Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets Too Trendy?

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I’ve been asked if blue kitchen cabinets are too trendy since I shared my decision not to repeat our beloved blue kitchen island in the house we’re now renovating. Is the fad ending? Is it not long lasting? Are blue kitchen cabinets even a good idea right now?

Blue cabinets are having a huge moment in 2022 kitchens and are seen frequently now in all types of kitchens! Why? Because blue is an opportunity to bring some color into the kitchen, so the homeowner doesn’t have to default to white cabinets.

light blue kitchen cabinets in a coastal trendy kitchen

Are Blue Cabinets A Good Idea in 2022?

While it’s true blue and white kitchens have caught on to be a popular trend, blue cabinetry is not a fad that will disappear five years from now. If you want a little color in your kitchen (no grays, no neutrals, no all white kitchens!), blue kitchens offer color, and coordinate with neutrals.

  • No, blue is not necessarily an “of the moment” color; it is considered timeless in design. Similar to blue and white china, blue is a color that’s been favored by designers for decades.
  • Blue kitchen cabinets are not so trendy that they won’t go the distance; much like other classic combos (black and white for instance!) blue cabinets have lasting power that won’t date your space.
blue kitchen cabinets in a trendy kitchen
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

3 Types of Blue Kitchen Cabinets That Aren’t Too Trendy

If you are incorporating blue cabinets into your kitchen design, consider various shades. Need ideas? I have 15 Blue Paint Colors For Your Kitchen Island here – with images of kitchens using each shade of blue!

1. Navy Kitchen Cabinets Are A Classic

navy blue kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

Navy and brass look so chic together – the brass is a jewelry against a deep navy! Bring brass in through lighting, pulls and knobs, faucets or other fixtures for a high end looking kitchen.

Navy cabinets can read luxurious and higher end. Unless you want navy cabinets in a dark kitchen, don’t go for soapstone or dark countertops – use white. Navy cabinets coordinate with white, off-white and creamy backsplashes.

2. Earthy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

earthy dusty blue kitchen cabinets

Use a dusty blue gray that pairs nicely with natural elements like wood or earthy colors. Wood, woven countertops and creams pair nicely with colonial blues.

3. Light Soft Blue In Kitchens

Want a pretty kitchen?

Lighter blues feels airy, open and beautiful. Soft light blue and brass look beautiful together, or pair light blue with woven materials for a coastal kitchen.

light kitchen cabinets in a coastal trendy kitchen
Photo source: Our kitchen, seen here

Blue Kitchens In This Next Decade

  • Blue kitchen cabinets are classic, long lasting and here for the long term.
  • To bring color into a kitchen while keeping the style classic, blue kitchen cabinets are a great option instead of white or neutral cabinetry.
  • Blue cabinets coordinate well with staple, long term design choices like stainless steel or brass

And if you’re one of those that were curious, my personal reason for not using blue again in our kitchen renovation was never about trends. It came from wanting to go in a new direction in this house and not repeat myself. You can see our kitchen update here!

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