Self Care & My Financial Dreams

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Self care can be a bit of a joke when you are a mom of 4. But especially in those very early days of motherhood- self care? I was just trying to keep my kids alive! My self care routine consisted of indulging in smearing a baby wipe across my face to take my make-up off before bed, usually while a baby clung to me screaming. That was my spa experience.

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But I actually was looking out for myself, even if I didn’t realize it was self care. Starting in my early 30s, we went from two incomes down to one after I made the decision to stay home with the little ones. Budgeting and making sure that we weren’t spending more than we were bringing in was something I paid a lot of attention to. I did not want to go into debt! I became hyper aware of where exactly our money was going. Self care when it comes to your finances, friends, is one of the most important parts of taking care of your adult self!

Self Care & My Financial Dreams

Fast forward a few years down the road, and I can tell you for a fact: it wasn’t making so much money that allowed us to build our home here that has become the center of my blog. This opportunity came down to saving enough, and having good credit.

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I still have more dreams, of course! I am currently drowning in motherhood duties, but I can see the future. I bug my husband about my dreams allll the time. He is a Realtor and he is part of my big plan! My dreams now involve buying a few little houses in my town, houses that we can flip and turn into rental units, or AirBnBs, or just selling them for profit.

The dream itself is the easy part. In my mind I’ve already completed 5 flips – designed adorable IKEA kitchens and then sold them for more. I created a total industrial black and white vibe in another- I can see it all in my head! I’ve painted a mental picture of these homes a hundred times! But making this dream come alive, taking the necessary steps to get there- that can be difficult. And it can be darn near impossible without good credit.

Securing a mortgage – even a small one – means credit needs to be in tip-top shape!

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Where To Start?

If you also have financial dreams that you can envision, is a leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States. Their business is made up of credit professionals on a mission to empower you to achieve a better credit score. Their goal is to get you to enjoy a lifestyle of greater opportunity that you deserve! And that means, achieving your financial dreams. 

I recently started my own journey with! I had a consultation, and will be working with them over the next several months to work on improving my credit to work towards my dreams. We went over items on my report that could be holding me back, and began a plan to improve my credit score. I’m excited to share my journey with you over the next few months!

Your credit won’t fix itself. Let that sink in. Ignoring your finances won’t make them go away, and meanwhile, you could be missing out on the opportunities you have been dreaming of. 

CreditRepair.Com offers free consultation to kickstart your credit repair efforts. They are professionals who are upbeat, who will not just educate you, but they will empower you!

I encourage you to start a new kind of self care routine. This one isn’t about your hair, or your nails, or even drinking that organic smoothie.  It’s about your finances.

What is bad credit costing you? Is it more than just money? Is it your dreams, too? Know your credit. Repair your reports. Live your best financial life!


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