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desk in a office from Steven shell living

All the items in the room were furnished from Steven Shell Living, with the exception of the calendar.

Steven Shell Living

I had the pleasure of furnishing + styling our craft room / family office / homework room this week with the help of Steven Shell Living, and I am here to give you the recap! I also bought 2 of their blue swivel chairs and put them in our living room- as seen on my Instagram page here or on my blog here.

For my local readers – Steven Shell Living has the cutest storefront over in Cameron Village in Raleigh. It’s not a store you will want to pop in with just 5 minutes to spare – schedule a good half hour minimum because there is SO much prettiness to oggle (see those round mirrors on the wall?). Furniture and cute decor is stacked in every corner and you will be sucked in!

(They don’t have an online shop (yet???) but I follow them on instagram).

I would describe the store’s style as more timeless classics mixed with trendy pieces. Nothing cheaply made and no partical board here- all of the pieces made by Steven Shell are 100% mahogany wood, and made to order. So if you are like me and have opinions about your finishes- they can help you with that!

chalkboard in an office from Steven shell living

art on a wall from Steven shell living

2 girls sitting at a desk from Steven shell living

The Family Office

We’re calling this room the “family office” – it’s for the kids’ crafting and for my husband and I to get work done as needed. I was looking for a long wood table as a desk- something several children could comfortably sit at together for a bit, but something I could also sit my computer on. I went with a classic farmhouse table because I didn’t want anything that would be out of style in a few years.

a home office from Steven shell living

open drawer in a desk with pencils inside

The Details

Honestly y’all know I love my kitchen table, but I wish I had known about this store back when I was kitchen table shopping- they have lots of tables in all shapes. (Go see these gorgeous blue swivel Lulu chairs I scored for my living room!) Not just furniture though- also mirrors, lighting of all kinds, art, pillows, rugs, (a good selection of Turkish rugs too!), and baskets- because you know what my house needed is more baskets. 😉

I picked the basket with handles out for a paper trashcan. It’s the prettiest trashcan I ever did see. Using baskets for trashcans outside the kitchen is a great way to add style to a room. I used another basket to plop my refusing-to-die ZZ plant in.

Steven shell living pencil holder shaped like a deer

I fell in love with this llama pen holder. Doesn’t every desk needs a statement piece? It was a good price point too.

paint in a white bowl

Chalkboard in a Frame

Ok, let’s talk about the framed chalkboard! This baby is about 6 feet high, and came with hanging tools on the back so it could be hung on the wall. At first I was thinking of putting this in my kitchen to write the week’s menu on, but I really love how it looks in here… and it’s more useful, too. We all know I don’t cook much and have no menu. 😉

chalkboard in an office from Steven shell living

girl coloring at a desk from Steven shell living

The Rug

The room would not be the same without the geometric rug they helped me choose. It is made of wool; thick and plush underfoot.

I kicked these pretty girls out shortly after they were done doodling and got some work done here. This room gets SO much light and looks out with a pretty view. This makes such a big difference when you’re working somewhere with a view!

computer on a desk from Steven shell living


I am happy I picked out these slipcovered chairs with a clean sillouette. No arms, so kids can sit in them easily. These would be great dining side chairs!

The cute round seagrass baskets stacked up under the table have tops on them! I am keeping these longterm on a shelf but they were so adorable right here I couldn’t resist for the photo.

computer on a desk

girl smiling at a desk from Steven shell living

We are thrilled with how Steven Shell Living helped with our family office and how it turned out. It was such a fun process. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful (ask for Courtney!). I couldn’t be happier with how the whole room came together. If you are local, go check ‘em out and don’t leave without a basket! 😉

This post is sponsored by Steven Shell Living. All opinions as always are honest and my own.

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