One Room Challenge In My Dining Room, At 75% Completion!

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Checking in here, week 4 of the One Room Challenge Updates.

This week I had a craigslist adventure tracking down a super fun score.

After a little negotiating down and a little giving in, I was able to nab an older version of the Outdoor Riviera Bar (originally from Serena and Lily- I don’t believe they carry the white anymore but they do have a gray now). So, this woman I bought it off of didn’t appear to have any children and CLEARLY that is the key to buying great pieces! I am being dead serious. The bar looks like it was brand spanking new. The top wood pieces come off and underneath are two ice chests. This will be a fun entertaining piece for outdoor parties – kids juices on one side and adult beverages on the other for birthday parties. Because if I am inviting you to my kid’s birthday along with a million children, there is going to be alcohol waiting for you.;)

The Welfleet outdoor rug, the Bar Harbor Bone Inlay mirror and the Balboa Arm chairs for the end of the table ALL came this week, and the room has totally changed with those pieces. I love the way they play together.

When I purchased the Balboa end chairs I just went with the White Performance Baseketweave cushion since it was what was in stock and ready to be shipped. The cushion is white and washable and supposedly holds up excellent to spills, so that didn’t give me time to overthink things. The Welfleet rug has such a relaxed look, and being that its an outdoor rug I think it will do well in here.

Love the mirror in this room, even if that is not the wall it will be on. The buffet the mirror it is sitting on now is moving upstairs to Robbie’s room once the new dining room buffet comes in- but fingers crossed it arrives in time. I love this modern white piece, but it is on the short side as far as width, and the style is too mid century for what I have going on in the dining room.

All and all it is coming along and I am hoping to wrap up all the loose ends with the foyer this next week. Then a few billion pillows to buy for the bench, art to be hung. Still hoping the buffet table comes in time too, right!!? See ya next week!

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4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge In My Dining Room, At 75% Completion!”

  1. I love everything about how your room is coming together. I’ve been following you over on Instagram and I originally thought you were one of the featured designers.

    How do you like your pier one table? I am in the same position and have been debating to go with a Restoration Hardware table or the same pier 1 table you bought.

    • That is SO nice of you to flatter me like that 😉 Um, so the table is great! No regrets at all. I love the color, it doesn’t look cheap to me which is what I was worried about. The bottom part that initially bothered me in the photos is actually nice. I also was debating an RH table… but the price difference was so great. Not sure what your budget was, but if I were only buying 1 thing for my dining room, I would probably buy the RH table. I had to make my money go far in this room and I wanted nice chairs etc and the Pier 1 table truly is a nice table. Also, I kept imagining my kids coloring or something on that RH table and me just losing it.
      If you go with this table make sure you measure, esp between the legs, that all your chairs will fit!

  2. This room is turning out great!!! I love it! Please source your flooring too! I want to recreate a happy home too!


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