35 Easter Basket Stuffers For Bored Kids

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Because we can’t go to stores and Amazon delivery is slower than ever before, the Easter bunny has to go shopping early darn it! I compiled 35 fun, practical and cute Easter Basket ideas for you. This is specifically for BORED kids stuck home.

This selective list has something for ALL ages, interests, focusing on small games and activities for kids to DO.

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Easter Basket stuffers for bored kids

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Practical Easter Basket Stuffers 

1. Artsy items | 2. educational items | 3. fun games + toys | 4. spring items |5. books.

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1. Artsy + Creative Easter Basket Stuffers

Kids Placemat Drawing Pads: Two of my kids are huge doodlers! But I imagined this being used for the kids to doodle on before dinner, or in the mornings while I am teaching other kids and the younger ones are waiting their turn, etc.Educational Space Play Foam: The reviews are great – non messy play foam that comes with a little vehicle and an alien driver. Great for encouraging creativity and, well, building things and smashing them.

Playfoam Pals: Again, no mess play foam, but perfect to fit into two little Easter baskets!


 Scentco Water Reusable Activity Book I used to take these in my bag when we ate out, but they now come in handy for preschool boredom busters! Kids love that they can reuse them.

Highlights Hidden Pictures: I always recommend these search and finds, because they really are that cute, and my kids love them. These are more for beginners- they have the stickers that make them so much fun!

Kinetic Sand: I love this stretchy sand that comes in packs of 4… perfect for splitting up between multiple Easter baskets.

Playdough Party Pack of 10 Minis: Love the multiple packs of small toys so you can split them between multiple baskets. The ideal size for Easter Basket stuffers.

Washable Markers: Washable, as in the only kind I like! A cheap little addition that always gets a smile from my kids.

2. Educational Easter Basket Stuffers

Jumbo Sized Sight Word Flash Cards: When the Easter bunny gives my kids learning gifts like this, they are so much more receptive it’s kind of comical. 

Preschool Wipe Clean Work Book: Great reviews for this book! Preschool through first grade, this is a colorful hard cover work book.


3. Fun Toys For Baskets

 Bananagram Word Game: Love this ALL AGES game because it’s like Scrabble, but easier! Educational and keeps kids learning letters and spelling, using their brain.

Sonic the Hedgehog Digital Watch: Leo is Sonic obsessed and would love to have this watch in his basket, especially since it has a built in selfie camera. He already has a similar watch and his selfies are… something else.


Tripac of Swim Goggles: Great for multiple kids. Do you have a pool in your yard? I don’t. So this is just optimistic that we will be swimming sooner than later!

Educational Brainbolt Game: Great game for ages 6 and up! Our family loves this fun game – we always try to beat each other’s high scores. Small enough for a basket, it’s a fun memory tester so I believe that means it’s educational. (Remember Simon? It’s similar in concept.)


Kids Against Maturity: I ordered this game! A card game just like Cards Against Humanity, but for kids. Heavy on the potty humor, meaning preteens will love it. You could take a few cards out before playing with my kids! Just sayin.

Spot It Party Game: I always recommend this game, but even more for Easter basket stuffers. Our family plays a lot of it and it’s compact and small (the size of an adult hand!). A quick game, we either play several rounds or we just play a fast game with a child that needs a little attention. 

Melissa and Doug Lace & Trace: A great size for baskets, my kids’ preschool teachers recommend these for fine motor skills and grip strength, which helps with writing and holding pencils correctly later on.Echo Dot: Another one I regularly receommend, because it eats up a lot of my kids’ time. We keep this upstairs in the kids rooms and it gets used all day long. They mostly use it for their music (it plays some hilarious songs, I’ll admit) and all the games on it. 

 WikkiStix: Toddlers love these WikkiStix! Perfect size too for little baskets.

Mattel Magic 8 Ball: Just like from our childhood. Kids got these in their stockings last year and they love them just like I did!.

Lego Classic: A very small and affordable $5 lego set for 4+ age kids in a small box perfect for Easter baskets!

 Hatching Dino Eggs: I grabbed this one! One of the few Easter egg treat toys left on Amazon that will deliver by Easter (as of now!). Drop the eggs in water and the dinosaurs hatch!


Insta Mini Camera For Kids: I would put this at about 4 or 5+, depending on the maturity of the child. My kids love theirs and haven’t lost interest! A great Easter Basket gift. 


Affordable Simple Drone Helicopter: Both my 6 and 11 year old love this fun toy – little kids can keep it up by putting their hand under it; very simple.  One caveat if you are gifting this for a younger child- because it is easy for my 6 year old to operate, he wants to play with it a lot. However, the propellers move quickly and younger kids are not good at shielding their face so use with caution.

Nighttlight / Star projector: Something about the stars moving is calming at bed time. My middle children got these for Christmas and it’s used every night at bedtime.


Original Slinky: Another gem from our childhood, this appears to be one of the better quality slinkies and fits perfectly into baskets!

Rubik’s Cube: What better time to figure this out than now? My 11 year old watches YouTube tutorials and figure out how to solve the cubes. Then he memorizes them to impress us with how quickly he can solve them. Now he likes the speed cubes.


4. Springtime Shoes For Easter Baskets

 Toddler Flip Flops / Pool Slides: With the back strap on these so toddlers can put them on and off easily. 

Springtime Hunter Boots: Perfect for rainy days this spring, these boots are (as of now) still set on time to arrive by Easter. 


5. Books For Easter Baskets

5000 Awesome Facts Book: Easy and fun to read, this book has been a favorite of all my older kids. Over 4,000 positive reviews! Lots of interesting photos, and all sorts of topics.


Charlotte’s Web: A smaller sized hardcover book, this classic fits right into an Easter Basket. I read this to Sofie when she was 6, and then she read it again to herself when she turned 8 years old. 

Miss Nelson Collection: A favorite from our childhood, my kids are OBSESSED with the original Miss Nelson. This is all three classics in one book. For sure a good one for Easter Basket stuffers- and if you wanted you could split the books between 3 baskets!

Board Book Llama Llama: My little babes used to love this little rhyming book. 

Difficult Riddles: This book of riddles is actually on it’s way to our house curtesy of the Easter bunny. Our family loves a good brain teaser! Great reviews.

Highlights Subscription: An old school subscription gift that is still just as good as it was when we were kids!

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Easter Basket stuffers for bored kids

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