Samsung Frame TV 2020 In Our Living Room

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We are officially Samsung Frame TV fanatics in our home now- with one Frame TV in the bedroom and one Frame TV in our living room now.
It says a lot about how you feel when you go back and purchase an item a second time – and buy the exact same thing.
Samsung Frame tv in living room over fireplace

Our Samsung Frame TV 

This post is sponsored by Samsung and Sam’s Club, but all opinions are my own. I originally wrote a not sponsored Samsung Frame TV Review that you can read here, when we bought the Frame TV for our bedroom. Samsung and Sam’s Club asked me to write up this sponsored post today.

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Remember last Christmas how I came up with ways to distract from our ugly TV that sat over our fireplace front and center? I created the world’s biggest holiday garland to distract from the world’s ugliest black box!
With an open concept living space, our ugly TV was seen from almost every angle downstairs, and from every entrance into our home. Although my husband saw nothing wrong with this… it couldn’t be farther from what I envisioned.

Samsung Frame tv in a box

I have been vocal on this blog about my regret over building our home with a TV so prominently displayed. I didn’t think carefully through that whole design and set up!
So it wasn’t a matter of if we would be solving this problem with the Samsung Frame – but when.

Samsung Frame TV Review

Recently, the ugly black box was replaced with a piece of framed art… or really, the Samsung Frame TV, which is so pretty on its own- with or without a holiday garland!

After testing out the waters and LOVING what the 2019 Samsung Frame TV did for our master bedroom (you can read all about that original, not sponsored Samsung Frame TV Review post here!), we ordered the 2020 Frame TV from Sams Club.

Samsung Frame tv 2020 over fireplace

Let me just say this, with the holidays quickly approaching I wanted the TV done before the business started.

We already know, from having it in our bedroom, that it was exactly what we wanted and that it would change the whole feel of the room and even the whole downstairs. 

Samsung Frame tv in a living room

I was not sad to wave goodbye to our old TV and replace it with what now looks like a piece of art hanging flat against the wall!

Yes – the Frame TV is a chameleon that turns itself into the art of your choice when not in use! It is every home decor lover’s dream, with the frame color of your choice. 
We haven’t yet swapped out the black frame, but we will likely go for the classic white frame. I was loving the light beige oak frame too, but ultimately you know I like a basic (classic?) white.

Samsung TV Wall Mount

Use the No Gap Wall Mount that it comes with to keep it flush to the wall to really resemble art. You don’t need to buy anything extra for this television to get it hooked up to the wall.  The Samsung TV wall mount is included in the box and is all you need!

a blue and white living room

We drilled one small hole in the left cabinet where the black box sits and fished the one wire the TV needs through the empty “fireplace” – from the black box to the TV. Seamless. The TV finds everything like Netflix and Wifi on its own- so installation was easy.

If you think I’m not excited to decorate around the TV this holiday season you don’t know me well! I’m already on Pinterest pinning garland ideas! The Frame completely changed how I felt about my living room. Now I love that this television/art is seen from every angle in the house – and we will get to enjoy art in this prominent space throughout the holiday season!

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Samsung Frame tv 2020 above a fireplace mantel in a living room

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