Learn The Rose Napkin Fold In 30 Seconds

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a plate on a table with a rose napkin fold on the plate

The rose napkin fold is one of the easier napkin folding techniques, and you can learn this so quickly! Every holiday table needs a conversation piece or an ice breaker, and this rose napkin fold is a great holiday or Christmas table setting addition!

Cloth napkins work best; I prefer at least medium weight cotton so that the fabric stays put. If your napkins are wrinkled or won’t lie straight, run a hot iron over them quickly or throw them in the dryer on a steam setting.

30 Seconds To Learn A Rose Napkin Fold

 The rose napkin fold is a great “starter” technique if you are new to napkin folds, as the technique is simple and the rose is very forgiving. If you feel like your table is missing a little something… watch this 30 second video. Practice makes perfect, but you will find this rick fairly simple to learn quickly!

How To Fold Napkin Into A Rose

I also included step by step instructions. Scroll down and take a peek of how I incorporated my napkin rose fold into my fun Thanksgiving table setting!

Learn The Rose Napkin Fold In 30 Seconds

napkin rose fold completed

Learn how to create a rose out of a cloth napkin to delight your guests! The rose napking fold is a beginner napkin folding technique.

Active Time 1 minute
Additional Time 1 minute
Total Time 2 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • Cloth Napkins


    1. Fold your napkin into a simple triangle.napkin rose fold tutorial
    2. Fold the triangle up, starting from the bottom.​ Stop folding about two-thirds of the way up. napkin rose fold tutorial
    3. Your triangle now has a tail accross the bottom. Starting at the right end of the tail, begin rolling the tail carefully over, until you have almost rolled it all the way up but not quite. napkin rose fold
    4. Take the portion of the tail that is not rolled up and tuck it into the bottom outer layer. Tuck it in nice and smooth so it doesn't pop out. napkin rose fold technique
    5. At the top part of the napkin are two larger pieces of napkins that are the "petals" or "leaves". Pull these each down. Flip the whole napkin over and pull out the petals gently until it is the shape you want! napkin rose fold completed

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas Using Rose Napkin Fold

I used this rose in Thanksgiving table setting below. Except for my new cloth napkins with little pompoms, I tried to use what I had on hand. Everything on this table is under $25 (most well under) and easy on the wallet! 

My favorite are the pom pom napkins… they reminded me of Anthropologie without the price tag. They are thick enough to work great for napkin folding techniques. I put them in the center of the plates- they would also look great curled up in a soup bowl or a teacup if this was a lunch.

rose napkin fold on a table with candles

modern christmas table settings ideas

Simple tapered candle sticks are a must for a pretty table setting. Mine are a little traditional. I also like these modern ones from Amazon.

Keep It Simple But Never Boring

Between the rose napkin and the fairly lights, none of this is too complicated but it has a little magic to it! Think outside the box when it comes to your table setting. If you will have children at the table, a napkin fold will entertain them!

how to fold a napkin into a rose tutorial

modern christmas table settings ideasrose napkin fold sitting on a plate on a modern christmas table

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Sources:

table /  side chairs / end Chairs / our plates and bowls (similar and more affordable version here) / mini wreaths with black and white ribbon from Target dollar spot  / white bottle brush trees here or here   / table runner  /. pom pom napkinstapered candle holders / eucalyptus garland / fairy lights

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these Thanksgiving tables: Lauren Gardner Blog /  Katelyn B. Melton / Stephanie Hanna Blog

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A rose napkin fold is an opportunity to stand out and make your table memorable. I hope you found this as fun and as easy as I did!

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