My own opinion? I much prefer shiplap on all 4 walls in a room over a shiplap accent wall anyday. I think that the accent wall dates itself quickly, regardless of trim work.

So back to the long answer – yes, overall, shiplap will be done a lot less this year and is no longer “trending”. It will continue to be used in coastal or period style homes when appropriate.

There are so many other types of trim that can add beauty to your walls! Vertical shiplap is more unique and a little more of a modern vibe if you still love shiplap, but want to be different.

vertical shiplap
box moldings on a wall interior design trend

Source: Remington Avenue

Box moldings that are done all over the wall are taking over. This feels a touch more classic feeling these days, especially if like most of us, you don’t live in a farmhouse (or want to!). And if you’re handy, box molding can be done yourself fairly easily.

Decorative moldings on walls also up the value of your home (generally speaking). Not DIY handy? They actually sell kits for people like you. I have no idea about the quality but it is an interesting concept!

box moldings in a dining room is a interior design trend for 2021

Source: Classy Clutter

Raised wood paneling is timeless and beautiful – especially in a 2 story room!

2 story foyer with trim work
2 story foyer with trim work going upstairs

Source: Decor Pad

Ceilings must not be forgotten. Coffered ceilings haven’t gone anywhere, but take time to explore other options. 

ceiling details are a interior design trends
Digs Digs

3. Darker Color For Interior Design Trends in 2022

Comfort, color and earthy tones are taking over in 2022.

And some colors really work well as neutrals themselves. Navy is a great example of this.

Earthy tones and even – I know it’s hard to believe – brown – will be seen a lot in 2022.

a kitchen with a wood brown island interior design trend 2021

Source: Studio McGee

Embrace warmer tones in woods and colors like rust, giving us comfort when done the right way.

a living room with interior design trends

Source: Amber Interiors

a green kitchen is an interior design trend for 2021

Source: House & Home 

Green will be used a lot. Not on board with the dark green kitchen? Mix it in with pillows. Emerald green looks striking when paired with navy.

4. More and More Wallpaper: Perhaps THE Biggest Interior Design Trend of The Year

Wallpaper has been that up and coming interior design trend for years – used in small spaces like bathrooms where people felt brave enough to go bold. But why save it for little spaces when a tasteful wallpaper can have such a big impact?

home office wallpaper with a desk and 2 big lights

Source: my own home office

floral wallpaper in a bathroom interior design 2021 trend

Wallpaper found here

Full rooms of wallpaper are coming in hot for more spaces than just bathrooms for 2022, and will be seen in entryways, bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms – as well as new construction. Just forget feature wall; be bold!

dining room wallpaper is a trend

Source: Studio McGee

Kids rooms and fun wallpaper just go together. I’ve tackled two peel and stick walls and both were fine to do myself. Peel and stick is a great solution to take in kids’ rooms, just because their tastes change as they grow.

wallpaper in a home office

Source: Bria Hammel

Use a fabric wallpaper like grasscloth for sophistication in a home office (I have even seen peel and stick faux grasscloth used as well, although the real thing is stunning).

Abstract and playful wallpaper infuse personality in your design. And floral isn’t just for 80s anymore (see trend #1!).

blue wallpaper in a bathroom, a 2021 trend

Source: Phillip Jeffries Imperial Gates Wallpaper

Serena lily wallpaper interior design trend 2021

Source: Art of Living

Places to find wallpaper:

I hope you found these interior design trends for 2021 enlightening and they are helpful in your design journey!

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