The Cutest Back To School Flag You Can DIY

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The most adorable back to school flag was made over the weekend! So adorable, my 2nd and 6th grader wanted in on the action so they got flags made too!

2 children holding a back to school flag
a child holding a back to school flag that says first day of school

So another summer is behind me, and it felt like we did alllll the summer things. Whew! Mamma needs a break, you know what I mean?

I was planning on BUYING a back to school flag all ready to go, but I am a mother living in denial, and school snuck up on me (as it does to moms everywhere maybe??). Suddenly there was no time for buying any sort of flag premade… so here I am making my own back to school flags!

Back To School Flags – A 20 Minute Craft

I’m not super crafty, okay lets just come out and admit- I ran out of hot glue half way through and I’m just winging it here, so trust- if I can make these in 20 minutes and have them turn out half way decent, you can make these cute pennant flags even better!

supplies to make a first day of school pennant


Back To School Flag Instructions

1. Cut a large triangle out of the stiff felt to make the flag. If you are extra cut out two triangles in coordinating colors – make one just slightly larger – and hot glue both triangles together.


If you want to be an overachiever, give it a binder on the edge- like a book binder. (You can see I made a white binder on the blue Kindergarten pennant.) Cut out a 3” wide piece of coordinating felt that will go down the vertical side of the triangle. I wrapped the binder piece around to the back for a more finished look.

a boy holding a back to school flag

2. Space out the numbers on the pennant flag so they look even, and stick on. No felt letters/numbers? You can cut them out yourself – the key to making them look great is making sure all the letters/numbers are around the same size.

3. To make the back to school flag stiff and keep it from flapping over itself, hot glue a dowel horizontally across the back. You don’t want the pennant flapping in the breeze.

Alternatively, cut out a piece of cardstock the same shape as the triangle felt and hot glue it to the back.

2 flags with numbers on them lying on the floor

4. Attach a long dowel down the side of the triangle and secure with hot glue. My flags were so big I needed two dowels slightly staggered next to each other (another one just under the felt, hidden from view).

5. Tassels are fun, for boys too! Trim ribbon strands of coordinating colors to the desired length, and tie it all together in one knot at the bottom of the dowel just under the pennant, and at the top too if you want to be fancy. Dab some hot glue on the knot and dowel for staying power.

3 first day of school pennants with numbers and words on them, tied up with ribbon

6. Picture time!

a child holding up a back to school flag

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What do you think? Wishing you had back to school flag as a kid, too? I sure did!

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