Winter Home Prep

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Part of adulting is doing all the not fun things now, so you can enjoy the results later! That means, when the weather starts turning cold, not waiting until the last minute to make sure our heating is working properly!

Nobody wants heating problems in the middle of a January snow storm. I’m sharing how to get ahead of heating issues by educating yourself and being prepared for the winter months before the weather turns cold.

Prepping Your Home For The Winter

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1. Schedule A Maintenance Check Up At The Right Time

Nobody wants to think about their heating in August, but that is actually the ideal time to schedule a maintenance appointment to check out your system. The end of the year always gets so busy, and It’s human nature to simply forgo maintenance on our heating systems. We prefer to schedule our appointment at the end of the summer for this reason!

Now Is The Time For Heating Maintenance

Fall and winter, however, is not too late for a professional maintenance check! Once the cold comes in full force, you’ll go to turn on the heat in your house. More than likely it’s been six months since your system was touched. Will it go smoothly? It’s a gamble! You want all issues addressed as soon as possible, to ensure your system will be working properly ahead of the season.

And speaking from the voice of experience, an emergency HVAC repair call is expensive!

Fall temperatures are generally mild, and your heating system isn’t working overtime yet to keep things cozy. If you need to replace parts, look into a new system or spend money to make your system work more efficiently- you will have plenty of time to address those issues before your family needs to use the heat!

2. When To Repair, and When to Replace? Know The Common Problems

Understanding what could be wrong with your system will help you understand when to repair, or when to replace! The age of your system could be a factor, too.

4 Easy Answers and Quick Fixes For Why Isn’t My Heat Working?

  1. Make sure your thermostat is set to HEAT. We have all made this silly mistake before. Try setting the temperature 2 to 4 degrees above room temperature and wait a few minutes.
  2. Try resetting the circuit breaker- it could have been tripped. This happens occasionally.
  3. Clean out (or get new!) filters. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas or oil furnace or a heat pump, because all filters need to be routinely cleaned or replaced. If you don’t know where the air filters are located in your unit, just check the owner’s manual. Trane offers a Trane Comfort Performance Filter
  4. The gas could be turned off OR the pilot light might be out. This has actually happened to us before and it set us into a panic – but there is no need for panic, it’s a quick fix! Check the pilot light, especially if you have an older gas furnace (before 1990!). See your owner’s manual for instructions on how to relight the pilot, or call out a tech for a simple fix. If you have a gas furnace, however, see if the gas line is off. If the main gas line is not on, have your gas company check it for you!

If none of these options work, however, contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist for maintenance, product suggestions, or problem solving. If you need help locating a Trane dealer, find one on their locator here.

3. Your Type of Heating System You Need

Do you have the right heating system for your location? Do you want a heat pump, or do you need a furnace? Well, that answer can depend on where you live and what your priorities are, like efficiency, price, and/or installation timeline.

As far as cost, initially, the installation and price of a gas furnace will cost you less than the installation and price of a heat pump. But don’t get too excited – actually heating and cooling your home may be cheaper with a heat pump.

In Need Of A New Heat Pump?

At some point it’s inevitable. Your heat pump will need to be replaced. Trane offers the ultra quiet XV19 Heat Pump with a highly efficient Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.

These Trane systems are said to run at the exact speed needed to keep your home comfortable. And comfortable is what we all want during the cold of winter!

In Need Of A Gas Furnace?

If the time has come, Trane (known for quality!) recommends the S9V2 Gas Furnace as being the most reliable and accommodating for your home. This gas furnace is said to be highly efficient in both heating your home in the winter months, and cooling your home off when the weather warms up.

Contact Trane

Be sure to contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist for any maintenance, product suggestions, or problem solving. If you need help locating a Trane dealer, find one on their locator here!

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