One Room Challenge: Week 3 Progress On Our Guest Room Suite

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We are deep in week three of the ORC and we have actual, tangible progress in our guest room suite!

This week was a showstopper and I am thrilled with the progress! Our guest bedroom went from white paneled walls to green, we installed a new beautiful (affordable!) fan, and a moody paint color. The attached bathroom was tiled with Zellige on the floor, and electrical work is all set up.

Guest Room Progress

wall paneling in a one room challenge
wall paneling in a one room challenge

This new pretty fan went up – it’s a $200 find! I considered The Maverick, my fav gold and white splurge like I have in my bedroom, but I couldn’t justify the cost for a guest room that’s only used a few times a year. This fan is beautiful, silent and powerful!

Planning the paneled boxes meant looking at the paneling we have in other rooms, and considering how I will hang art on these walls. I think we did a great job and my contractor’s guys knocked it out of the park.

wall paneling in a one room challenge
pidgeon farrow and ball on paneled walls for one room challenge

The green is Farrow and Ball Pidgeon, color matched at Benjamin Moore, and lightened by 50%. I think BM matched it exactly – but I don’t get too hung up on the accuracy of color matching. Since lighting changes how paint looks, it’s more important for me to see how the color matched paint looks in my space, than worry if the paint is an accurate match. If the sample looks how I want it to, then the manufacturer matching at 100% exactitude or not doesn’t matter.

That being said, when I color match I like Benjamin Moore paints.

pidgeon farrow and ball on paneled walls
closet doors painted Farrow and Ball pigeon

Bathroom Progress with Riad Tile’s Zellige

In the bathroom this week the Zellige floor tile was installed. Stunning, right? This is Riad tile natural white Zellige.


I didn’t avoid grout lines because grout keeps floors from being slippery, but we did keep them nice and thin.

I’ll update this post with the exact grout name. I wouldn’t recommend a Zellige floor in high traffic rooms like a primary bathroom floor – it’s uneven, so a lot of daily standing on an uneven surface would get tiresome. But for a lightly used guest room, it’s perfect!

Next week we’ll have the bedroom ceiling wallpapered to have it tastefully stand out. See you then!

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