January Amazon Favorites

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This post is full of the Amazon finds I referenced during the month of January, gathered in one post – I hope you find something helpful.

Amazon Home Finds

Below are home finds – scroll down for fashion at the bottom of this post!

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Outdoor Topiary Balls

Chrissy Marie Blog amazon boxes

The listing tells you exactly what size to get based on your planter size. Of course I switched planters so now you can see mine is a just a few inches too big but it doesn’t bother me – these are better than real!

Blue and white planter off Amazon here.

Acrylic Bracelet Stands

I have two – a cheaper one and a more expensive, heavier one. I like both to be honest!

Fluffy Faux Sheepskin Rug

I bought this rug for my closet floor. I LOVE it. Fluffy, thick and doesn’t shed. It vacuums easily. Nice for a nursery! I wouldn’t put it anywhere you have liquid spills because it’s spot treat only.

Acrylic Purse Organizer

A closet organizing essential – I’ve had mine for years. Useful and pretty!

Sleeping Pillows: Our Guest Room + Kids

We loved these so much in our guest room we bought them for all the kids too!

Euro Pillow Inserts

This is a new kind I tried on my bed – very happy! I did a size 26″ in the 24″ cover seen above. I would order them again, they are full and fluffy.

Hotel Euro Shams

These gave my bed a hotel look, just as the reviews promised. Crisp white, I am very happy with these and sold as a set of 2 (so I have an extra on hand!).

Wire Form Baskets

We used the jumbo size to keep our sheets organized in our linen closet. The wire keeps the basket stiff and upright. Each bed in our house has a basket (labeled with person’s name), and inside is their own sheets. Best decision I’ve made!

Grout Cleaner

This stuff is AMAZING and I’ve heard from a bunch of you how much you love this! It will save you from back breaking work. I shared a video on Insta cleaning my bright white bathroom grout – I soaked it for 45 minutes, came back and all the dirt just fell out.

Acrylic Desk Protector

I used this on top of Sofie’s desk so I don’t have to get upset with her about keeping this desk free of pen marks or makeup (which are of course, inevitable). You can click around and find one that fits your table top.

Amazon Fashion / Beauty

Bogg Bag

bogg bag from amazon

That crazy looking bag that sold out all last summer. Washable and holds alllll the things!

Face Wash for Hormonal Acne

Jaw line acne is the worst. This is a life saver – I can’t go without it. Just look at the reviews!

No Show Socks

Boring yes, but are they the end-all-be-all of no show socks? Yes. They don’t fall down your foot and you can’t see them in a sneaker

Jose’s Jacket

Jose got an early Valentines gift from me. Lucky him! He loves his new jacket and it’s very warm.

Toddler Heart Dress

Still some sizes left! Grab it now if you want it!

Little Kid Sweater

This one has almost all the sizes in stock.

Gucci Glasses

My fav “nice” sunnies. Big and always getting compliments on them!

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