6 Interior Design Trends To Use In 2023

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As each year begins, designers, industry experts, editors and home bloggers like myself excitedly make bold predictions on the coming year’s biggest interior design trends! Let’s get into what 2023 is doing with textures, furniture shapes, and the color trend palettes that will go viral on Instagram and Tiktok all year! 

I’m sharing the 6 biggest home trends you should know about. These are my predictions on the major 2023 interior design trends you can expect to see in the coming months! 

arched nook in a hallway as a home trend
photo: Jean Stoffer Design

6 Interior Design Trends To Be Excited About for 2023

Regardless of our opinions, these decor and home trends will be shaping what we’ll see on social media and in magazines. So whether you just want to buy some fresh pillow covers that don’t date your sofa, or you’re about to gut your whole kitchen, use these insights to plan thoughtfully!

1. Interior Design Trends in 2023 Have a Twist: the “New Traditional”

From wood furniture, to ornate wallpaper, traditional style is invited to sit back at the popular table again! After a few years of dipping our toes in, a new take on traditional design is now fully embraced and welcomed everywhere.

What is the New Traditional Style?

This new take on traditional leans a bit fresher and fun, and pairs well with modern pieces! Take those images of dusty drapes, serious formal rooms or yellow walls out of your mind. This is about a traditional piece of furniture like a classic wood side table, playing together with a sculptural lamp right on top.

Fresh colors, fun fabrics, and prints, yet sleeker not as stuffy pieces. Mix an English roll armchair across from a sleek velvet sofa with track arms and a marble-topped iron coffee table. That’s the new traditional style – and dare I say THE biggest interior design trend of 2023!

Antiques in the living room (no painting them!) are ushered in again. Of course, antiques never left. But when considering what’s splashed across magazine covers  – antique furniture is seen more frequently than in the last decade. 

green kitchen cabinets are an interior design trends for 2023
modern mixed with traditional is an interior design trend in 2023
Source: Julie Soefer
traditional paneling is an interior design trend
source: unknown
antiques mixed an arched bookshelf in a living room
My living room

Our own home, seen above, is leaning “traditional light” and I’m enjoying the classic feel. Just dip your toes in. It’s back and we’re here for it!

2. Art Deco on the Rise

Art decor is making waves in the design world once again, and even more so into 2023. Sculptural design is huge, prompting many modern retailers to create specific collaborations or lines that cater to this style (Crate and Barrel’s Athena Calderone is an example). 

Lighting or tables with arcs and rounded shapes are making their way into all kinds of interior styles. Rich materials like marble or other stone materials will be used for furniture, while interesting shapes like fluted detailings are now commonplace.

Below is fluted plaster in this art decor style living room:

raked plaster in a modern decor living room - art decor home trends
source: Lindye Galloway

Lindye’s own home furnishing store has so many amazing modern pieces if her living room she designed above resonates with you.

3. Richer and Warmer Color Palletes

We are loving dark wood and rich warm palettes, after years of neutral and clean white everything. White walls won’t disappear, especially from the main parts of the house, but you’ll see moody home offices, lounges and bedrooms trending on the bold earthy or jewel-toned colors on walls. 

As far as color trends, green remains at the top of the most loved color in 2023 according to Sherwin Williams. Try SW Evergreen Fog, or Farrow and Ball Pidgeon for popular earthy green shades of paint to try. But it doesn’t have to be muddy – jewel tones are a color trend as well. An emerald green library? Yes, please!

You will see that dark wood is being used again, even trending in new construction homes. The difference this time is it’s not used as heavily, so it feels interesting. The dark wood is a pop of rich color making a room unique and refined, instead of overwhelming the space. Dark wood islands in white kitchens, dark wood used along the backs of bookshelves, and dark antiques mixed in.  

Warmer whites are trending as opposed to crisp cool whites. This is seen on drapes, upholstery, and on walls. A good warm white to try is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

warm white living room is an interior design trend
photo: Jean Stoffer
moody blue gray paint color is a interior design trend

Above is Farrow and Ball’s “Lamp Room Gray”, a soft blue gray.

dark moody den is a home trend in 2023
source: McGee Hilltop Estate
warm white living rooms are a home trend
source: @ashleymontgomerydesign
moody painted fireplace as an interior design trend for 2023
source: Weeth Home

4. Biophilic Design: What Is It?

Connecting the outside with interiors is a dream! Biophilic design is having its moment as a 2023 home decor trend. Biophilic design trend was mentioned heavily within Pinterest’s 2022 predictions!

If this movement sounds unfamiliar, it simply means connecting nature with our own manmade environments. This is done using plants, gardens, and natural materials like stone or rattan inside your home.

We all know that interest in sustainability has been on the rise in the past decade; now biophilic design is a major buzzword (words) of 2023. Earthy tones and green – popular color trends of 2023 – play well with biophilic design.

But you don’t have to get a degree in horticulture to connect with this movement. Dip your toes in the trend by using that leafy wallpaper in a half bath, or keep an herb container garden as a permanent fixture in your kitchen.

Biophilic Design in a living room
source: Gabriela Herman

Dip your toes in:

biophilic design for children's room

sources: wallpaper | bed | baskets | rug | bookshelf | basket light | blue quilt

5. Bolder Tile & Color Trends in Kitchens

In 2023, we’re looking right past cold white and stainless steel kitchens and looking for the kitchens that reflect the homeowner’s personality more. Subway tile isn’t out by any means, but it’s no longer exciting.

Colorful and Unique Kitchens

What’s everyone talking about in 2023? Bold contrasting designs in tile or cabinets are giving kitchens an edge over those that play it safe. 

Playful unique tile shapes like triangles are popular. Stone slabs with veining going all the way up walls mix up the bold trend. Even rounded cabinets along islands are trending.

Look to the color trends of 2023 for guidance! Green has popped up in virtually every room in the house in the last few years, but especially in kitchens. As a bonus – this color also looks beautiful with other earthy tones or wood accents.  Blue cabinets also play the role of neutral color in 2023 home trends. 

a green kitchen
source: Jenna Sue Design
green kitchen cabinets in a home
source: @etthusbliretthem
dark and wood cabinets in a kitchen are an interior design trend
source: Real Simple

So yes it’s true, the cold white kitchen is no longer the “it kitchen”, but if you have a white kitchen you can find ways to incorporate unique designs! Look to wood accents, or anything within the 2023 color trends (in the blues and greens family!) to keep your kitchen on trend.

6. Fluted Detailing

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you… rounded edges are popping up everywhere. One of the slowly growing trends since the post-Covid era is curved interiors, and it’s going to be the full-blown hottest home decor trends of 2023.

Curved Furniture and Rounded Decor

The latest craze is seen in curved sofas or table bases, rounded kitchen islands, sculptural twists on lighting, fluted tables, and even has builders replacing clean rectangle doorways with arches (guilty!). 

Fluted plaster sound strange? It’s the latest wall treatment! These rounded, organic shapes are derived from the surging popularity of the Art Deco movement and stand in direct contrast to the rigid clean shiplap of the past decade.

Curved furniture feels organically inspired and glamorous, two trends people are tapping into right now.  Embracing the luxe and softer side of design is what 2023 is about. 

fluted plaster
source: Eyeswoon
entry way table round
round fluted entry table
source: @remingtonavenue

rounded and curved furniture trends in 2023

source: Megan Molten Shop (See this console piece here)

These two benches seen below done in sherpa and velvet are an affordable example of this trend going mainstream:

Interior design trends for 2023 are exciting – finally something new and fresh! These trends will be showing up in some of the most influential homes this year. If you found something to pull from these trends that resonate with you, then I have done my job!

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