Super Simple Easter Bunny Masks

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These ridiculously easy Easter Bunny Masks check off the boxes of what I love about the best crafts: easy, uses what you have in the house, and are so much fun for kids!

3 easter bunny masks on a counter

I am going to have not 1, but 3 weeks of spring break with my kids this year. We are in a weird transition year with 4 kids at 3 different schools, each school with a different spring break. So today was day 3 of spring break #1 and things were getting weird. We had puzzled, biked, TV-ed, adventured, museumed and libraried. 

So today, at what felt like 5pm but was really just 9:30am, we crafted in our pajamas. Unplanned, using what I had lying around, everyone made their own Easter Bunny Mask. If you saw us on my Instagram stories (you should!) it was a total joke and the bunny masks were a complete hideous fail! BUT – the kids were having so much fun we were going with it anyways!

Obviously the kids loved their own creations, as they always do, but I knew we could honor the Easter Bunny just a wee bit better. So we dug deeper into our craft cabinet to make things right. Of course the kids were all about making another mask.

Easter Bunny Masks

I give you, our second round of Easter Bunny Masks!

3 easter bunny masks made out of paper plates and felt

a little girl smiling and holding up her mask

a girl wearing easter bunny mask

toddler in a dress with an easter bunny mask made out of a paper plate

1 pink and white easter bunny mask made out of a paper plate

These are in no way perfect- you can make them better than we did! CLEARLY! What I love about these Easter bunny masks is that they are a good 20 minute craft project and they probably are free for you.

Make them spur of the moment with your kids, no trips to the store involved hopefully, standing around in your kitchen wearing your pajamas in the middle of the week. I recommend that actually.

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Easter Bunny Mask Supplies:

  • Paper plates (if they’re printed just use the back)
  • Various colors of felt (I linked my favorite felt squares at the bottom of this post, this set lasts me at least a year and is clutch at Halloween)
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Pink pom pom balls
  • Elastic (I cut mine off birthday party hats, ribbon also works)
  • Also: precision cutter or scissors, hot glue or craft glue

colorful craft supplies laid out for an easter bunny mask


1. Make the face part of the mask on the back of the paper plate.

2. Using a precision cutter or scissor, on each side of the plate in the center, cut out a small hole for your elastic. It’s easiest with a precision cutter to just make a small X for a hole. Thread your elastic through, knotting on each side.

3. Cut out two holes for eyes in the paper plate. If the mask is for a child, make the holes closer together than you might think!

4. Cut out bunny ears from your piece of felt. Then, cut out smaller bunny ears with a coordinating color of felt. So you will have 4 ears, 2 of which are smaller.

5. Hot glue the smaller ear into the center of the larger ear. To attach the ears, flip your paper plate around, so now the plate is right side up, and glue the ears to the top. The ears should be facing the wrong way, so that it looks like this:

the BACK of an easter bunny mask.

 How your elastic will look as you tie it on the side of the mask

6. Next, hot glue on the pink pom pom ball for the nose, directly underneath the holes for the eyes. Twisting the pipe cleaner up in it’s center, add a smile and attach with the hot glue.

7. Decorate as you wish- using pipe cleaners again, I gave whiskers to most, but I also gave out hipster glasses to one lucky bunny. And a mustache, because aren’t mustaches still having their moment?

a little girl wearing an easter bunny mask

3 easter bunny masks made out of paper plates

Links to the supplies I used:

easter bunny masks pinterest image with text

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