End of Summer Amazon Favorites

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This post is full of the Amazon finds I referenced all this summer. I gathered them all in one post – lots of gems here!

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Hit the table of contents button below if you’re looking for a specific item!

Amazon Home Finds

Scroll down for fashion at the bottom of this post – home finds are below.

Scalloped Marble Cheese Tray

This is beautiful and the reviews were on point. I am anxiously waiting for mine to arrive.

Linen Trap Box

With an option for a magnetic back.

amazon home

Rattan Tray

rattan tray from amazon

This pretty rattan tray is solid, good quality + not delicate!

Down (Alternative) Insert

We are using this insert for a second summer on our bed. It’s fluffy and thick.

Real Goose Down Insert

We use this during NC’s winter months because it is considerably warmer – but also fluffy and looks great on the bed inside a duvet cover!

Collapsible Space Saver Colander

Handles extend to rest on your sink edge. The bottom pops out to enlarge for large items like pasta, or keep it small for fruits etc.

Real Marble Fruit Bowl

Heavy, thick and a beautiful bowl – this one goes in and out of stock frequently so check back. I have it on our butlers pantry with limes/lemons for drinks.

Cell Phone Stand For Desk

phone holder on desk

Used at my desk – makes taking phone calls or scrolling while working at the computer easier.

Large Glazed Bowl

On the center of a kitchen tabletop – a countertop fruit bowl – a pretty bowl on a dresser to corral clutter.

Faux Olive Tree

amazon tree

Our faux olive tree is a popular one, seen all over IG – and with good reason too! It’s the perfect pop of greenery if you need something tall in a space.

Marble Lookalike Soap Tray

amazon try yb a sink

Although it looks like marble it’s not actually marble – so ideal for by the sink where marble wouldn’t stand a chance (at least in my house)!

Water Bottle for Kids In Lower Grades

This is what my kids took back to school – great size for those lower grades.

Brass Chip Clips

This is a great price and a high quality product. These clips are hardworking and durable, but pretty to look at!

Down Insert For Throw Pillows

pillows on a bed

Inside both the green and blue decorative pillow is my usual down insert from Amazon. A great price for a great down insert.

Cutting Board

cutting board from amazon

Boos Board is thick and superior to other boards; makes a great gift! This was a Father’s Day gift and we both love it. (Those pretty bowls are here.)

Stylish White Wine Glasses

These white wine glasses are so chic! They aren’t monstrous – just your standard size.

Ice Cream Maker

girl with ice cream maker

Our ice cream maker was a late summer purchase – this machine doesn’t need salt. The kids love it because ice cream, obviously, but I also use it a lot more than I thought I would because it makes ice cream easy and in about 20 minutes.

Cute Beer or Beverage Glass

Linen Baskets That Won’t Fold In On Themselves

amazon baskets in a closet

These are made with sides that will not bend under the weight. My closet looks so much better. I did the jumbo.

Plant Food

This is the flower food we put in our plants twice – three times year. It makes them explode in growth and blooms.

Amazon Fashion Finds

For sizing reference I am 5.4″ and 115-120ish.

Running or Casual Athletic Shorts

running shorts

These shorts are fantastic! They look a looooot like these from Free People but more affordable.

Breezy Caftan

So I am not actually wearing the Amazon version here. This is the original – it is cotton and from Emerson Fry. I also own the Amazon version (in a different color) – the only difference is the material!

Henley Tee

selfie in a amazon shirt

Not the best photo but this Henley tee is cute!

Lounge Outfit

2 Striped Casual Tees

woman in striped shirt

This cute tee is a great budget find. Size up for a more casual look. I did a medium.

amazon striped tee

Size up here as well. The difference is this one is more of a lounge tee to start with – draped shoulders and a loose fit. I did a medium.

Classic White Tee

classic white shirt

When am I not looking for a good white tee? This one is not see through, but a slight twist on a classic tee because it’s a touch oversized and offers cuffed sleeves.

Casual Maxi Dress

Amazon maxi dress

This maxi is in rotation a lot because it’s so comfortable and easy to throw on. Wear a longer statement necklace to dress it up.

Fall Cape / Cardi

Lovely; a super soft knit and feels and looks high quality.

Long Sleeve + Preppy

basic preppy shirt from amazon

A cute Labor Day shirt but just an all around good basic! I did a small. I like the fabric – it’s a tad stretchy.

Tie Waist Stripe Dress

amazon dress

Cute soft little dress is great for the office!

Boho Skirt

amazon skirt

Cutest. Love it with a basic white top.

My Tennis Skirt

I used this basic tennis skirt this summer (the reviews!!) and I love it- no need to go elsewhere.

Work Pants

work outfit

Not for everyone but I though they were so fun and cute! Perfect for office.


amazon top with jeans

A good staple. Cute scoop neck, I did a small. Jeans are here in a sz 25.

Strapless Maxi

amazon maxi

I don’t use this as a beach coverup – this is a maxi dress! Easy and casual. I did a small.

Prairie Maxi

Jumping on the prairie trend here. I did have to throw it in the dryer on steam for a few minutes. I did a small but should have done a medium for more length at the bottom.

prairie skirt

Kids Pajamas

These are Camille’s and Leo’s pajamas respectively. True to size, or size up if you want it to last.

Kids Raincoat

Leo is on his second raincoat from this same brand. They are high quality. Great for NC weather year round. Definitely recommend this one!

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end of summer amazon finds

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