5 Ways A Twin Bed In A Guest Room Works

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5 Ways A Twin Bed In A Guest Room Works

Can a twin bed in a guest room work? Yes, aboslutely, and I am going to show you how it can!

With all our bedrooms filled, and our guests sleeping on a sofa, every holiday season we wish we could figure out a better guest sleeping situation! With Christmas around the corner, I had to start thinking outside the box. When Serena & Lily reached out to see if I wanted to partner again I knew I wanted to create that guest bed I’ve been dreaming about, and feature their best in class bedding! 

twin bed in guest room with juju hat on wall 

5 Ways To Make A Twin Bed In A Guest Room Work

We now have a combo playroom / guest room that will serve us beautifully over the holidays when we are hosting! We did this by clearing out a nook that used to hold toys in our playroom.

This nook was the perfect size for our twin bed guest room idea! Obviously I would have preferred a bigger bed, but other than buying a sleep sofa (noooo!), this was our only option. Which brings me to my next question…

But is a twin bed in a guest room okay?

I would say that depends on who your guests are.

  • Are your guests single people?
  • Couples who will feel comfortable on a twin?
  • Kids?
  • Are they much older and comfortable to sleep apart?
  • Can you use two twin XL beds, keep them apart but push them together when needed?

We normally host my brothers who are bachelors, and Jose’s family members. His cute parents are smaller people who like to cuddle up together. (I know, adorable). 

daybed with mirror

Besides the fact that this space is indeed a playroom and we can’t escape that fact, our playroom does have some perks! It is 500 square feet and spacious, private and on the third level of our home, with a door that closes it off and its own full bath.

The catch is the room is well loved by our 4 children 90% of the year:

(See Our Playroom Tour!)

The challenge came down to carving out enough space for the twin bed so it didn’t look out of place, and felt welcoming and luxurious to host guests in during the few weeks of the year we need it to.

1. Twin Bedroom Ideas: Twin + Twin = King!

I wanted to start with this twin bedroom idea, because although we didn’t go this route, I think its a great tip if you are considering twin beds in a guest room. If you have two XL (extra long) twins, they are the size of a king bed when next to each other.

There is nothing wrong with keeping two twins apart, and pushing them together when needed! Just add a high quality king size sheet to the mattresses when they are together, (like these linen sheets I used on our guest bed). When your college girl friend is visiting alone, she can stay in the twin by itself. But when your parents visit, push the 2 twins together and use the king sized sheets over both. This is a fairly common solution and also practical! 

Are you squeezing an office guest room together, or a playroom guest room combo like we did? Then a daybed might be your ideal choice.

2. Give The Twin Bed A Mature Color Palette To Avoid Visions of College

Unfortunately, a twin bed can bring up visions of your dorm room or a kid’s bed. Using a refined color palette brings a level of maturity to a twin bed!

twin bed in a guest room

Serena and Lily is known for their coastal, refreshing feel and I wanted this space to embody that vibe! Using their high end bedding in a neutral color pallet of tans, grays and whites, our day bed feels finished and high end. No one would take this for a child’s bed.

The textured sheets and quilt are crisp clean white, and our duvet pattern is a muted “sand” color. The lumbar brings in a pretty muted shade of gray, and the blue stripes on the stool is just the right pop of color.

3. Twin Guest Bed Texture

No blah bedding here! Try using linen sheets to add texture – they have a woven, heathered look.

close up shot of Serena lily bedding

Using upscale bedding might help our guests forget they are in our playroom on a twin sized bed, and at best they might even feel like they are sleeping in a high end hotel!  The Cavallo sheets we used are made of lux linen. I like white for a hotel clean feel, and by using linen the sheets don’t look “flat”- they pop! These sheets have a luxurious texture, and will feel cool to the touch when our guests are climbing into bed on warm nights. Linen feels crisp and cool because it is more breathable than even cotton. 

close up of bedding on twin bed

4. Use Layers For a Fluffy Big Bed 

Doesn’t everyone want their bed to look fluffy? The trick to getting a bed to look like a cloud is to make it up with multiple layers. For a truly inviting bed you want as many layers as possible.

daybed from world market fluffy bedding

  • Use a duvet like my Palm duvet– in the winter months I use a thicker insert which adds inches to the bed.
  • You will want a quilt or coverlet to lay over the bottom of the bed to make it extra “full”. I have loved the Sutter linen quilt for years, and during Serena & Lily’s bedding sale it is the perfect time to snag it. Since it is made of breathable linen, guests could just use this alone during summer time stays.
  • Pillows. EVERY BED NEEDS A LUMBAR! It will give you that finished look without having to add a zillion pillows. Use Euro pillows behind it.

Twin Bed Pillow Combinations 

  • If you are not using a day bed, and have a twin bed in a guest room, I recommend one euro in the back, with a sleeping pillow or standard sham in the middle, and a lumbar last. You could use a smaller lumbar like the Del Mar Lumbar (12″ x 21″).
  • I love the pretty geometric print of the longer Olympia pillow (14″ x 30″) on my daybed. With three printed Palm pillows behind, this daybed is now fully dressed and layered. 

5. Make Sure All Necessities Are In The Room

The finishing touches are making your guest room have every convenience. They need a little spot for their luggage, so they are not using the bed. I love this Teak Camp stools– a multifunctional stool that can work in multiple rooms!

A full length mirror is something I always appreciate having when I travel, so I brought in this beautiful teak ladder mirror

twin bed in a guest room with 3 juju hats 

Turn their bathroom into a hotel bathroom with fresh greens, towel, and bottles of water!

bathroom with circle mirror

The Heraldsburg bath sheet is one I set aside for guests only. The bath sheet is something I recently discovered that I love giving guests! They are simply towels that are extra big, like a sheet. I personally wouldn’t want to use them for my every day towels, (that would be a lot of washing), but they are perfect to let guests use for that extra touch of luxury.

small bathroom gray and rattan

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