Hallway Built Ins Styled Again…. and Again

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Last summer our hallway built ins that sit at the top of our stairs got styled, and I wrote about them here.

Hallway Built Ins

hallway built ins

little girl in a dress in front of hallway built ins

Since then, I have slowly been giving these hallway built ins a little update. For the most part it was unintentional… it just sort of evolved as life happened.

Refreshing Our Hallway Built ins

1. A New Light

We replaced the small schoolhouse light that hung here with this pretty Arteriors light. I never set out to do this- this white Arteriors light used to hang in our breakfast nook. After the water damage we couldn’t keep it in the kitchen.

The water damage was obvious and ugly, leaving big brown and yellow spots from the water. Add to that, a child may or may not have damaged it again afterwards. Talk about 9 lives. But my husband convinced me it was just too pretty to throw away, and miraculously was still working! With his help I was able to make it look (almost) new again.

Jarrod Arteriors light hanging over stairs

Jarod arteriors light hanging over stairs

2. A Vintage Rug In The Hallway

We replaced the striped jute Home Goods rug, which was cute and coastal, (but bland and boring?) with this larger vintage rug that gives more character to the space.

hallway built ins with vintage rug

the world is your oyster print

Love the rug? It is from Megan Molten’s shop. If you like coastal decor you should take a peek at her whole shop and all the accessories– it’s a treat for your eyeballs and a great place to find pieces to style your built ins!

3. I styled… and restyled until I liked it!

Lastly, I styled the shelves 946 more times until I was satisfied. I think it’s therapeutic!

hallway built in bookshelves

hallway built ins with art and accessories

Shop: Oyster Print | White Pendant Light


The World is Your Oyster print is from Rifle Paper Company. Most of the other items on the hallway bookshelves were collected overtime or are no longer sold, so I don’t have any sources for you with this one, sadly!

What are your thoughts? Updating little nooks like this is always so satisfying!

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