Sherwin Williams Ice Cube Review

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Sherwin Williams Ice Cube is a paint color that I used all over my new build.

Is it white? Is it gray? Blue? Is it… gasp… pastel?

If you don’t want white walls – but perhaps very light gray – keep reading. Ice Cube falls on the very lighter side of the grays without classifying as a shade of white. However, it can read blue in some lights!

Ice Cube is a cool, icy white with a strong neutral gray blue undertone that can make it tricky – but no worries, by the end of this you will understand what rooms Ice Cube could be right for! It shows light gray or light blue in darker rooms, and reads crisp and refreshing in rooms with lots of warm sunlight and warm wood trim. Overall, it’s great shade of paint to make toe the line of natural color without going too far!

a hallway with wood trim and Sherwin Williams ice cube paint

source: rug (home goods) | light

Our hallway with Extra White trim, warm wood, and Ice Cube walls.

Using Sherwin Williams Ice Cube In Our Home

In our bedroom, the drywall above the board and batten is Sherwin Williams Ice Cube. Our painters used flat paint on our drywall (speaking as a mom of 4, I don’t recommend that finish!).

Sherwin Williams ice cube in a bedroom

sources: rug | bench | lamps | plant basket

Here, with all that beautiful warm Southwest light pouring in from five windows, that tricky Ice Cube looks white sometimes, and soft light blue during other times of the day.

Our bathroom, just off the bedroom, is also Ice Cube but looks white with just a touch of gray from all the gray in the room.

Sherwin Williams ice cube in a bathroom

sources: handles | mirror | sconce

How To Tell What Undertones Will Come Out In Sherwin Williams Ice Cube?

If you have a paint swatch of Ice Cube, flip that card over and take a peek at the LRV (Light Reflectance Value) to determine if Ice Cube is considered a light or dark color. The larger the number, the lighter the paint. The LRV of Sherwin Williams Ice Cube is 77. Meaning, it is a very light-toned paint color.

Ice Cube looks its’ best if you have lots of incoming natural light. Rooms facing the sun? This paint will make your space feel spacious, balanced and lovely.

If your room gets a lot of warm light, those cool undertones will be minimized and Ice Cube might read like a soft neutral gray, as it looks in my bedroom!

Sherwin Williams ice cube in a bedroom

Sherwin Williams Ice Cube feels so bright, pure, and pretty here with lots of sunlight.

Now let’s look at Ice Cube in a shadier space.

Sherwin Williams ice cube boys bedroom

In a room that’s darker, with fewer windows or cold north facing light, cool toned Ice Cube will add to the chilliness, like in my son’s room. I don’t love it as much in darker rooms.

I combined Ice Cube with other similar colors to create a monochromatic palette. That is SW Ice Cube on the bottom and Extra White on top, both in a flat. His room does face north with only two small windows- and Ice Cube reads cool; a darker and chilly bluish gray.  (Read about Sherwin Williams Extra White here)

a blue chair in a bedroom

source: rug

Ice Cube is showing its’ strong undertones in our son’s coastal room.

It’s almost unbelievable that it’s the same Sherwin Williams Ice Cube color as the walls in our entry, where it reads so gray.

ice cube on the walls in our entry

What Colors Coordinate Best With SW Ice Cube?

The one exception to a coordinating color palate throughout a home is kids’ rooms; they embody the personality of their owners of course! Think of them as separate from the feel of the home. For the rest of your home, choose a cohesive color palette so that the rooms flow together and the home feels intentionally well designed.

a paint card with blues on it

Darker colors that coordinate with Ice Cube in the blue gray family

You can also try and pair it with warm whites for a contrast or warm taupes.

Sherwin Williams Ice Cube is such a cool paint, in my opinion it goes best with darker grays, deeper blues, crisp cool whites, or a warm taupe. It looks fresh and crisp in coastal home; the warmth of rattan, rope and wicker (all used in coastal decor) will warm it up beautifully.

In our boys bedroom at the sunniest time of day! Extra White on top, and lots of wood tones.

Moving from a cool white to a warm white, we recently moved and our new (to us) brick home painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster. This is a creamier, softer white. Read about our hew home with Alabaster here.

living room painted Sherwin Williams ice cube

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