The March Room Refresh Challenge: The Breakdown

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Exciting news! Ready to get motivated for a spring room makeover – in your OWN home!  I am teaming up with two friends Arin and Jen on a March Room Refresh Challenge that will all take place on Instagram- and you don’t want to miss this. In fact, you probably want to get involved because we are going to be motivating each other on how to switch things totally up in a room – sharing it all on our Instagram  accounts – and giving out a cash prize!

The March Room Refresh Challenge

Sometimes you know a room is feeling stale and unexciting – but you don’t know exactly how to start.

march room refresh Chrissy Marie blog living room

My boring, albeit pretty, living room.

Jen, Arin and I are going to walk you through refreshing a room from start to finish in just a THREE weeks time.  We are all going to be showing you next week how we did this ourselves, as well as giving you advice, tips, and a $250 prize! Want to win? Want to create a room you love?

March Room Refresh Challenge Details:

Hosted by:  Chrissy Marie Blog, Arin Solange At Home, and Paisley and Sparrow

Dates: This is a 3 week Challenge. Starting Monday Feb 24, ending Sunday March 15th. You don’t necessarily need to start on time, but all entries must be submitted by Sunday March 15th to win.

Again: You can certainly start right away, (or perhaps you have already started) but YOU DON’T HAVE TO START BY THE 24TH! You must simply be done by the 15th to be eligible to win. 

What do you mean by “Refresh”?  Makeover sounds scary and expensive. But refresh – this can be big and fabulous, or a simple refresh to make you fall in love with a space again. Pick a room in your home that you’re tired of. How about a fresh coat of paint and new bedding, or new drapes and throw pillows… or change everything. Tile the walls. Paint the vanity. The level you take this to is totally up to you and your needs.

How it works: For the 3 weeks of the challenge Arin, Jen and myself will all be posting weekly blog posts with tips and tricks for refreshing your space. To take part in the challenge, you will need to have an Instagram account, tag us in a post of the finished room and a quick story. Use the hashtag #MarchRoomRefresh. No need to make this fancy- just share the after shot if that’s all you want to share! (You will need your Instagram account set on public in order for us to see the tag. You can go back to private afterwards).

We will pick our top 5 rooms and our readers and followers will vote! 

Prize: The winner of the challenge with the most fun room refresh will win $250! 

*Rules: Must post your finished room by March 15th on Instagram tagging @paisleyandsparrow, @chrissymarieblog, and @arinsolange.  Must use the hashtag #MarchRoomRefresh.  Your profile needs to be set to public for the time of the challenge so we are able to see the posts.  You also must post the story template that will be provided on March 9th.

empty dining roomdining room with the Welfleet Rug

2 Tools That Will Help You 

Arin, Jen and I have our own styles.  But – we have a similar planning process. We are giving you two tools to utilize when you design your room and decide what you want to do with your space.  

  1. Grab out Budget Tracker for you to use to stay on budget and wrap your head fully around this room, and for any rooms you do in the future. Budget and planning is the key to successful design. Seeing the bigger picture and what the cost of items are will help you stay realistic and meet your goals!
  2. Planning your vision is also key. The key to not making 1 million returns at Home Goods, that is. We created a Mood Board Tutorial so you can make simple Mood Boards like the pros. A mood board is extremely useful for establishing the aesthetic feel of your space. Seeing all your items (colors, patterns) next to each other will give you a sense of what works well together. (For example – pull your mood board up quickly on your phone when you are standing in Target to see if that pillow really works with your space!)

>>Grab both the Budget Tracker and the Mood Board Tutorial here!<<

rules for march room refresh

Execution and the Refresh Process

Because this is only a three week challenge, remember to utilize the two tools – Budget Tracker and Mood Board Tutorial – to set your order of operations.  One thing I love about doing a project with a quick time restraint is it really forces you to stay excited!

Next Monday, February 25th, I will be sharing my living room that I refreshed with this challenge in mind. I will show you how I used my personal Budget Tracker and what my Mood Board looks like for my space. If was able to do this in 3 weeks time- you can do this too!

We are SO excited to have you all join in on this amazing project! I can’t wait to see the progress and the final results from you! Our hope is that as you are doing these rooms we can be there to help you. For the next few weeks we are going to be really hands on with giving you advice, and I can’t wait to see stories and posts with your progress.

Remember to tag myself  (@chrissymarieblog), Arin (@arinsolange), and Jen (@paisleyandsparrow) on Instagram in all your posts and progress – and use the hashtag #marchroomrefresh so others can see what you are doing.

Shoot me a DM me with any questions, or leave them in a comment, and let’s get going!

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Our Navy Dinning Room

bradding table from pier 1 in a dining room

Leo’s Bedroom

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