What Size Samsung Frame TV Over Your Fireplace?

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We are officially Samsung Frame TV fanatics in our home now- with one 55″ Frame TV over our fireplace in our living room and one Frame TV in the bedroom. So how do you choose what size television – and how do you know when a TV is too big?
(After initially writing this post we sold our house with the Frame TVs as part of the contract, and bought a third and fourth Frame for our new home). You can read my unbiased Samsung Frame TV Review here, and why the Frame TV is great but not for everyone.
Samsung Frame tv in living room over fireplace
a Samsung Frame tv in a 55

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How To Decide What Size TV Over A Fireplace?

Regardless of where you’re installing your TV (fireplace or elsewhere!), make sure your television is roughly two-thirds of the width of the furniture that is anchoring the TV beneath it. When you are mounting your TV above the fireplace, measure your mantel and choose a television that is about two-thirds of the mantel size.  

Here are some general guidelines when thinking about what size TV to place over your fireplace or in your home:

  • If your Frame TV is over a media cabinet or fireplace, use the two-thirds rule and choose a Fame TV that is two-thirds the size of the mantel or cabinet below it – and never bigger. For instance if your console is 75″ wide, a 55″ of 65″ would look best.
  • Using the same size TV as the furniture beneath it doesn’t look best design wise. Leave approximately 6″ space or more at the sides. We added sconces so we have 15″ on each side.
  • Remember, the TV size is not the actual width! The size of the TV refers to the diagonal measurement. Scroll down to see each TV’s width.
  • If your TV is on the wall and not mounted over furniture, divide how many inches (roughly) you sit from the TV by 2. So if you sit 120″ from the TV, a 65″ would look best at most.
Samsung Frame tv 2020 over fireplace

2022 Frame TV Sizes

The latest 2022 Frame TVs are offered in 7 sizes and the measurements (without a stand) are noted below. Remember, the width is what’s most important. Regular televisions are approximately the same size as below.

  • 32-inch TV is 28.7″ W x 16.5″ H
  • 43-inch TV is 38.2″ W x 22″ H
  • 50-inch TV is 44.3″ W x 25.4″ H
  • 55-inch TV is 48.7″ W x  27.9″ H
  • 65-inch TV is 57.4″ W x 32.8″ H
  • 75-inch TV is 66.2″ W x 37.8 “H
  • 85-inch TV is 75″ W x 42.7″ H

55″ Frame TV: Choosing A Size When Size Matters

After testing out the waters and LOVING what the 2019 Samsung Frame TV did for our bedroom (read the not sponsored Samsung Frame TV Review post here), I was not sad to wave goodbye to our old ugly TV and replace it with what looks like a piece of art hanging flat against the wall!

Our mantel is 78″ wide. Two-thirds of this is 52″, so we went with a 55-inch Frame TV over our fireplace in our living room (remember, a 55″ TV is 49″ in width). The 65-inch TV (57″ in width) would have also worked.  

There was some back and forth; my husband initially wanted larger (of course!). And speaking from a design perspective, both the 55-inch and the 65-inch Frame TVs over the fireplace would work without overpowering the room. The deciding factor was leaving room for lights above our fireplace as well, and the 55″ TV left more room.

55" Samsung Frame tv in a living room

Our Measurements For Our 55″ Frame TV

Here are a few notes specific to our situation that should help if you are also considering a 55″ or 65″ Frame TV above your fireplace:

  • The width of the shiplap along our fireplace front is 87″ wide
  • Our mantel is 78″ wide
  • We have about 15″ on each side of the TV

We placed blue painters tape to measure the larger TV out. The 65-inch TV would have fit beautifully over the fireplace alone, but not so much after we wired for sconces on each side of the television. I needed to leave plenty of space along the sides of the TV for lighting.

55" frame TV over fireplace in a living room

We also added a white bezel around the TV (it’s just magnetic strips but looks like a Frame!) – and our electrician installed two sconces on either side to complete the look.

Mounting The Samsung Frame TV Over A Fireplace

With an open concept house, our old big black box of a television over the fireplace was seen from every angle downstairs. Although my husband saw nothing wrong with this… it couldn’t be farther from what I envisioned. But now that we mounted our Frame TV over the fireplace it no longer matters; the Frame is a chameleon that turns itself into the art of your choice when not in use! It is every home decor lover’s dream. It changed the whole feel of the whole downstairs.
Samsung Frame tv in a box
You don’t need to buy anything extra for this television to get it hooked up to the wall. Use the No Gap Wall Mount to keep the TV flush to the wall to really resemble art. The Frame TV comes with the No Gap Wall Mount, included in the box. It also comes with one single wire, connected to one black box (The One Connect Box) which is a hub for all your connections.
You don’t need to hire out someone for mounting your Samsung Frame TV. That’s the beauty of this product!
a blue and white living room

To hide the wire and box, we drilled one small hole in the left cabinet where the One Connect Box sits, and fished the wire through the empty “fireplace” – from the black box to the TV. Seamless. The TV finds everything like Netflix and Wifi on its own- so installation was easy.

The Frame completely changed how I felt about my living room. Now I love that this television/art is seen from every angle in the house.

Samsung Frame tv 55" above a fireplace mantel in a living room

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Are We Feeling Better About Displaying Our TV Over the Fireplace?

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I have been vocal about my regret over building a home designed to display a TV so prominently over the fireplace, and no other place to put it. I didn’t think carefully through that whole design and set up.
But after replacing the ugly black TV with a piece of framed art… (ok, the Samsung Frame TV in a 55″) now it feels like art prominently displayed. I love it- and no longer hold any regrets over our building choices!

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