Home Centric: My Experience and a Review

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Hi everyone! I spent the past weekend shopping at Home Centric, and I wanted to share all my fun new pieces and how I styled them in my home. Home Centric is a newish home decor store that is mostly located acrosss the southern and easter states. Mine is located right by me in Cary, North Carolina! Home Centric is all about “inspired living for less”, which basically just means they sell on trend furniture and home decor goods at super low prices. I love that. Nothing is worse than falling in love with a store only to realize everything in there is way over your budget. What a buzz kill!

Shopping At Home Centric

My first impression right off the bat, after picking up a few pieces, was that I was pleasantly surprised at the store prices. Because of this, I loaded up on allll of the basics. Towels, bedding, kitchen gadgets, etc! I’m going to show you how I styled all of my new affordable finds, but hey— check out my cart!

shopping cart filled with items inside Home Centric I could hardly see over my cart. ?

The Home Centric Bedding and Bath Section

Over Memorial Day Weekend we had house guests – Jose’s parents and his sister’s family – and between all of us we had 12 people in our home for the long weekend. I realized about 2 hours before they arrived that there was no way we had enough towels for everyone- at least not enough thick fluffy ones, the kind you like to offer your guests. Jose suggested giving them pool towels (hilarious— and I knew we were all heading to the pool the next day and I would want to give our guests clean pool towels too).

So because of that minor disaster, the first thing I loaded up on at Home Centric was towels for the bathroom. The fluffy white kind I found was priced so reasonably I was happy to throw 8 of them in my cart.

white towels from home centric hanging in a bathroom

I know some people prefer different colors, but I always prefer white for my towels. It never goes out of style, they match with every bathroom, and I also like to bleach them from time to time as needed.

Next I went looking for some good staple bedding. I found bed pillows and a down comforter.

bed with a down comforter on top from home centric

This is Robbie’s room (which is getting a makeover!) and he has been needing some new bedding. On his bed is a queen sized light weight summer down comforter, priced around $29.99. I thought that was a heck of a good price, no? The old comforter on this bed was from my childhood (yes!!) and was also not the correct size for the bed, which you know annoyed me every time I walked in this room.

I am ecstatic to have this beautiful new bedding in here. Eventually I will put this comforter inside a duvet cover but for now, its lovely to stare at just like this.

black Jenny Lind bed with a home centric blanket

Baskets & Essentials

Ponder this question: If I don’t come home with a new basket for the house, did I even go shopping? ?

laundry hamper from home centric in laundry room

Their basket aisle was fun. I chose this one for my laundry room- I was tired of the dinky little plastic basket I had in here that was always overflowing, and I liked the handles on this guy. Great for kids when they do my laundry for me. ?

boy pulling a towel out of a basket Towels for everyone!

Picture Frames And Decor

They have a lot of nice smaller items too, like picture frames. I saw this heavy marble frame and knew instantly it belonged in my home.

frames on a dresser from home centric

frames from Home Centric

Nice neutral pieces like this blend so well into all kinds of decor. The heavy marble adds a touch of sophistication among the painted white wood frames I already had.

countert top in a kitchen with glass cabinetry and items from Home Centric

Home Centric Kitchen Section: My Favorite!

Their kitchen section for me was a home run, and my favorite part of the store. There were a lot of staples and kitchen gadgets everyone uses at low prices. I found that cute round bamboo sponge and the black and white ceramic bin. The black and white bin is going to be for keeping  Zion’s doggy treats. I love the little wood top on that- such a fun detail that matches with what I have going on in here!

kitchen decor from Home Centric on a countertop

girl counting blueberries on a placemat form Home Centric

I also picked up a few new cookbooks, these gingham placemats, and best of all this zoodel machine. It’s actually called a vegetable spiralizer, but we plan on mainly using it for our zoodles. We have been buying zucchini pre spiraled at the grocery store, and I was ecstatic when I found this gadget! We aren’t carb free people or anything but zoodles is just such a healthy spin on pasta- and this machine makes it easy.

Two of my kids were at camp the afternoon I pulled this out- and the other two were in. I love finding ways to get kids involved in meal prep.

girl holding up noodles in kitchen

2 kids and a mom cooking in kitchen using a kitchen item bought at Home Centric

I think Camille’s face in these photos speaks for itself over her next level excitement.

child holding up noodles in kitchen with mother making zoodles

child holding noodles up in a kitchen

Local readers, have you stopped in Home Centric yet? If so, let me know what goodies you found!

Update: I went back to Home Centric in August to create a fall tablescape, and blogged about it here!

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Thank you Home Centric for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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