3 Gift Ideas With Tuesday Morning

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Who has been shopping for the Holidays already? I am sharing Tuesday Morning gift ideas that you will love!

Gift Ideas With Tuesday Morning

Putting together meaningful gifts does not have to be stressful if you can find everything you need in one place. Find out if you have a Tuesday Morning near you, because I was able to find gifts for so many of our loves ones here! They have a wide selection of gifts, as well as gorgeous options of gift wrapping items and embellishments to top it off.

After my first trip this last week for gifts, I ended up going back again because I wanted some fun wrapping. I didn’t go back just once though, I went back TWICE in the same weekend! I was like a crazy person – filling my cart every time I was there. (Luckily, it was a different sales associate each time or I would have been slightly embarrassed!) But out of all those trips, I created 3 different gift ideas that I know you will love! I hope these give you some ideas and inspo for something fun to give those you care about this holiday season.

The Best Friend’s Box

box full of all pink gifts

You know that feeling when you find the perfect gift for someone? That’s how I felt when I had everything laid out for this box. I have a friend who loves all the fun (and bubbly) things. She has been such a good friend to me this year I wanted to shop for her first! Gorgeous pink paper hugs all the cute little prezzies together in one big fun box.

The box included chocolate pretzel bark, a frosted candle with the prettiest quote on it, and a jar of large and pretty matches (so trendy right now – I picked one up for myself too!). Then I added hot cocoa with candy cane stirrers, soaps so she can pamper herself like the queen that she is, and a white and gold on trend polkadot bottle opener. And for good measure, I popped in the bubbly glasses for champagne… we can break that out on New Year’s Eve together!

box full of soaps and candle

Make sure you curate your box and narrow it down to just the very best chosen finds, then squeeze them all in for a filled up look. I would feel so loved being on the receiving end of a big box of goodies like this. a present with a candle and matches inside box

The Coffee Drinker’s Box

Coffee is of course good for that special somebody that loves a good jolt of caffeine – a teacher, a babysitter, the friends who are new parents – but it is also a good gift to keep on hand in your home! Have you ever had a neighbor or a friend pop by with a Christmas gift, and you are left empty handed wishing you had thought ahead? Being that so many people love a good cup of Joe, you would be wise to store a box (with coffee, cookies, and a cute mug inside!) to the side during the holidays as a “just in case” present.

eucalyptus leaf inside a present, a Tuesday Morning gift idea

Tuesday Morning had a great selection of high quality coffee. I picked out this Harry & David hazelnut roast for $5.00. That is incredible savings, and the “compare at” sticker listed triple the price. They had a wide selection of mugs to choose from (we are giving this box to our babysitter Julie, who loves a good monogram.) They also had greenery- this was one of the items I went back to the store to buy. I bought a few faux branches and snipped off stems to put inside the gift boxes to pretty them up. And last, I taped some leaves to the outside of the box to jazz up the wrapping. Who says coffee gifts have to be boring? Make it special!

white box wrapped up with eucalyptus leaf on the outside

I couldn’t decide what I liked better- the eucalyptus leaves were so pretty! In the end I used pine as it seemed more appropriate for the holiday season.

I LOVE white wrapping paper and when I see it I always buy it up. It’s classic, looks fabulous with just a ribbon or red and white twine, and it always looks so good under the tree. Tuesday Morning had quite a few rolls- score!

The Baker’s Box

gift basket with baking needs inside like jelly and syrup, a Tuesday Morning present

Do you know someone who loves to cook? How about someone who loves to spend time talking about what they are going to cook? I have a few people like that in my life. They are good people to keep close to you, especially if you are like me and don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

This overflowing box of surprises is going to my Mom! Can you ever overdo it on a present for your Mom? Tuesday Morning had a lot of top quality brand names in their gourmet food aisle, I couldn’t narrow it down. My favorite quality jam (that cost a little bit less here than at the grocery store) and organic honey (spreadable, so it goes on like butter!) are my favorites. I threw in good maple syrup… and some fun fudge from a little fudge company in Ohio. Yes please! My mom loves cooking little gourmet pastas up for her and Dad, so I picked up a bag of specialty pasta. Pink Himalayan salt is fun (and pretty), a new dishrag, and a small baking dish to round it out. I love the baking dishes that can go straight from oven to table, and look cute at the same time.

Putting It All Together

Something fun you can try when creating a gift box is to match the color of a few items to create more of a theme. Nothing overboard that will get the in way of finding the perfect gift. Simply pick a color your recipient likes and keep it in mind when shopping! In my red gift box the dishtowel, baking dish, and the jam are all red. It makes for a box that looks a little more curated and put together.

3 Tuesday Morning gifts

As I said, I am a little bit old school and love the “vintage” and classic feel the brown and white paper give. Wrapped up with simple twine with fun embellishments and it’s done. I was pleased to find a lot of these options. If you like the festive wrapping paper though, they have lots of colorful rolls too. Get creative and use the branches from the greenery aisle as decorations. Don’t forget about gift tags, bells, and ribbon as embellishments.

2 wrapped presents with Tuesday Morning gift ideas

I love going to one store and being done! I hope these Tuesday Morning gift ideas left you inspired on ways to give creatively to those you love in your life this holiday season!

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