Our Easter Baskets + Ideas!

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Here’s my personal philosophy on Easter Baskets in 2019: they are straight up O.O.C. (out of control). The Easter Bunny is the new Santa. This is such an old lady rant, but here goes: When I was a child, I got jelly beans and a bunch of chocolates. ONE random year my mom threw a little stuffed bunny in my basket for me, probably as an after thought- and man, I was crazy about that crappy little bunny! Best Easter EVER!

Because I remember that memory and how happy it made me, we give the kids one special stuffy each year, a few small items that are useful, and the rest is just straight up candy. I know my approach is not for everyone, and some parents (including me) use Easter as a time to give kids what they will need for summer. But it just seems to always go overboard, so I am going back to the basics. Yes candy rots their teeth blah blah blah, but raising kids to be obsessed with consuming allll the things has potential issues too. So I really tried to rein it in this year with the knick knacks.

And now that I’ve said all that, here are pictures of my overflowing Easter baskets. 😉

For the past few years we have given the kids Cuddle and Kind dolls in their Easter baskets. The dolls are hand knit in Peru, and each doll purchased feeds 10 children. They were gracious enough to provide them when I reached out to them this year. I have been a big supporter of them long before my blog days- they are pouring good into the world!

Those rainbow slides!

Anyone else remember this book I scooped up on Amazon? It is the sweetest little story about a overwhelmed mommy bunny who beats all the other big strong male bunnies in a competition to become the Easter Bunny. I loved it as a child.

Old Navy has recently been making dinosaur and space pajamas for GIRLS and I am here ?? for ?? it ?? !

The little extras I am throwing in are just a book for each kid, sidewalk chalk (Target dollar spot still has them), paints / crayons, some lip smackers and a ton of candy. Robbie is getting older so I was planning on throwing in beef jerky and 1 or 2 Cokes into his basket. Gotta keep the older ones happy too!

Our Easter Baskets are all from Pottery Barn Kids – they are a few years old and no longer sold.

Cuddle and Kind Dolls / Rainbow Slides / Pink Slip Ons / Space Pajamas / Dino Pajamas / The Country Bunny Book / Lip Smackers Disney / Llama Llama Easter Egg / Sidewalk Chalk / Goofy Mad Libs / Hunter Boots for Big Kids

Sharing is caring!

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