Oversized Art In Our Home

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I love using oversized art as a focal point on walls in our home. If you are staring at a blank wall and are not sure how to handle it, one of the simplest solutions is slapping up a few pieces of art. But instead of a gallery all – think of something cleaner. What about one giant piece of art? Something oversized to create a more high end look.

We had this huge blank wall inn our dining room, and solved this issue by putting up some oversized art, framed on the wall.  It’s the first thing our guests see when they enter our home, so I wanted it to flow with the house.

Remember in the spring when I decorated my dining room start to finish in 6 weeks as part of the One Room Challenge?

Now that it’s over, I’ve caught my breath and am ready to discuss details. I had a lot of questions about where this art was framed- how expensive it was, etc. Here are all the details about how quickly I was able to get my hands on the most beautiful oversized print… and in its own custom frame.

a piece of oversized art in our dining room

Our Dining Room Art Goals

What I wanted: an oversized piece of art in our dining room, easy to frame. With wallpaper and trim work, I wasn’t going to clutter the walls with lots of small art pieces that would feel overwhelming. Better to just – wham – throw up one big piece of oversized art to focus on, and let your eyes rest a bit.

The Before

girl dancing in a dining room with navy grasscloth wallpaper

Finding Oversized Art

I am picky about my frames- clean lines only for me, nothing too thick or ornate. I searched on Minted Art and saw they have exactly the type of frame I like, in various finishes. Minted also has a great website to sort through, not too overwhelming which is often the case when picking out art!

 My plan I shared on my instagram stories  

For the dining room we picked out the “Days in Paris” (out of their rotating limited edition art– a favorite of mine!) print of Paris architecture by Jessica Nugent because of the calming colors. With the bold navy wallpaper, I liked the muted colors this print featured so it wouldn’t compete with the room. We choose Paris because we are hoping to book our first trip there in the Fall.

After measuring to make sure it was big enough, I went with the biggest size that Minted allows- 54” x 40”. Go big or go home, right?

When you are trying to figure out if the size is right, put painters tape on the wall measuring out exactly where the art will go. Leave it there for a few days to make sure it is the perfect size.

The cost of these choices is listed at $668. They don’t charge for shipping or returns.

a package of oversized art that says Minted on the box outside my garage

Our Oversized Art In The Dining Room

We placed our order on April 27th, and on May 6th I came home to find it outside my garage! Ten days from order to arrival of a massive piece of art, not bad.

Obviously because I am an impatient child, I couldn’t resist immediately taking off most of the packaging on the porch, so I could take a peek.

large art in the box on a porch by the front doors

Our doormat:

oversized art sitting on the floor in our dining room

Like I said, I had never owned any art from Minted before so I didn’t know what to expect. The print was crystal clear. The muted colors are dreamy. The frame is made of every light wood.

On the back of the frame it has teeth on both sides for hanging. These teeth will sit nicely on hooks installed on your wall.

the back of the art showing the hooks for putting it on the wall.

Because life is never simple, I couldn’t use these teeth though. My frame had to sit out from the wall by two inches to go over the molding. I had my handyman attach a small piece of wood on the back of the frame. He put another piece on the wall for the wood to attach to. Now it sits flush with the moldings.

Our oversized art is a show stopper you guys! Although framed oversized art is never cheap by any means, these pieces from Minted I consider a worthwhile investment.

 a photo of our entire dining room including the oversized art

Get The Look:

(Our white side chairs are found here on Amazon)

Oversized Kid’s Art

Since our initial experience with this company, we actually bought two more pieces from Minted!

Tip: Search under their children’s art page to find all their prints for kids!

They have a great selection. We went with the same type of frame, for large kid’s art we wanted in both our boy’s bedrooms. 

a child's room with an oversized piece of art on the wall

close up of an oversized piece of art in a child's bedroom

Northern Sky by Minted

(More pictures of Leo’s coastal bedroom can be seen here)

Get The Look:


a kids bedroom and a boy sitting on the bed reading with a piece of oversized art on the wall

Royal Guard Art Print

Get The Look:

 I love Minted as an easy art source.  If you are staring at a big blank wall like I was in my dining room, I hope this review is helpful.

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