Serena & Lily’s Portside Stools Review

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During our renovation, we put a lot of upscale elements into our new kitchen, including brass and marble. When it was time to decide on stools, I imagined going in a more relaxed direction to give some balance to the glam. We decided on Serena and Lily’s Portside Stools because of the natural seagrass seat – and lined 5 up on the marble island!

The stools add a casual texture and they are durable enough to hold up to our kids without worry. After several months, I can attest to their quality and durability.

Serena and lily Portside counter stools lined up on an island

Serena & Lily’s Portside Stools

We have two elementary aged kids climbing on and off the stools multiple times a day, and two tween/teens who snack at the island to constantly. One of the first things I noticed about the Portside Counter Stools is how well they held up to my family’s use. Our kids in general are putting the stools to the test!

Despite all the use, the stools still look new six months in. Natural seagrass fiber is a strong material, and the sturdy frame is built to last. The woven seats are durable and easy to clean.

close up of seagrass back on the Portside counter stools

What Kind of Style are the Portside Counter Stools?

I was initially drawn to the aesthetics of these stools. Dark wood is slowly trending back in, (read about that and other 2023 kitchen trends here!) and I am feeling the pull! I want some contrast to our light wood furniture and floors.

Stools need to coordinate with dining chairs if in the same room. There’s no need for them to match, or even be the same color, like a furniture showroom. The key to playing well together is choosing both chairs and stools of similar styles!

Serena and lily Portside stool with a woman reviewing them
Dress | wedges | stools

We have natural rattan chairs around our kitchen table with warm caning. The Portside Stools use wood materials and natural textures too, but with an earthy color. Both chairs and stools offer a classic and relaxed style, a nice balance with my kitchen’s upscale materials!

rattan chairs in a breakfast nook

Above: Table is from RH | chairs in antique

an arch with a breakfast nook

Did you know the Portside are also offered without a backrest? This may not be ideal for people who prefer a supportive seat, but it looks great design wise. If you have a lot going on in your kitchen visually, (ie – large pendants over the island, a dramatic range hood, a pot filler, glass cabinets in front of the island, etc.) stools that slide under the island countertop don’t add or obstruct the view.

The view stays clean.

Serena and lily portside stools on an island

Above: Portside stools with backs

How To Clean The Portside Stools

After such a large investment, I was hoping I could keep the stools looking their best. Turns out, it is an easy task! Crumbs can be whisked off the seagrass. To clean a spill, blot it and use a damp cloth to wipe down the woven seat as needed. For stains, use a mixture of baking soda and water, lightly rubbed on with a washcloth. Be sure to lightly rinse the seats thoroughly afterward to avoid residue.

As for the solid wood frame, they are maintenance-free. They won’t rust or corrode, even if you live in a humid climate, and the deep color of the wood hides dirt. If you notice any food or grime on the frames, give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

Are the Portside Stools Comfortable?

One thing I was asked when I first shared the stools on social media was how comfortable they are to sit in! The woven part feels supportive and has some give – it’s a great seat to entertain with knowing your guests will be comfortable. I was asked if the woven material was itchy against skin. It’s fine, but even in shorts the seagrass seat doesn’t touch your actual thighs.

The Portside Stools have a weight limit of 300 pounds. See more about that here.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Serena and Lily Portside Counter or Bar Stools to anyone looking for a stylish and natural seating option for their kitchen. They are easy to clean, hold up well to daily use, and the dark wood is a classic but also trending in this next decade!

See them on the Serena & Lily website here.

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the portside stool review
the portside stool review

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