First Day of Preschool Pictures

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Our youngest two, Camille + Leo, started preschool today and I had some fun with their first day of preschool pictures! 

Camille is starting preschool for her first time, and Leo is in pre-k. We found these play glasses off Amazon this summer and they have been a huge source of entertainment. 

I didn’t do the back to school sign and actually I haven’t done that in a few years- it is just one thing too many with these kids! Sometimes you gotta let the small things go!

Leo has had a ton of anxiety all summer long about starting school with a new teacher and a new class. He is not one to want to be on his own away from his siblings. Going into his class he did the whole screaming, clinging, grabbing at my neck while sobbing “I don’t want you to go!” thing. That was fun. Of course I felt like I was damaging his psyche or something… annnnd then his teacher texted me a picture (2 minutes later, I was still in the parking lot!) of him happily putting a puzzle together.

Glasses / Camille’s BackpackCamille’s Dress / Pull Up Socks / Clogs / Sneakers

Sharing is caring!

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