6 Tricks For A Pretty Fall Porch Decor On A Budget

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Instead of admiring that pretty fall porch decor across the street this year, pretty up your own porch!

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It shouldn’t take a lot of money or ‘stuff’ to get your ow nfall front porch decor on a budget. Fall colors pack such a punch- a little goes a long way.

double doors little girls opening on her fall front porch

Eucalyptus Wreaths:

6 Tips For A Fall Front Porch On A Budget

1. Color Scheme + Pots

When shopping for the flowers, first come up with your color scheme. White and yellow? Dark purples and deep reds still say fall. If you choose mums with buds instead of flowers the blooms will last longer.

I’m just impatient! Side note- you can replant these in your yard (even in October in NC). If you replant them they will come back for you every year.

For a big statement on your fall front porch without having to buy more flowers, find an extra tall pot! The taller the pot, the bigger the impact. I like these pots – Amazon! Lightweight and substantial.

Make sure it’s about the same or a tad bigger in diameter as your flower pot. A little trick I do is to put something inside the bottom of the tall pot (I used bricks) and just set the plant up on top, instead of actually planting them. As long as the top of the plant is flush with the top of the pot, you’re good to go.

fall flowers on steps

2. Consider Your Doormat

Be extra and layer your doormat! You guys- even my UPS man commented on this doormat combo. Don’t you think he’s probably a porch expert? ?

The adorable gingham black and white mat is actually a kitchen mat so it can pull double duty for you as long as it stays relatively dry.  The best part is it comes in lots of sizes.

I found this Hey There Pumpkin mat on Etsy. I will be bringing this out for many falls in the future!

fall front porch doormat for fall porch decor

3. Consider Fake Pumpkins

I did something new this year… I bought fake pumpkins. Last year when I decorated at this time they all rotted with bugs and sank into themselves. Maybe that won’t happen where you live, but here in NC even early October  is still plenty hot.

You can buy this pretty great set of 5 pumpkins on Amazon. They even let you pick through various colors.  I told my husband it was an investment. We’ll use them next year! ??‍♀️

white porch with fall porch decor

Click to see:  Tall Black Pots / Fake Pumpkins

4. Bring In Fall Colors With Pillows

Do you have a bench or a rocking chair on your front porch? Put away those summer themed cushions and find pillows or blankets with fall colors to pull in more Autumn tones.

Look around your home to use those first- just make sure they are for outdoor use or take care they don’t get moldy. Sometimes I’ll put an indoor cushion out for just a few days. I’m a rule breaker though! 😉

rocking chairs on front porch
white fall front porch with a white brick house

5. Reuse A Wreath

A wreath on the door is a must have, but it doesn’t have to be over the top fall themed. My eucalyptus wreaths are my summer wreaths I’ve had for a full year now and still love them so much!

I change my decor like I change my clothes, so I think that really says something. They can’t really be improved upon. And bonus- they look appropriate for all 3 seasons (not so much in our winter), so I can leave them up.

fall porch decor with a fall doormat and a little girl

6. No Pillows? No Problem

If you don’t have pillows with fall colors (I only had one) and don’t want to buy any more, try a blanket. This is actually a blanket scarf from the dollar spot at Target.

fall porch decor with rocking chairs and a yellow pillow

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little tour and you’re convinced you don’t *have* to go overboard (or even just give up) to have pretty fall porch decor this fall!

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 plant pots by door  / fake pumpkins / gingham mat

(Rocking chairs are from Grandin Road)

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